What is the anime Isekai? .

In recent years there has been a boom in Isekai Anime, about 1-2 per season or even more, some wonder why isekai is so popular. Some people like this anime and others don’t, it’s very subjective for everyone, you might think something is a work of art, while others say it’s a garbage can. Anyway, what’s Isekai first? We can define it or refer to the genre of anime, manga, light novels, video games and so on. In which the main character is sent or captured in a parallel universe, as in a video game he played or called magical. In a sense, the protagonists are disconnected from their reality. And although it is not a rule, these characters are usually gamers, NEET, hikikikomori, except that it is typical that heroes have some kind of ability that helps them survive in the new universe, such as a high level of knowledge, magical skills or, in the case of the issekai Anime with video game scenarios, higher stats than other players.

Anyway, without further ado, here is a list, or rather the Top Isekai Animes, which are quite new and some of them are not so numerous, but very interesting and famous; the list is not ranked because, as we said, it is subjective and anyone can think that his favorite anime is the best Isekai anime. At the end of the list you will find a small present for this kind of fans.

1 The time I was reincarnated as mucus .

Tensei Shitara Suraimu Datta Ken: To of the last anime list, the story begins when Satoru Mikami, an office worker, was killed while he was dying, he thought of many things that someone else might misunderstand, the abilities he gets when he turns into mucus in an imaginary world, one of the abilities that turns out to be very useful is a predator that allows him to devour other creatures and obtain their abilities. After meeting the Noble Dragons, who are trapped in a magical trap, he promised to free him from this trap, and so begin the adventures of Storm Rimuru, on whose path he meets new monsters, humans, etc.д., and some of them become his allies. Basically it is a typical Izekai, whose main character is superior to that of the imaginary world, but the story is fascinating, it is a good Izekai to watch.

2 Linear sword art CAD

Sword Art Online, or SAO for short, is one of the best-selling entertainment novels of all time and one of the most popular animation novels of the past decade. The story of Kirito, Asuna and their friends trapped in a unicycle and with the possibility of dying in real life if you die in a video game, then there were many other arches and came the confrontations of people who love him and those who do not. Personally I like the first 25 episodes, then it is no longer interesting, perhaps it gets better with the arc of the alissification, except that SAO is one of the most representative anime of the genre.

3 RE: No Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu or BR: Zero start time in the rest of the world

Speaking of repetition, but this time in the right direction, focus on Natsuki Subaru, who is in another world, with the ability to return to life when he dies, but must return to a certain point preserved in time, of course, no man can bear that without any intelligence that breaks his happiness, there are many people around him who help him and give him meaning, like Rem and Rem and his love Emilia. It gets repetitive and at some point it drives you crazy, but if you’re patient enough, it’s an excellent anime.

4 Master

The protagonist of Momonga’s anime, later known as Ainz Ooal Gown, cannot leave Yggdrasil. Another anime of the protagonist, captured in a video game, but this one has a nice story that fascinates you from the beginning, some even say that it solves the problem of being in a video game even better than SAO.

5 Logarithmic horizon

The story of Shiro in the Senior Tale video game, and the impossibility for him and many other players to get out of the game, is impressive in this series. The intelligence of the main character and the fact that when you die in the video game, you do not die in real life, but with death and constant rebirth, you lose the memory of the real world.

6 No slack No life

Siblings Sora and Shiro are transported to a world where every battle or conflict is solved through play. The game can be quite complex and confusing, but these siblings are so smart, and they remain invincible, they just lose to each other.

7 Tor Jieitai Kano Chi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri

When Japan opens a portal to another world, the protagonist Yoji Itami-san, a member of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces, is sent to explore a new world that has opened up with many creatures and things that didn’t exist before, such as elves, dragons, magic, but not as advanced as Japan today.

8 Hero lift shield

(see here)

Although this anime begins as a typical isekai anime in which Naofumi Iwata-san, along with three other young people, is called upon to become a hero to save this new world, Naofumi-san is suddenly accused of a crime and throws the entire kingdom away, so Naofumi-san swears to stop the waves that bring the monsters that destroy the world back to his world. Along the way he joined forces with Raphtalia, the half-man she received from the slave trader, and Philo, owner of a chain of shops (a bird as a monster of the egg). Interesting Isecai in sight.

9 Isekai wa Smartphone to Mo Ni: In another world with my smartphone

Well, in this anime, even the name has the word Isekai, Tuya Mochizuki died by accident, and to make up for that mistake, God let him rise in the world by magic and so on, God asks him if he can do anything for him, and he just asks him if he can keep his phone with him in this other world, and so the name of the anime is very simple.

10 Arifuret: From the most common to the most powerful in the world

Well, perhaps this anime is the youngest on the list, the story of Hajim Nagumo, a boy who is transported with the rest of his class to a fantasy world, all his classmates are endowed with powerful magical powers, while this Hajime only gets the opportunity to transfer solid materials, which is very common among craftsmen and blacksmiths, so the group is considered a weak member that is not respected. During the mission, Hajime betrays and dives into the depths of the dungeon, survives and promises to come out alive, gains new skills along the way and meets new allies such as the vampire Yue, Rabbit-Eared Shi, and other characters added to the story.

