Top 15 Best GTA 5 Cars for Speed & Mayhem

With every GTA game you spend most of your time behind the wheel.

Whether it’s the speed on the way to your next mission or the doughnuts in the parking lot throwing grenades like they’re out of fashion, you’ll want to make sure you get the perfect ride.

From ridiculous fun to crazy speed, this list will help you decide which bikes to take for your next uncontrolled GTA 5 session.

15. Disaster buggy BF


Based on this list we are going to take a look at one of the craziest attractions of GTA 5.

The BF ramp buggy, essentially , is a dune buggy with an integrated ramp designed to throw cars off the road when the inevitable road disaster starts.

Sometimes it’s fun to get into the game and walk around carefree to see what you can do in the real world. At least until Fluffy catches you.

This fun buggy ramp offers a lot of fun and makes you maniacally laugh at yourself when you cross traffic and turn around one car at a time.

14. Duke O’Dood

A muscular armored car that can disgrace Mad Max and his rides, here aptly named Duke O’Death, so no one tries to push you aside.

It’s a very funny car, it’s the one you want to be when your friends are planning to chase you and try to destroy your car.

Based on the real Dodge Charger, Duke O’Death looks cool and voluminous enough to take a few serious hits and look new on the other side.

13. Pis water regulators

The Pisswater Dominator, a racing car with a unique design, is a reliable option for hard to reach rally and drift races.

I just have to look at his somewhat embarrassing name, but I’m sure you don’t care much for him in the face of the wild whip.

The modified Dominator is a relatively light, reliable car with which you can drive the B-spot as fast as you want, and which is also fun to drive.

12. Briozo RA

A strange competitor for one of the best cars in the GTA 5, Brioso RA – based on the Fiat 500 model – could surprise you and your friends when you play online.

Even if you don’t feel like driving a super sports car, the Brioso RA lets you skillfully slide around corners thanks to its skilful steering, and leaves your motorcycle friends in the dust as they slide off the track.

It’s very nice to be in the races. In this race you want to drive to the other side of town to enjoy the ride. Maybe you could throw in a few CDs along the way. You know, it’s not because

11. Stirling GT

Vintage car based on the Mercedes Benz 300 SL, classic – with him the king.

Aside from the fact that the Stirling GT stands out on the starting line and on a typical road, you’ll appreciate the engine sounds that will seriously satisfy you and the excellent road handling to tackle those difficult corners.

It’s also a great way to drift off, which will surprise you and prove to you that you can have a car that looks, sounds and writes perfect.

10. Implant phoenix

Our second muscle car to enter the top 15, the Imponte Phoenix, is a top gas car.

Maybe best described as a beautiful animal, it makes you want to participate in every road race you go through, just to spend as much time there as possible.

Since this is a rare car found in the game, you won’t want to let go once you get your hands on it.

9. Scramjet

To get to the end of the list: We have a scramjet. This is the car you expect from the Wacky Racers because of its looks, but don’t be fooled by its looks.

This is a certified racing car suitable for use.

Combine the realism of your GTA landscapes with the surreal look of the scramjet and you have the recipe for pure, unadulterated fun for a carefree road cruise.

As if the speed and chassis of the car are not enough to interest you, here is the , equipped with machine guns and rocket launchers, for those moments when you have had enough of the bad driver and the fantasy of introducing a race of armed Mario carts in town.

8. Fast Emperor

Third on the list – Vapid Imperator, perhaps the best of all when it comes to cars of this type.

The emperor is almost a royal house and has an appropriate name, because emperor means emperor. You will not be able to help, but you will feel like a sovereign if you walk the streets with respect in this model.

Watch others worship you and salute your superiority as you ride this amazing ride. And if they don’t, you just drop them.

7. Dubauchi Wagner

Dewbauchee Vagner, a super sports car that gets you to your destination in record time, is one of the fastest in the game.

Make sure your friends and competitors have fun with this awesome vehicle that will easily take you around the corner and bomb any place like a rocket to eat your dust.

Like most supercars the Vagner is a very attractive car and it mops with most alternatives.

6. Ocelot Pariah

Like Aston Martin, Ocelot Pariah is the first choice when it comes to smoking your competitors in style.

One thing’s for sure about this car: If you want to expel your friend or a civilian for any reason, you’ll feel like James Bond.

As a car that would have been chosen by the man himself, Paria is undoubtedly a big star in the Hollywood races that are driven through the city. It is also one of the fastest sports cars in the game, which is a good thing.

5. Entity XXR

It’s easy to get used to driving one of the most beautiful cars I’ve ever seen.

But once you’re on the driver’s side, you’re in every race you race.

A low-profile super sports car isn’t bullshit and will certainly provide hours of fun on the road.

You want to change your style, so grab your best suit and get in this beautiful car for the ultimate experience.

4. Pegassi tiger act

Closer to a transformer than a super sports car, the Tezeract is based on the Lamborghini Terzo Milenio and is visually attractive to say the least with its striking aesthetics.

Just like its real analog, Tezeract distinguishes itself by an impressive chassis and an attractive appearance.

But that’s not all, because the Tezeract is and the electric car is , which means that the silent engine buzzes and buzzes when you pass someone on the street without hearing them sneaking up.

3. Banshee 900R

Another attractive sports car, the Banshee 900R, based on the venom of the Hennessey-Viper Venom, will delight you with its soft lines and refined aesthetics.

This is a car with which you can drive along the coast on a sunny afternoon. You can’t go wrong with this entertaining and reliable journey. Not to mention the fact that the name Banshee is the main name of the GTA series for recent competitions.

The Banshee can reach impressive top speeds, doesn’t flip (as the name suggests) and is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a great alternative to elegant supercars.

2. Pfister 811


The Pfister 811 (like Ocelot Pariah) is based on the iconic Porsche 911 and features serious James Bond styling and impressive load performance.

The unmistakable resemblance to the 911 can make it an attractive prospect if you love these sexy sports cars.

If you want to drive the most beautiful car and have the strength to win the race convincingly, look no further than this real gem.

1. Self-adjustments


There is no doubt that the car that will take first place in the list of the best cars in the GTA 5 is undoubtedly the epic Vigilante.

It is clear that the Vigilante was inspired by the iconic Batmobile, perhaps the coolest fictional car ever conceived.

If driving around town pretending to be a Dark Knight and justifying senseless crimes with superhero status (which should be the case), then the Vigilante is also an incredible car with amazing performance. So you can drive it like a normal old car. But where’s the fun in that?


Besides the fact that the Vigilante seems to be completely out of this world, it is also equipped with a rocket propulsion system and has great weapons to fight the villains and bandits of the city. Or even take the good ones if you think you’re the bad ones.

Anyway, you’re in Vigilante custody.

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