Top 20 Best Immersion Modes for Skyrim Players

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the world of Skyrim?

I can certainly understand that. It’s a world where you can get lost for hours if you let your imagination run wild.

And the fashion world has come together to create some of the biggest diving models you could ever want. Some of these mods are not compatible with each other, but most of them should work well to create a friendly atmosphere where everything seems to come alive better than in the basic game.

Don’t forget that some of these mods take up a lot of space and can cause errors if not combined properly.

You should always go back in case something goes wrong. But don’t worry. I’ve tried most of them and they work almost perfectly. Warzons can be a little boring, but I brought them here because they’re still an incredible fashionista.

20. Underwater detection NPC


Highlight this mode.

This incredible mod will help you solve a problem that many players seem to hate: you can easily spot at night and shoot as if it were day, which makes no sense and disrupts the diving that can create the game.

Using this mod, which must be compatible with all the other mods on this list, we have to deal with the fact that the enemies of can’t see you as easily in the night of as in the base game.

And it also causes them to lose accuracy in night shots.

This really adds a new level of depth to the Assassin playlist we all love so much!

19. Diving beds


Highlight this mode.

Have you ever wondered why no one at Bethesda thought it would be a good idea to bring your character to life if you decided to make a bed?

Sometimes it seems that the beds in the basic set don’t really fulfil their function – the possibility to use sleeping accessories has been added, as well as extra animation when you go to bed and get up from there.

18. Diving jewellery

Highlight this mode.

Immersion Jewelry adds a large number of new jewels to the game, most of which are designed to look unique and represent the classes and races to which they belong.

It is an amazing and very detailed fashion, given that has more than 4000 jewelry from so far. It’s crazy!

17. Saturation Immersion

Highlight this mode.

The basic Skyrim game didn’t look good when it first came out.

But that is understandable given the year and the technological limitations of PS3 and Xbox 360. With the release of the special edition, everything has changed for the better, and now the game is more beautiful than ever.

However, there still seems to be a problem with the saturation level of the camera.

This mod makes you feel like you’re really in the places where the game leads.

It emphasizes the aspect of shadows and adds the necessary degree of saturation that was lacking in the basic game. It’s an incredible module, and it’s worth trying the shaders.

16. Dragon Fighting Review

Highlight this mode.

It’s a real shame that this fashion was removed from Nexus because the owner was dealing with personal problems.

Still, it remains one of the best Skyrim modes ever made, not only in terms of immersive mode, but in general.

It didn’t really get a better place in this list, just because it’s not updated anymore and you can’t find it on Nexus (but there are downloads in this thread, for example).

This method improves the way you fight dragons and makes them more natural.

If you think that fighting dragons are a little underestimated in the basic game, I really recommend you try it.

15. War zones – civil disturbances


Highlight this mode.

Warzones is an incredible mod that really brings a sense of war into play, which Skyrim should be a part of.

It adds thousands of NPCs that are all ready to fight in a massacre like no other elders game has ever seen.

It takes a powerful computer, and maybe even malfunctions – a lot of resources are needed to make everything work!

But it makes Skyrim feel like he’s really at war, as it should be in history.

It seems too relaxed to be true during a war, so this model is an excellent solution.

14. Joy of the future

Highlight this mode.

The Joy of Perspective is an incredible fashionista for those who like to play in the first person.

In fact, the ego game is the most important part of diving. And the basic game Skyrim cannot offer a good experience for players who want the FPS’s point of view.

With this mod, you won’t feel like you’re swimming in circles and playing in the first person, and you can look around much more naturally.

13. This shelter

Highlight this mode.

Honestly, it’s ridiculous to see the rain falling on a roof, even if you’re standing under an awning.

This fashion, although quite simple, gets rid of that little detail that destroys the sense of reality one would hide from the storm. Often the little things are important.

12. Hunters born

Highlight this mode.

If you’re gonna hunt, boy, you’re gonna love this beautiful man.

This makes the hunt more realistic, because you have to kill the animals and skin them well if you want to collect their resources.

They no longer steal their bodies like they’re carrying things in imaginary bags.

11. Frost trap


Highlight this mode.

Some people really shouldn’t stand in the cold and pretend nothing has happened to them.

Falling frost adds the element of survival in the cold to the heart of the game mechanism.

