Dark Souls 2 is a challenging game that requires players to learn enemy patterns, combos, and tactics in order to defeat their opponents. The game has some of the most difficult bosses in all of gaming. This list ranks the top 20 hardest bosses in Dark Souls 2 by difficulty rating.

The dark souls 2 bosses ranked easiest to hardest is a list of the top 20 hardest bosses in the game. They are ranked based on how difficult they are, with the most difficult being at the top.

If there’s one thing the Dark Souls series is renowned for, it’s the incredible bossfights, which range from comically simple to brutally difficult.

The hardest interactions are often the most remembered and have the most effect.

You’re not going to brag about how you “killed hollow soldier #4,” but you’re going to brag about how you defeated Ornstein and Smough in 5 less attempts than they did!

So we’re taking a deeper look at the bosses that appear most often in tales of sorrow and triumph: the land’s largest, deadliest creatures!


20. Dragon of the Guardian

To begin, we have a dragon, which is a traditional monster that should be in any RPG game.

For what it’s worth, when I first started playing the game, this fire-breathing lizard caused me a lot of difficulty.

Because, if you’re fortunate, the Guardian Dragon will simply bite you again and over again, disregarding the possibility of its other attacks, making the battle a breeze.

If you’re unfortunate, the dragon will go to the air and pretend to be a bomber plane, continuously barraging you with fireballs and leaving little to no space for you to score a hit.

A high-fire-resistance shield, such as the Gyrm Greatshield, should significantly assist you in slaying this monster.

Aldia’s Keep is the best place to battle.


19. The wretched

The Rotten Dark Souls 2

This is one of the bosses where locating the boss is more difficult than locating the boss itself.

Let’s face it:

The Black Gulch is a terrible region packed with poison statues and outcrops, and it’s possible to die attempting to plunder the area completely.

The Rotten is a massive, slow-moving mass of hollows sewn together, making it a great target practice opponent.

For melee builds, the tried-and-true circle, hit, and run approach should suffice.

Just keep in mind that if you become greedy, your body will be added to the pile.

Black Gulch is the location of the battle.


Old Dragonslayer is 18 years old.

Old Dragonslayer Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Consider the following scenario:

You’ve slain the Dragonrider in honorable battle or via more nefarious methods (wink wink), you’ve made your way through the other half of Heide’s Tower, slaying the wyvern after a few attempts, and you’ve finally walked through the fog gate to face the boss.

Ornstein, you see.


Okay, OK.

Old Dragonslayer may not be on Ornstein’s level in Dark Souls 1, but he’s a formidable opponent at this stage in the game.

Especially if you happen to be one of the unfortunate people that has to face him as their first boss.

Where to fight: Heide’s Flame Tower


17. Vendrick the Great

King Vendrick in DS2

Drangleic’s ruler, now hollow and imprisoned in the Undead Crypt for all time.

King Vendrick has a number of reasons why he deserves to be on this list.

First and foremost, if you don’t want your battle to last two hours, you’ll need some Giant Souls, since the King’s defenses are reduced with every one of such souls in your hands.

Second, he slams into you like a truck!

You don’t want to get struck by any of his movements, which can be counted on one hand.

Vendrick is a meticulous, slow-paced battle in which a single mistake may cost you your life.

Undead Crypt is the place to battle.


Gargoyles in the Belfry

Belfry Gargoyles from Dark Souls 2

Fighting several adversaries at once is one element of boss battles that adds what I’d term “somewhat artificial difficulty.”

And I say “relative” since even a single summon can make most of these multi-bosses much easier.

Because of their telegraphed strikes, I believe the Belfry Gargoyles to be the simplest of all.

Strike weapons are best for this battle since they allow you to rapidly eliminate the gargoyles one by one before the next one appears.

Getting to the fog gate before being invaded was the true struggle in the early days of Dark Souls 2.

Belfry Luna is the location of the battle.


15. Knight of the Looking Glass

Looking Glass Knight Dark Souls 2

The toughness of this monster is mostly determined by the nightmare that emerges from their shield.

The battle should be mild if it’s an NPC.

If it’s a different player, you’d best pray to Gwyn that they’re not a seasoned PvPer.

Aside from that, I’d suggest calling actual people rather than NPCs (like Benhart) for this battle so that you may fight “fire with fire” in the event of an emergency.

Strike is the favored damage type in this fight, as it is with previous armored monsters.

The King’s Passage is the best place to battle.


The Pursuer (#14)

The Pursuer Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Now, for this one, I’ll have to be very specific about which one I’m talking about.

