In the world of the Dark Souls there is more to do than just blow off steam.

Most players need the right tools to work with. And if the work kills a lot, you want to do it with a soft enough gun.

The game can now search through a lot of things, so here’s a list to help you refine your choices. Let’s look for the best weapon we can find.

NOTE: I assess which weapons are best suited for battle-focused playlists and how they will work in PvP and PvE in general.

12. Glossy paper


Directions: Soldiers of the Crown Rampart of the King of Ivory DLC.

Ice Rapier is well known by fans of Dark Souls 2, especially when used in PvP.

Maneuverability is built in favor of this piercing sword, and the distance is focused on attacks that mix well with the infusions and the Lion Ring to inflict significant damage.

The strong attacks also set the ice floe in motion, which can be shot on the field of fire.

When the tip of a black enemy is released, the flaps can be placed above normal weapon damage to cause additional damage!

11. Encrypt the black word

Directions: Bought in trade with the Old Dead Soul (which fell on the rotten savings of NG+) and 10,000 souls of the gunsmith Ornifex.

Here we have the first of many ultra-orthodox words on this list.

The requirements for the black word in the crypt are quite high: 40 of power, 10 of dexterity, 12 of intelligence, 12 of faith.

Since these weapons, if you can take them out, are not meant to be played at the beginning of the game, but players who know how to handle them will be armed with a weapon that packs real paper in PvP and PvE!

The Black Word of the Crypt has a slow but widespread rhythm. In addition, his strong, ambivalent attack can kill enemies in a collision. His strength and agility are not that great, but he has an S-scale in the dark.

The best way to use this weapon would be to focus on intelligence and faith with the dark dye. It also looks like the sword from Berserker’s cabin.

10. Sword of the Sun

Directions: Obtained by offering at least 20 Sun League medals to reach the second rank of the Sun League heirs.

Sword of the Sun is a fantastic selection of quality players (i.e. equal investment in strength and agility) who want to play with a straight sword.

This knife offers the greatest strength / movement of any weapon in its class.

The Sun’s Sword has a fast course with a noticeable thrust attack and a generally low endurance. You can even link it to the panel, which is a great bet!

9. Large Lance


Directions: If you only have the basic game, you can find it in the vault of the Memory of Orro. If you have the scientific version of the First Sin, you’ll find it on the corpse next to the Royal Gate in the Forest of Fallen Giants.

Gunmen who prefer high quality designs and almost everyone who prefers powerful kicks.

Although the zoom is not the best in this category, the Big Lance is a good choice for players who want to tackle everything in one attack.

However, it may also be suitable for safer playlists that prefer to protect themselves with the shield when pushed out due to its long range. An obvious trick when using the big spear is to prevent the target from being caught during a running attack.

Players who maneuver their protégé (and balance pile) with mastery can hardly ever stop.

8. Claw

Directions: Bought by the blacksmith Lenigrast for 1,000 souls.

The Rapier is a relatively cheap weapon that you can use at the beginning of the game.

It fluctuates quite well with the dextrit, and if you stay out of the bet correctly, you can take advantage of the impressive critical damage. The rapid progression can help you catch your enemies while maintaining excellent stamina.

As with other weapons, you can use the rapier with the weapon out of your hand for greater damage or use the shield for extra protection.

7. Long word

Directions: You have different ways to get the message across: Buy from the blacksmith in Legrost for 1300 souls or stop at No Man’s Wharf to see the dark one. In addition, a fireproof version is located in the cardinal’s tower during the fire.

For Longsword, the name of the game is universal.

Although you are still in the process of leveling up to increase your priority stats, these weapons can be used in different areas at the beginning of the game, especially if you manage to get the Fire option.

Ordinary Long Nonogian users tend to prefer strong movements with a small degree of dexterity, although the long fire word allows more focus on intelligence/belief.


He also has a fast attack with a strong attacking movement to push over long distances.

Overall, Longsword is an excellent and balanced choice for both PvP and PvE.

6. Fusion hammer

Directions: Abandoned by the Iron Warriors of the Crown of the Ivory King DLC.