You have to make sure you don’t freeze to death walking around Skyrim. Keep your flashlights and campfires ready – you’ll need them if you want to risk a blizzard.

10. HUD Submersible motor

Highlight this mode.

It’s really not very realistic to leave the HUD as if it were part of your robot’s interface.

This mod is a complete revision of the basic interface of the game, making it much more realistic in every sense of the word.

It doesn’t completely remove it, but it modifies it so that it doesn’t interfere with the middle of the game and you can play as if it wasn’t there.

It’s really cool – especially if you play in the first person.

9. SkyrimUnderwater vehicles


Highlight this mode.

When you play Skyrim, you don’t need much time to get to know the audience.

Sooner or later it gets really boring and breaks the diving feeling that you know there are only a handful of species in such a vast area.

This mod adds dozens of new creatures to solve the problem. And I can guarantee its quality – the creatures look really good.

8. Winterhold Immersion College


Highlight this mode.

Winterhold College – one of the biggest disappointments for magicians in the game.

It seems that the original game has a lot to offer, but fortunately the mud has made the best of it.

It completely changes the appearance of the college and also the appearance of some of the people who live there. Again, small but useful details.

7. Comfortable horses

Highlight this mode.


Honestly, he’s the best horse there is for Skyrim. Period.

It’s just too good, and it makes the horses feel like they’re ever really alive.

You can even build and manage your own herd of horses, lead them through Skyrim in your adventures or keep them in one place.

You can also define the parameters of your trailers and the horses that use them. It is very deep and you can spend hours in a row with by simply checking your horses with a microcontrol.

Fashion also adds a lot of new features, such as horse whistles, new armor and many other features that will improve the quality of life for every rider in the region.

You can even pick up plants on your horse’s back – without getting out of the saddle.

6. Outside Skyrim

Highlight this mode.

I’ve shown this great fashion in other lists, but it really deserves a different place in this position.

There are plans to add new locations outside Skyrim.

And although fashion at the moment only adds Broom, Skyrim feels closer to the reality of Tamriel and you can visit the favourite place of Oblivion fans.

5. Percus Maximus


Highlight this mode.

Perkus Maximus does not add any elements to the game.

Instead, she completely rethinks the benefits system, adding hundreds of new benefits and countless spells to the game.

Everything that has been added with this mod is legendary and fits perfectly into the world of the old roles, adding just a little more essence that sometimes seems to be missing in the game.

4. Alternative start – Living another life


Highlight this mode.

The beginning of Skyrim is one of the most emblematic moments in the history of the games.

However, the intrological order is as long as before. And with each breakthrough, it repeats itself more and more.

This mod adds new features at the beginning of the game and allows you to choose what your character was like before you made it.

You will be able to choose many things based on your background, and the fashion designer has made sure that everything is relevant because every decision you make will influence the development of the story.

The new story, made for fashion, is also very cool and perfect with the series of Skyrim’s most important quests!

3. Interesting NPKs

Highlight this mode.

Are you tired of these boring bastards hanging around without thinking? So am I. And this fashion is as professional as it gets.

It adds more than 250 new NPC s and countless new trailers to . And you know what, they’re all out loud.

The degree of immersion offered by these new NPCs is not only numerical, the quality of the dialogue is slightly different. This clearly shows that the team has done an excellent job in this mode.

Best of all, tons of new quests are coming up with the new NPCs. The mode contains over 50 new missions that you can complete and help these countless new strangers.

2. Diving patrols


Highlight this mode.

This is an incredible fashion for those of you who own Solstheim.

This adds the territory of factional patrols, which can even lead to civil war if they overlap.

If you accidentally encounter a patrol belonging to a hostile faction fighting the faction you have chosen, you will be in danger in no time, because they will try to kill you on the spot.

This mode completely rethinks the Solstheim experience and makes DLC a hundred times better than it already is.

1. Skyrim sounds


Highlight this mode.

It’s the little things that matter most. And it’s those little details that make the sounds of Skyrim so unique that they change the way you play.

This mod adds more than 100 new sounds to thegame, and I don’t put it easily in the first place.

Fashion really changes your perception of the environment in the game. You will notice a lot of differences if you have been playing the game for a number of years.

Even if you’re a beginner, Sounds of Skyrim does the incredible work of integrating you into the world of Tamriel.

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