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The Dark Souls 2 armor set is a die-hard favorite among players and cosplayers alike. With the upcoming release of Nintendo Switch, many Switch owners are likely to be hopping back into DS2 on their new console. For those looking for some fresh inspiration in style when they’re cruising through Drangleic, here’s our list of top 10 best-looking armors sets in DS2 (ranked).

The “dark souls 2 best armor pve” is the top 10 best-looking armor sets in Dark Souls II. The list is ranked and includes a brief description of each set.

The greatest heavy armor sets, best light armor sets, and even armor sets that would mostly work with dex builds have all been covered in previous articles.

Finally, let’s pit everything against one another and decide which Dark Souls II armor sets look the finest. At least, that is, until next week, when my preferences are sure to have changed significantly.

However, nothing can be done to change it.

So come with me as we proudly parade the best clothing the country of Drangleic has to offer down the runway.

Before we begin, a quick reminder that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, thus the rating that follows is purely personal and based on my preferences.


Archdrake Set, 10.

The attire of the long-gone Archdrake cult of Lindelt is the first item on the list.

The coziest pair of robes in the whole game are these adorable-looking ones.

They remind me of the big sweatshirts that individuals often use in the winter to stay warm inside of their cozy homes.

Look at all that fluff, for example.

Under all that material, you could definitely conceal another player without anybody noticing.

It’s also one of the better outfits for a cleric build that focuses on miracles and mace-wielding face-smashing.

How to obtain: The Cleric’s first kit includes the Robes. In the Shrine of Amana, Lindelt Clerics drop the last pieces of the set.


Creighton’s Set 9.

Creighton’s Set from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Here we have Creighton the Wanderer’s armor outfit, one of my favorite game NPCs.

The defensive but lightweight nature of chainmail is exactly what this armor captures (compared to some of the heavier pieces).

The mask kind of makes me think of what executioners may wear, therefore an axe would go well with this outfit.

Gained as a reward from Creighton after completing his questline. also available for purchase from Merchant Hag Melentia upon Creighton’s death.


8. Set of Lucatiel

Lucatiel’s Set from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Yes, it’s Lucatiel of Mirrah’s armor set, another beloved NPC among fans (and one with the most heartbreaking talks).

It is very distinctive and has an outrageous design that makes it obvious the wearer is not local.

To really embody the persona you’re dressing as, I certainly advise utilizing a thrusting sword or one of the two Mirrah greatswords.

How to obtain: You may either kill Lucatiel of Mirrah personally (which you wouldn’t dare) or get a gift from him after summoning her for three (different) boss fights.


Imported Set 7.

Imported Set from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

I like how the Imported set seems.

It perfectly conveys the mood of a shady figure who wishes to remain anonymous until the ideal opportunity presents itself.

You’re going to have to do a lot of rolls since the numbers on this stuff are so terrible.

Who would have guessed that obtaining one of the game’s best-looking sets would be so simple.

How to obtain: Each new character’s starting equipment.


Drangleic Set 6.

Drangleic Set from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

One of the first things that springs to mind when someone mentions Dark Souls 2 is the Drangleic armor and the blade.

Its place in the world of fashion is assured by the combination of the crimson cape and the armor’s gold-like color.

But do you want to know something truly cool?

The helmet is absent when you first discover the armor. After killing the Giant Lord later in the game, you use the Memories of the Ancients to go back in time and get the helmet from Captain Drummond.

The player stole the helmet from its owner in the past, which is why it is missing in the present.

I bet you were unaware of it.

How to get: After defeating the Pursuer monster, find the treasure in the Forest of Fallen Giants on a ledge. Captain Drummond rewards you with the helmet.


Fifth Faraam Set

Faraam Set from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Everyone knew it, including you and I.

The Faraam set is too well-known to be left out of any discussion where it may be brought up.

Just a lovely appearance!

It also has a fascinating history, legend, and theories around it.

How to get: The treasure is located adjacent to the campfire at King’s Gate in Drangleic Castle.


4. Set of astrologers

Astrologist Set from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Because of how gorgeous it looks, I always use this set when creating a sorcerer or hexer.

It clearly stands out from all the other robes thanks to the contrast between the vivid yellow and the deep black fabric.

Not to mention how wonderfully it complements the sorceries’ original blue/cyan hues.

How to obtain: After finishing his quest line or releasing him from jail, ask Royal Sorcerer Navlaan for a sale.


The Set of Syan

Syan’s Set from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

This outfit is unquestionably the one for you if you’ve ever wished to become the shining knight.

The whole set of Sir Syan’s armor is a wonderful sight. Among all the gloomy, dark, gray, and black armors that DS2 is crammed with, it serves as a beacon of golden brightness.

Moreover, the cape is fantastic!

Oh courageous Sir Syan, what a dreadful destiny you suffered.

How to obtain it: Soldiers of the Syan will drop it.


2. Set Chaos

Chaos Set from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Examine it.

Examine it.

This collection perfectly captures the concept of “chaos.”

The best attire to put on when you’re being naughty and planning complete trouble.

This combination goes hand in hand with pyromancies, exactly as Royal Sorcerer Navlaan would have desired of you.


How to obtain: After finishing his questline, Royal Sorcerer Navlaan will give it to you (you must be hollow while talking to him).


Heide Knight Set, first

Heide Knight Set from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Anything with a white and yellow theme really appeals to me.

I feel like a legendary, battle-tested hero who is out on his final adventure before officially retiring when I’m dressed in the Heide Knight set.

It’s perfect for any ambitious paladin who wants to banish evil from the earth with the help of their superhuman lightning miracles.

A traditional 10/10 outfit would include the Heide Knight Sword and any brightly colored kiteshield.

How to obtain: Heide Knights will drop it.

The “ds2 best weapons” is a list of the top 10 best-looking armor sets in DS2. The list includes their name, where they are found, and how to get them.

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