The first time you encounter the Pursuer – on the roof in the Forest of the Fallen Giants – is, in my view, the most difficult of the battles.

The second most difficult encounter is the double-trouble encounter in Drangleic Castle (only at bonfire intensity 2+), when the Pursuers compete to see who can pierce your chest the most times.

In any other circumstance, I’d consider the battles to be much simpler.

Forest of the Fallen Giants, Things Betwixt, Lost Bastille, Iron Keep, and Drangleic Castle are all places where you may battle.


13. Sentinels of the Ruins

Ruin Sentinels from Dark Souls 2

Every newcomer’s first encounter with group power is with the Ruin Sentinels.

You start the battle on a tiny ledge, facing a solitary opponent. Then, if you’re not fast enough (or tumble down), you’ll see why the term “Sentinel-s” has a “s” at the end.

While a single Sentinel offers minimal danger, when grouped together, they become whirling killing machines, making the battle much more difficult.

After witnessing their trusty longsword bounce off the Sentinels’ gleaming armor, noobs may learn about damage-types here.

Where to fight: The Bastille has been lost.


Velstadt, The Royal Aegis, No. 12

Velstadt, The Royal Aegis in DS2

Velstadt has arrived to show Vendrick who the true Crypt ruler is.

This battle pits you against a tank of a guy who proves why he’s known as the Royal Aegis.

Velstadt’s assaults may (and will) kill most unprepared adventurers as he swings his huge bell about.

Don’t be deceived by his huge, sluggish look; a greathammer to the face will catch you off surprise!

Undead Crypt is the place to battle.


Sir Alonne (#11)

Sir Alonne Dark Souls 2

I had to consider whether or not I wanted to add this boss to the list.

Because of its simplicity, Sir Alonne is regarded one of the finest and most fun battles in the game.

There will be no cheap tricks or flashing lights.

It’s just you and the Iron King’s commander fighting toe to toe.

Unfortunately, the dreadful build-up to the fog-gate ruins it.

Sir Alonne will perform seppuku, ending his own life out of humiliation, if you beat him without suffering any harm.

Where to fight: The Old Iron King’s Memory


Throne Watcher and Throne Defender are the tenth and tenth characters in the game.

Throne Watcher and Throne Defender from Dark Souls 2

As we approach the top 10, the battles get much more difficult and demanding.

The Throne Pair appears at the very end of the game, and is often regarded as the game’s true last boss (DLC not included), despite the fact that there are two more bosses following them.

The only thing that made this battle tough was the simultaneous attack.

If you’re on your own, try to keep an eye out for the Defender while slowly whittling down the Watcher.

Throne of Despair is the place to battle.


Smelter Demon (number 9)

Smelter Demon Dark Souls 2 screenshot

In Dark Souls 2, there are two Smelter Demon monsters, both of which use the identical mechanics.

And they’re both a real annoyance.

This fiery apocalypse teaches players that they aren’t always battling monsters, but rather time itself.

That is to say, the Smelter Demon possesses a radiating aura that will kill you slowly but definitely if you don’t destroy it first.

This is the first battle when summoned players become a hindrance, since inept friends will passively harm you by prolonging the boss’s life.

Battlegrounds: Iron Keep, Iron Passage


8. Dragon of Antiquity

Ancient Dragon from Dark Souls 2

I used the word before, but we’re removing the “relative” today since this challenge is completely contrived.

The Ancient Dragon irritates me for just one reason:

It has a ridiculous quantity of health.

It’s also a tedious monster to fight since all you have to do is hug its foot, attack, wait, and repeat.

A scenario extremely similar to King Vendrick’s, but at least this one is more interesting.

Aldia’s Keep is the best place to battle.


The Slumbering Dragon, Sinh

Sinh, The Slumbering Dragon in DS2

Sinh has awakened from his slumber and is eager to damage equipment and fry intruders.

Sinh, like every other winged lizard in the game, enjoys flying about, spitting fire, and generally causing mayhem.

To make things worse, Sinh’s strikes may create toxic buildup, and any weapon that comes into contact with his hide will lose more durability than usual.

Before the battle, make sure you have enough moss and other useful consumables.

Dragon’s Rest is the location of the battle.


Darklurker is number six.

Darklurker from Dark Souls 2

Darklurker is a hidden boss and the last obstacle you’ll encounter if you want to achieve the Pilgrims of Dark’s highest level.

The overwhelming majority of players in DS2 choose to play as melee characters.

