Top 15 Best Insect Glaives at MHW

The monster hunter has many weapon options: Peace, so that hunters of all ranks and positions can make history.

There are big swords and hammers for the long, long swords for the archers, long swords for the braggarts… and there’s also the Faith of Insects.

These weapons are a choice for those who want to make their small size an advantage over their prey.

Like an insect, the owner moves quickly and stabs hard, like heavy, slow monsters trying in vain to strike a blow.

This weapon is brilliant and allows players to easily dodge a blow and inflict heavy damage with a quick cut, while using some of their skills to stay in the air and keep the enemies on the right track.

It consists of two parts: Believe in yourself and Kinsect, a huge insect that you can control to help you in the battle of by collecting extracts of monsters that turn into favorites as soon as you eat them. It also helps to deal with damage and leaves dust clouds with different effects.

Releasing MGV: Iceborne has added even more features, so I would like to write an article about one of the most unique weapon variations in the game. Let’s dive in!

15. Verdant Levin


This first recording is a classic monster hunter with a very unique design, where one of the blades is the horn of the monster Kirin.

Just like the creature of the unicorn, Thunderbird Levin takes care of the thunder’s damage, making it an ideal meeting place for, among others, the Legiana or the Baselgeuse.

With Handicraft you can make the blue sharpness of this weapon permanent, so you don’t have to waste precious moments sharpening the knife.

As you would expect from such elementary weapons, they also offer elementary acceleration to your Chinese.

However, his serious injuries leave much to be desired. That makes this sword a very situational choice.

I only recommend it with Kirin’s armor set because it fits and is a real classic.

14. FlamboyantCockroaches

The name of this tribal weapon, made from the remains of Anyana, Flammenkaefer, means firescarabee in the translation of the German fire beetle.

Very appropriate, because it is the best damage caused by the Glaive insect fire that you can send in the game.

In contrast to the Verdant Levin, this weapon not only has high fire damage, but also fairly extensive rough damage. He can also use tinkering to strongly expand his blue sharpening rod.

This is a good option for new players as it is much easier to get than some of the first choices on this list.

On the other hand, it has a negative affinity of 20%, which you have to take into account in your building. But once you have done that, you will regularly bake Paolomus and Legianas for lunch.

13. Kadachin III column

The second version of the weapon with the thunder element comes here from the electrifying monster Toby Kadachi, as can be seen from the claws and shells at both ends of the shaft.

It treats about two-thirds of the thunder damage caused by Verdant Levin, but makes up for it with kicks with a much better crude damage yield of , a 10% higher affinity, and even the ability to use Crafting to obtain white spices.

This visual acuity can be vital for the Glaive insect and increases its ability to attack.

It is also the first item on the list that has a place for jewelry, even if it is small.

You will probably use these weapons for other purposes, but you will find that they are generally much more universal and not difficult to handle.

12. Bo III Exterminator

Unfortunately, it is an unbuilt weapon of the monster Qiqi Ya-ku, which is decorated with only a small image of Qiqi Ya-ku’s ears (for lack of a better name), but don’t be fooled by that.

His gross base damage is the same as Kadach’s, but he has access to the Basic Support skill, which can give him an important advantage.

It can also achieve white sharpness by hand and even has a decorative central slit to help you reach your ideal building.

It also increases the speed of your Kinsect, which is generally considered to be the best insect in the sword network.

Of course, it is an excellent hunting tool that you can create relatively early and it will help you in almost all circumstances, because it is not based on fundamental weaknesses or anything like that.

11. Tethidine sleeps

Tethidine is a scientific term for a family of species commonly known as squid, after which this crazy weapon is created.

Not only is this weapon of the monster Daorian Kushal truly unique, but its icy elemental damage also makes it an excellent option to fight the Diablos of Theostroy.

This also contributes to a pretty decent gross loss.

Tethidine also has an affinity premium of 10% and is able to achieve white sharpness with craftsmanship.

But if you want to make the best of it, you also need a protective Polish language to be able to do more than a few moves.

This is undoubtedly a good choice to fulfill your child’s desire to become a marine biologist.

10. Gae Bong Loyalty

This weapon, named after the legend of the Irish spear, is probably one of the most unique swords in the game. Partly because it looks more like a spear than anything else.

But also because it is decorated with a gargoyle of cast instead of an old part of an ordinary monster.

It’s styled like a Drash Alpha armor set, considered by many to be the best for Glaive Insect users, so you’re likely to see it many times during your multiplayer adventures.

His rough damage is good, but he really shines in combination with the dragon’s very high damage potential.

It can achieve white sharpness through its know-how and has an enormous affinity bonus of 20%, which significantly increases its lethal power.

And as if that were not enough, it also has a large decorative slit, which gives this sword a certain value in many buildings.

9. Replacements

This elegant weapon with clear Asian influences is made from the animal remains of Odogaron.

And like most weapons this monster produces, they emphasize precision.

Although the basic damage is nothing special in the beginning, it comes standard with a long white beam, which greatly reduces the need for a craftsman.

