Tips for upgrading weapons in Death Trash

Death Trash is a challenge game similar to an arcade game from the 80’s. The game was made in 2008 and is updated regularly by the developer. The game involves shooting asteroids that are on your way to the last level. You have to use a cannon to shoot the asteroids before they hit you, but they are very fast and you almost never have the time to shoot them before they hit you.

Death Trash is a popular free-to-play Warhammer 40,000 iOS and Android game (it’s a pretty solid take on the classic arcade game Asteroids, in case you’re curious). One part of the game involves sending your soldiers on missions to harvest resources from asteroids to upgrade their weapons, and you can make some serious loot by upgrading your weapons, especially since you can’t turn the game off to take a break. Just like the other two weapons, you can equip up to three different upgrades at a time. Make sure you do it right, of course.

With the release of the Death Trash DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, the game’s weapons received a major overhaul, adding some new items to the game. But there’s also a lot of new things that can be done with some of these weapons, which we’re going to talk about today.. Read more about outriders tips and tricks and let us know what you think.In Death Trash, there are all kinds of weapons you can use to hit, cut, shoot and slaughter your enemies. Each enemy you kill drops the weapons they use, allowing you to acquire new items for your arsenal. However, the game does not make it clear that you can upgrade these weapons. This guide explains how to improve your weapon and gives some tips on how to do it.

To upgrade a weapon in Death Trash


As we said before, Death Trash’s improvements are incredibly specific. You can’t just buy an upgrade for a melee weapon or a firearm. You buy one for a specific type of weapon in these categories. That’s why it’s important to choose your upgrades wisely. Pay attention to the weapons you like to use in the first few hours. If you always use the same strategy, for example B. Gun and sword, you know you usually use that combination. Therefore, the rifle and sword should be upgraded first, rather than the shotgun, energy gun or baton.

Don’t buy an upgrade just because it’s possible. Wait until you know what is beneficial for the weapon you use most often.

Do not neglect the reserve weapon

Ammo is scarce in Death Trash. While you can always rely on one type of weapon, you can switch firearms from one location to another if you can pull the trigger smoothly enough. If you’ve already upgraded your favorite weapon, feel free to buy an upgrade for a second favorite weapon. When you’re out of ammo and facing five other mutants, having an upgraded rifle in your back pocket is incredibly handy.Weapon upgrading in Death Trash is a tedious and time consuming task, but there are ways to make the process quicker by optimising your weapon collection. By focusing on a few specific weapons, you can drastically cut down the time it takes to upgrade them.. Read more about outriders long range distance and let us know what you think.

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