Top 20 Best JRPG Waifus Of All Time –

A JRPG, or Japanese role-playing game is a video game genre centered on turn-based combat and player character progression. Every battle in these games are viewed from the third person perspective of the protagonist during which they can explore large worlds and fight various enemies; some JRPGs feature random encounters with monsters that must be fought to progress through the story. Though not always an essential component of gameplay, stories tend to revolve around common themes such as fantasy epics, science fiction plots involving time travel and alternate dimensions, crime noir detective stories based in modern day Tokyo, supernatural tales featuring reincarnation set mostly in ancient China (modern day Taipei), romantic comedies focusing on high school life over three days before graduation.,

The “best jrpgs of all time” is a list that ranks the top 20 best JRPG waifus. The ranking includes the characters from games such as Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, and Chrono Trigger.

Top 20 Best JRPG Waifus Of All Time –

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of Japanese RPGs is the presence of attractive female characters.

Romance is a powerful selling tool. Even though some guys mock romantic movies like Twilight, we’re all suckers for a good love story, and JRPGs are a low-key method for us to get our fix.

Some of these characters are so charming that we fall in love with them in real life.

We’ve all got our favorite JRPG waifus in this list, whether you have a little crush or want to fly to Japan to marry your fave 2D gal.

It’s impossible to condense the world of JRPG hotties into just this list, but hopefully this collection will satisfy every RPG fan.


20. Beatrix Potter (Final Fantasy IX)

Beatrix is a top-ranking general in Alexandria’s all-female army and one of FFIX’s most dangerous opponents.

She’s also the game’s greatest heartthrob.

The fact that she is invincible every time you fight her is one of the things that makes her irresistible.

Have you ever been enamored with someone after they have rejected you? This is a comparable situation.

She’s a strong and stoic lady who inspires admiration in both her army and her foes.


Noire (19.) (Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Noire Hyperdimension Neptunia screenshot

We’ll be looking at some of the finest waifus in JRPGs, not necessarily the best games!

Hyperdimension The gameplay in Neptunia isn’t particularly inventive or unique, but the characters are a different story.

Noire is a popular favorite among them.

She’s a tsundere who seems arrogant and aggressive as a result of her inability to be honest with herself. She’s also a more humanized version of the PlayStation logo, which weebs like.


Camilla is 18 years old (Fire Emblem Fates)

Camilla Fire Emblem Fates screenshot

I hadn’t seen a character garner as much fanart as Camilla from Fire Emblem Fates in a long time.

Her all-black armor (with armored stilletos) had plenty of cleavage, which played a part.

This Princess of Nohr, on the other hand, is a whole package.

Keep in mind that Camilla has a vengeful streak. At the first indication of anything dodgy, she’ll send an army after you.


Chie, number seventeen (Persona 4 Golden)

Chie Persona 4 Golden game screenshot

There are a lot of great waifus in Persona 4.

So, in order to keep things interesting, I’ve chosen Chie to represent them.

She’s your typical sporty girl, always bursting with energy. Her martial arts prowess, as well as her devotion to her companions, are unequaled among the cast members.

Chie is likewise focused with being stronger in order to stay self-sufficient and on top of things.

It’s a sympathetic (though incorrect) way of looking at life, and it’s lovely to witness her gradually come to terms with depending on others as the game progresses.


KOS-MOS (KOS-MOS) (KOS-MOS) (Xenosaga)

KOS-MOS Xenosaga III screenshot

People will fall in love with hyper-realistic AIs that live in their desktop PCs in the future.

It’s been going on for decades in Japanese media.

KOS-MOS stands for “Special Humanoid Anti-Gnosis Annihilation Weapon,” which translates to “hottie with major firepower” in JRPG terms.

She’s also an effort to reconstruct Mary Magdalene from the Bible, right? The Xenosaga series is an odd one.


Tharja is number fifteen (Fire Emblem Awakening)

Tharja Fire Emblem Warriors screenshot

Astrology has been remarkably popular in recent years for predicting people’s destinies. Unfortunately, that does not work.

But predicting the future with the scales of a dragon? Definitely!

Tharja possesses a wide range of magical abilities. Her job description includes hexes, curses, and foresight.

If I had to guess, I’d say she became famous because of her daring outfit. It combines ancient Egyptian aesthetic elements with a dark witch concept, leaving very little to the imagination.


14. Rosetta Stone (Rune Factory Frontier)

Rosetta Rune Factory Frontier screenshot

The majority of individuals claim their waifus after rolling them in low-drop rate gacha games.


I prove to them that I’m a trustworthy partner by taking care of my farm, and then I propose to them.