These are the kind of builds that are vulnerable to this monster.

Darklurker is a no-summons, heavy-spellcasting angel of death that divides in half halfway through the battle, thus doubling the difficulty.

If you’re having trouble, one approach I’ve heard suggested is to use a Soul Vessel to respec into pyromancies or miracles, then switch back after you’ve deep-fried Darklurker.

Where to fight: The Old Dark Chasm


5. Squalid Queen Elana

Elana, Squalid Queen in DS2

Elana is the first boss you’ll encounter after you’ve entered the DLCs.

And she’s a real pleasure.

The major issue with this battle, and one you’ll soon notice, is that you won’t be alone with the Queen for very long.

After the battle, Elana may utilize her talent to summon servants to help her, including Velstadt, a familiar figure from earlier in your journey.

Any dark-resistant gear you can get your hands on will assist you against her evil powers.

Dragon’s Rest is the location of the battle.


4. Graverobber Afflicted, Varg the Ancient Soldier, and Cerah the Old Explorer

Afflicted Graverobber, Ancient Soldier Varg, and Cerah the Old Explorer Dark Souls 2

That’s quite a mouthful, isn’t it?

If any of the previous group leaders gave you problems, you’re going to adore these men, dubbed “The Ganksquad.”

The battle successfully captures the sensation of invading someone while being accompanied by two phantoms.

As in, be prepared to suffer.

This fight is a contender for the title of “worst fog gate runup,” as well as a dreadful bossfight.

You’ll be shot, stabbed, poisoned, and battered until you find out the proper kiting sequence for taking these men down one by one.

Concentrate on Cerah first since he’s the most vulnerable (he’s elderly, after all…)

Combat will take place in the Cave of the Dead.


3. The King of Burnt Ivory

Burnt Ivory King from Dark Souls 2

A fight against the King of Eleum Loyce is the last combat in the last DLC.

When faced alone, this is yet another very tough battle.

Before confronting the King, who is a huge challenge in and of himself, you’ll have to survive and endure several waves of foes.

Before charging in like a headless chicken, you may enlist the help of a few friendly knights, and the boss’ epithet “Burnt” suggests that armor with strong fire resistance would be useful.

The Old Chaos is the best place to battle.


2. The King’s Pets, Lud and Zallen

Lud and Zallen, the King’s Pets Dark Souls 2

So far, you’ve heard me complain about dreadful “runups” to the fog gate.

And now I have the distinct pleasure of presenting you with the game’s WORST section (and, as a result, boss-run)!

That’s right: the Frigid Outskirts are a large white area that could be removed from the game and no one would object.

The Ice stallions, you see, reside inside the Outskirts.

These are massive, unseen frozen reindeer that follow you and only move when there is a blizzard (and your vision is impaired).

The bosses are two colossal saber-toothed cats that attack with relentless ferocity.

If you want to come out on top in this battle, you’ll have to skillfully weave between their strikes and inflict damage in a very cautious way.

When one of them is killed, the other becomes enraged and gains a significant boost in stats.

They look a lot like Aava, the King’s pet, but who’d have guessed that battling two of them at once would be a nightmare?

Frigid Outskirts is a good place to battle.


Fume Knight is number one.

Fume Knight Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes We were all expecting it.

Raime, the Fume Knight, is a well-known villain.

And perhaps one of the most difficult battles in the whole Dark Souls series.

This monster, wielding a longsword in one hand and an extreme greatsword in the other, will test the will of any player who decides to fight him alone or with allies.

Most damage kinds are resistant, if not outright impervious, to him. And the bulk of his assaults have the potential to be fatal.

Raime puts aside his longsword midway through the battle and fights with his buffed-up UGS, which gains new lethal special strikes.

There are four Ashen Idols outside his arena that must be destroyed using Smelter Wedges, otherwise the Fume Knight will quickly heal while standing on the borders of his arena.

One of the greatest accomplishments a Souls player can attain is soloing this monster!

Brume Tower is the location of the battle.

Dark Souls 2 is an action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Namco Bandai Games. It was released in March 2014 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. The game was met with critical acclaim upon release, with praise directed towards its combat, graphics, level design, story and music. Reference: dark souls 2 hardest bosses reddit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hardest Dark Souls 2 boss?

The hardest Dark Souls 2 boss is the Crystal Sage.

Which Dark Souls boss is the hardest?

The Iron Golem is the hardest boss in Dark Souls.

What is the best boss in Dark Souls 2?

The best boss in Dark Souls 2 is the Giant Lord of Lothric.

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