The Sledgehammer is not only one of the heaviest weapons in the game, but also has the highest Attack Value (AV) of all the Big Hammers.

This weapon takes hammering to a whole new level for any power-oriented character!

In battle, you’ll have to make a very slow swing in exchange for massive damage and a wider range of threats (since it’s also the biggest weapon in its class).

Your enemies will see you running miles away with this huge chicken-legged weapon, and they’ll know what you mean.

5. Ultra Wide Sword


Directions: Bought by trade with the soul of the Knight of Smoke (the head of the Knight of Smoke fell from the crown of the Old Iron King DLC) and 25,000 souls of the gunsmith Ornifex.

This ultra-orthodox word is another excellent choice for high quality assembly.


However, it is a very heavy weapon that requires proper weight control to avoid a greasy sandwich. That’s why the statistical requirements for the use of these weapons may seem cool.

Players who force him to work are rewarded with weapons that cause ridiculous damage. It also has versatile movies that include blocks, sweeps, smashes and more advanced jerks.

Smoke Ultra Great Sword has a certain familiarity with players who go back and forth between big and bad weapons at OP breaks, depending on who you ask, but for those who want to do evil, it’s definitely worth a try.

4. Double red iron sheet

Directions: Found on a body in the Amana Temple.

Red Iron Double Blade is the leading PvP destroyer and a notorious choice for PvP.

These weapons especially reduce the force for some major base damage, and infusions can provide extra zoom.

Not to mention that the Twinblade red iron offers more unique moves; although it is sometimes predictable, it also has a pulling attack that can surprise the opponent with its greater range.

It is also very important to eliminate the damage done in Boise. So, if you connect it to the stone ring, it will be very important to eliminate the damage to Boise.

3. Ultra wide kingsword

Directions: Bought after the sale of the king’s soul (abandoned by Wendrick) and 10,000 souls to the gunsmith Ornifex.

This massive sword looks more like a stick than a knife. It has a strength/10 Dext requirement, which makes it particularly viable for strength structures.

In return he can hit the AR with his S-weight, which is superior to other equally heavy weapons like the Smash Hammer.

It also shares its broken chassis with a Gothic black word. Suffice it to say that you have a tendency to shoot your opponents, that is, if you don’t shoot them first.

Not only is it difficult enough on its own, but it also causes severe damage to your opponent’s harness and rings every time you hit. In addition, the king of the ultra-large can be reluctant to block physical damage because of its high stability and reduced physical damage.

Attack and defend? What real power!

2. The big word


Directions: There are different ways to get the message across: Buy at the head of Wengarl for 5000 souls, hunt the spirits of the Great Word and the Xiang soldiers who own it, or find it in the treasury at the top of No-Man’s Pier.

Despite its name, this ultra-famous word is a popular ambiguous choice for many players who prefer Strngth Build.

This is a pretty handy option for beginners, which you can buy early and with which you can play throughout the game. The completely redesigned version of the Lightsaber has an S/D scale to determine its strength or mobility.

The wide coverage balances slow animation and recovery time, and every beat sounds with a pleasant heavy metal tick.

As a bonus, the big word has a striking resemblance to Berserker’s Dragon Slayer.

1. Holy Bell Hammer

Directions: Bought as the commercial soul of Velstadt (owned by the Royal Igida) and 3000 souls of the gunsmith Ornifex.

The demands of Grand Hammer status will force players to focus on strength, with enough agility, intelligence and faith to actually own it.

However, thanks to the infusion, the Sacred Chime Hammer has very versatile scaling capabilities that allow players to go beyond the requirements of constructions of intelligence or belief.

At the maximum level of the Sacred Chime Hammer upgrade, the Dark Infusion offers the best damage potential, and that doesn’t explain the many jokes you could play with positions and magic.

In addition to this unique move, his powerful ambidextrous attack adds value by shooting balloons around you that are comfortable with your enemies.

In PvE, which can bring you much-needed comfort in the crowd of enemies.

And in PvP, balls can impede the attacker’s movement and give you the chance to hit him.

This combination of damage and options makes the Sacred Chime the best candidate on this list.

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