Every day, romance takes up just a few minutes in Rune Factory, with a few longer events thrown in for good measure. It’s well-balanced and makes you eager for your next date.

Rosetta, the Frontier delivery box girl, is without a doubt the greatest waifu accessible in Rune Factory.

Her business administration knowledge might change your farm, plus she’ll serve you excellent Corn on the Cob.


13. Mount Etna (Disgaea)

Etna from Disgaea / game screenshot

Despite the fact that Disgaea’s gameplay hasn’t changed much since its introduction in 2003, the brand continues to attract new fans because to its colorful and imaginative characters.

The Netherworld is more or less incompatible with the human world.

Being a schemer, a traitor, or a tyrant is regarded as desirable.

At one point or another, Etna is all of these. She’s a classic demon, and a cunning one at that. If you get distracted, she’ll drain your bank account and abandon you in the desert before you can say “Prinny.”

Despite this, she has a wonderful heart — and she’s cute.

If you can get her to work with you rather than against you, you’ll have gained a valuable lifelong ally.


Frixell, Rorolina “Rorona” (Atelier Rorona)

Rorolina “Rorona” Frixell / Atelier Rorona screenshot

The Atelier series is noted for its cute character designs and top-notch waifus.

Rorona is the protagonist of Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland, a famous and important game from the long-running genre released in 2010.

She’s one of those people who can’t seem to contain her joy.

It can be rather chaotic when combined with her clumsiness. All of this is part of the appeal.

If you can get on her good side – which isn’t difficult – she’ll even give you a nice moniker.


11. The number zero (Drakengard 3)

Zero Drakengard 3 game screenshot

Zero from Drakengard 3 is on the other end of the cuteness spectrum.

It’s not that she isn’t lovely; on the contrary, she is a stunner.

Her aggressive character, on the other hand, is just too spectacular to be overlooked.

I mean, there’s a moment in Drakengard 3 when she stabs someone repeatedly in a fit of wrath. It’s been banned, but it exists.

Zero, on the other hand, isn’t like way for no reason.

Her environment is hostile to her, and her upbringing was dreadful – “sold into slavery” dreadful.

Zero becomes more intelligible and even relatable the more you learn about it. Tragedies are easy to fall in love with.


Magilou, number ten (Tales of Berseria)

Magilou in Tales of Berseria screenshot

Magilou is just as insane as Zero, but at least she isn’t killing people all the time.

This jester-like figure is one of the major characters in Tales of Berseria, a game that stands out for following a bunch of dubious characters rather than the conventional heroic squad.

She touts herself as a powerful “unlicensed” sorceress.

Her primary function at the party, however, is to set the tone with her wacky personality and outrageous claims.

This vibrant witch is one of those characters that you can tell if you like them or not simply by looking at them.

Her looks is a reflection of her personality, and both have a lot to admire.


Sheena is number nine (Tales of Symphonia)

Sheena Tales of Symphonia screenshot

I’d select Sheena from Tales of Symphonia to symbolize the whole “Tales Of” Waifus if I had to choose just one character to represent the entire “Tales Of” Waifus.

She’s a little older than the protagonists and the rest of the major cast (barring the villains). As a result, her responsibility is to be the voice of experience.

Even yet, Sheena was alluring to little old me back when I first played ToS on the GameCube, thanks to her generous cleavage and mystery ninja background.

Reading the party chat with anticipation, hoping for a glimpse of romanticism and vulnerability from Sheena, added to the game’s excitement.


Futaba Sakura is the eighth character in the Futaba Sakura series (Persona 5 Royal)

Futaba Sakura / Persona 5 Royal screenshot

Futaba is a kind, shy lady who would prefer flirt over League of Legends chat than meet up for coffee.

She’s probably more knowledgeable than you are about obscure RPGs from the 1990s.

And in Street Fighter, she’d thrash you in a heartbeat.

As you see Futaba deal with important challenges in her life to the best of her ability, you gradually fall in love with her.

She’s terrified, but with just a little support, she’ll be able to overcome her trauma.


7. Mythra/Pyra (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)

Mythra (Xenoblade Chronicles 2) game screenshot

If you like JRPGs, you probably enjoy gorgeous females and powerful weaponry.

What if they’re the same person?

Pyra and Mythra are two different manifestations of the fabled Aegis Sword. They have distinct appearances, personalities, and combat tactics, yet they share a common spirit.

It’s a deal where you get two waifus for the price of one!

Is it really legal for me to amass such wealth?

Being accepted to Super Smash Bros. is a huge accomplishment. It also brought Mythra to the notice of the whole globe.