This opens up many more possibilities for your design. And since there is also a 20% affinity bonus, it is good to simply focus on optimising critical injuries.

To make the damage even greater, you can get a non-elemental point, perhaps with a jewel without an element on the central location decoration.

8. Khazak Antom II

It is known that the weapons of the Glaive insect family offer a very wide range of possibilities for hunting dragons, including the Khazak Antom II.

Not only does it have significant rough damage and some hard dragon damage, but it also has an average level of Elderseal to help you deal with the special skills of Senior Dragons in general.

You will certainly want the craftsman to get the white herb and the protective polish to preserve it, because he only gets a small ribbon.

Under the arms of Baal Khazak Antom (which is not surprisingly the insect in Greek) is not one of the most beautiful.

But it’s still a pretty powerful weapon and certainly useful for any hunter.

7. Xeno Schmana

This is the story of Xeno Schman – a sad story.

It’s the story of an amazing weapon with a boring appearance.

The story of how the developers simply attached a few Xeno’jiiva ruffles to the base model of the Glaive bug and called it a day. Fortunately, the usefulness of this weapon does not depend on its appearance, but it is a very effective hunting tool.

Although the raw damage and damage caused by dragons is lower than that of Khazak Antom, these weapons have by default 15% more affinity and a white color.

You will continue to benefit from the craftsmanship to make it more sustainable. But since it has two large decorative slots, this will not be a problem.

6. Tirannis Glaive II

A simpler knife is the Tyrannis Glaive II, a weapon derived from the terrible monster Diablos.

It has one of the most frightening patterns of the game with horns and Diablos scales on the handle and the jewels of the blade.

But not everything looks like this, because the first damage caused by these weapons is astonishing.

Especially if you use the Elemental Acceleration skill.

It even offers bonus protection, which is always fun.

Unfortunately, these weapons suffer from a clear lack of versatility in terms of construction.

It has a negative affinity of 30%, which should be taken into account, and if you want it to have white sharpness (and it does), you need to apply a high level of skill so that it doesn’t get boring after a few moves.

5. Minor disasters

As usual with the weapons Diablos and Nergigante they fit very well in this ranking. But in the end, the light of disaster comes from above.

This incredibly menacing Sword is suitable for the cannibal tribe, has high crude damage and in addition a good elemental damage dragon, which, together with the high level of seal of the Ancients, makes it a solid Ancients hunter’s weapon.

Although these weapons, unlike the Tirannis Glave, cannot achieve sharp whiteness.

But the amazing blue sharpness will allow you to forget about sharpening – allowing you to focus on damage control in the end. It also has a small decoration slot for extra customization.

4. Chiarr slave park

Ah, yes, Chiarr Glaves.

If you’ve been looking for a weapon for a while, you know this family of relics guns couldn’t be missing from the list.

In fact, they could make up half the list, given the number of amazing options that exist. Ice, King, Red, Crusher and of course Spark are just a few examples.

I decided to group most of them in one place and concentrate on Kjarr Glaive Spark, just because many people in the community seem to prefer it.

It offers rough and hard damage, amazing thunder damage and the ability of the Critical Element to really make thunder come. White sharpness is easy to achieve.

And to help you get those critical hits, he gets a 15% privacy bonus.

This gilded relic-weapon is a good choice if you can get hold of her or one of her sisters.

3. Left paralysis of Chiarra

One of the best options of the same family is Kjarr Glev paralysis, which I distinguish from the other names of the best Glev insect disease in MHW.

In fact, it is the same weapon as the Kjarr Glaive Spark, with a few modifications such as higher damage, standard whiteness and a 10% lower affinity bonus.

What makes it really special is the ability of the Critical Status, coupled with a nice accumulation of Paralysis, which allows to immobilize the enemies several times in each battle.

In general, this is a great option for the team hunt where everyone can really use the monster’s unused time to increase the damage.

2. Thunderstorms


Instead of being dependent on your team, you might prefer to be the one who takes care of a large number of people.

In that case, I suggest you go to Deviljho’s Monster Farm and make a grunge storm, which looks more like a two-sided Deviljho meat skewer than any knife.

Still, it looks pretty cool and probably has the biggest DPS potential in the game.

Although the damage is slightly less than that of Tyrannis Glaive II, the Grunge Storm can reach and maintain its bright white color without much effort throughout the fight.

It also has major dragon damage on top and a high level Elderseal to set it up as the typical Ancient Insect Hunter Glive.

Yeah, it has a 25% negative affinity, like most devilish weapons. It’s crazy, these hunting tools are worth it.

1. Destruction of the Kaiserinstock

The first place on my list is the fusion of the armor of the Lunaster and Nergigant parts, the anti-insect glaze with an azure blue leaf and thorns that decorate both ends.

This weapon has good raw damage and some explosion that goes with it. But that’s not what this place does.

What really makes this barrel shine is the standard white cutting edge and the Hasten Recovery , which gives you amazing design freedom because you don’t have to worry about the quality of finish and stability.

This glaze makes you a formidable opponent to any colossal beast in the game.

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