Would meeting Pyra make you feel like a celebrity?

Or would her fame be more impressive than the whole “magical sword” thing?


Cindy Aurum, no. 6 (Final Fantasy XV)

Cindy Aurum getting wax in FF15

Who doesn’t want a girl who can tune up and repair their car?

Cindy is a successful businesswoman as well as a technological genius.

In Final Fantasy XV, we see her working as a royal mechanic and repairing the Regalia. She is, however, behind the scenes, in charge of delivering the Hammerhead car repair business to every part of Lucis.

She’s also one of the most attractive female characters in the whole Final Fantasy series – and the competition is stiff.

You’re not alone if the sight of this blonde bombshell makes your heart race.

She’s a fantastic babe, and even Prompto from Final Fantasy XV is on the waiting list!


Aerith is number five (Final Fantasy VII Remaster)

Aerith FF7 Remaster game screenshot

Aerith is the sort of innocent girl who, through compassion and effort, will win your heart.

She isn’t the most enticing or sexiest Final Fantasy character. Her heart, on the other hand, is always in the right place.

We can see throughout the game that Aerith is very unselfish and has the fortitude to stand up for what she believes in.

I’m sure her ability to communicate with the planet and unleash great magic made her a target for Sephiroth, but the villain’s biggest difficulty was her unbreakable justice.

Because of the high-poly character model and the increased depth to her personality, I’m awarding this slot to Aerith from the Final Fantasy VII Remake.


Tifa is number four (Final Fantasy VII Remaster)

Tifa FF7 Remaster screenshot

Tifa’s wonderful vibes and tremendous sex appeal are too much for even Aerith to handle.

When Final Fantasy VII was released in 1997, this beautiful eco-terrorist became a total gamer sex symbol.

Her beauty and generous proportions were too amazing to overlook even in her low-poly PS1 version. And she was hailed as the ultimate waifu of the late 1990s and early 2000s by gamers.

The 2020 remake did a lot to revitalize the character, including giving her more normal human proportions, but she still has a massive frame.

Tifa, like Aerith, is distinguished by her willingness to put herself in harm’s way to defend her companions.

We also get to witness a more playful and flirtatious side of her in the FFVII Remake, which earns her a lot of points.


Yuna is number three (Final Fantasy X)

Yuna Final Fantasy X screenshot

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a fanbase as united as Final Fantasy fans in their belief in Yuna’s superiority.

I was astounded by her excellent moral fiber and deep human ideals after first playing Final Fantasy X.

She was prepared to give up all for the greater good, which is rare in this day of isolation.

She’s also known for her simple and classic beauty. It goes well with her attire, which combines a tribal fantasy design with traditional Japanese shrine maiden garb.

It’s also heartwarming to witness her mature in FFX-2 as she learns to fight for herself rather than putting everyone else’s wants first.


Makoto Niijima is number two on the list (Persona 5 Royal)

Makoto Niijima (Persona 5 Royal) screenshot

When it comes to picking a waifu, people prefer to concentrate on physical characteristics and superficial preconceptions.

However, excellent taste comes with maturity, and my non-teenager self considers Makoto to be the finest P5 has to offer.

She’s the kind of person that has everything under control at all times. If you discover anything that isn’t, you can bet she’ll figure out how to fix it.

Your romantic character’s interactions with her in P5 revolve around assisting a fellow female student fleeing an abusive relationship. What a healthy meal!

Makoto is the perfect JRPG waifu for you if you enjoy dominating gals and could need someone to pull your ears when you’re being a slob.


2. B (NieR: Automata)

2B in NieR: Automata / game screenshot

Nothing can stand in the way of 2B’s complete control over all things waifu.

The only award 2B did not get was an invitation to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Soul Calibur, Monster Hunter, and a slew of other games include her.

What is the explanation behind this?

2B sells.

Fans of JRPGs have been entirely won over. 2B is the king of our hearts. Nothing in the world of waifus has ever been or will ever be as huge as 2B – and if I’m wrong, I’m terrified of what follows after.

If humanity perishes and only perfect androids like 2B remain, I believe our civilization will have left a lasting legacy in the universe: a planet of waifus.

The “best jrpgs reddit” is a subreddit that allows users to post their favorite JRPG waifus. The top 20 best JRPG waifus of all time are listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered the best JRPG of all time?

A: This is a difficult question to answer, as JRPGs are often considered the worst genre of video games. Some would also consider them dated and not worth playing today.

Is Genshin impact a JRPG?

A: Yes, it is a JRPG.

What is the oldest JRPG?

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