11 Knights and Magic

Anime Isecai Mecha, where Tsubasa Kurata, Otaku fur dies and is transformed into a parallel world as Ernest Etchevalier. In this world there are huge robots called Knights of the Silhouette who fight against the demonic beasts. So the main character spends the story creating his perfect robot.

12 Hi-To Gensu none Grimgar or Grimgar: Axis and Illusions

In this world, no one remembers their names, no one knows how they got here. Haruhiro is the main character, for some reason, who feels like he’s from another world, but doesn’t remember what that other world looked like. The anima about Haruhiro and his group of friends and how they adapt to this new place without having to remember where they came from is a completely dramatic story.

13 KonoSuba: The Lord’s blessing in this wonderful world


Funny and comic anime about Kazuma Satou, who dies in a clumsy form, and the goddess Aqua, who is ordered to reincarnate him in a world resembling a video game. She offers him a wish, but after many provocations he wants Aqua to come along, after many strange situations have happened and they form a bond with Megumi and the Darkness, and the situation gets even crazier and funnier.

14. March Death of Rhapsody Parallel World

Suzuki is a programmer who has worked on a few games for a company he works for, but he took a nap and suddenly finds himself in the world of video games, he takes the name Satou Pendragon. After the battle with an army of lizards, his level rises very high and he becomes rich after deciding to explore and enjoy this world, either as a dream or as a parallel world.

15 Isekai Maou near Shokan Shojo, but Dorei Majutsu

How not to call the Demon Baron in English is a quest of Takuma Sakamoto, who usually plays a game called Cross Reverie with the character of the Demon Baron Diablo. Suddenly he was called by Aries and Cher who, when they wanted to put a chain of servants around him, thought that the magic with his ring was a magical reflection. For lack of social skills, he begins to behave like his character in the video game, but agrees to find a way to free Aries and Sher from the chain of the servant, so he has many comic situations ahead of him.

16 Problem children come from another world, right? :. Mondaiji-Tachi Ga Isekai Kara Kuru So Dezu Yo?

Anime with some resemblance to No Game No Life. Sakamaki Izayoyoi, Kudou Asuka and Kasukabe These are three children who live a boring life because they have a special power that they carry to the Little Garden when they receive an envelope. In the Small Garden people play games and generally bet on prestige and wealth. Sakamaki, Kudou and Kasukabe therefore join the community of the nameless and decide to help the community regain its luxury.

17 Juho Senki: The saga of Tanya Zla

Tanya Degurechov was a Salarin who did not believe in God before her death, in front of him stood a creature he called X and claimed that God was X, that X was angry and let the Salarin like Tanya Degurechov reincarnate a little girl with a piercing voice and told her that if she died she would not be reborn and would go to hell, Tanya would go into the army to become a high-ranking civil servant and find life without fear of death.

18 .Hacking/Signing .

After the restoration of the network due to a virus called the Kiss of Pluto, two years ago appeared the online game The World, the protagonist Tsukasa wakes up in the world without a chance to get out of the game, he does not remember his life in the real world, and some people consider him a hacker, he will be looking for a way out. Some say it’s an anime, a precursor to ODS.

19 Fushigi Yuuga

Miaka Yuuki and Yui Honggo are two girls who are transported to a magical world based on the book The World of the Four Gods. Yu returns to the real world, but she tries to go back to a parallel universe to help Miaka, but both eventually become priestesses of different gods and have to confront each other. This is the 1995 anime, and although it may not be the first isekai anime, it is definitely one of the first of its kind, and it is mandatory for fans of the isekai genre.

20 Adventure Dihimon

For many of us it is a part of our youth, the story of the DigiDestined Kids being transported to another world, a digital world where they suddenly get a Digimon satellite for all of us, so far at least for me the best Digimon of all and one of the most popular Isekai animations there.


Although the list is in the top 20, there are many other famous Isekai anime that deserve to be mentioned.

A. Zero none Tsukayma: Trusted zero

Louise Zero is so called because she is unable to use magic in a ceremony to summon her acquaintances. It conjures up the young Japanese boy Saito Hirag, whom she expected to meet, like a dragon or something else, because then the stories of both start.

B. Hyacures none Haou to Seryaku none Valkyria

Yuuto Suou is a normal guy who is in another world, he is lucky to have his smartphone with him. So, in a world where many factions fight to be the supreme leader, he manages to be the leader of the wolves thanks to the knowledge he gets from his mobile phone on his way to unite the whole earth, without intending to create a harem of beautiful girls who would follow him.

C. Drifters

It is an interesting anime in this genre, because the protagonist is not of today, Shimazu Toyohisa – a 16th century samurai who is transported to a world where there are many races of elves, humans and dwarves. He learns that he is not alone and that many warriors from different eras have been summoned, and that these warriors are summoned to drift off, but there is an analogy of goals that can be perceived as bad in a certain way.

The main characters, nine men and women, are locked up in Möbius, a virtual world where people become high school students and rehearse for days on end for three years. Although everyone in Möbius has forgotten the real world for various reasons, each of the protagonists realises the truth about Möbius and, with the desire to return home, sets up the Go Home Club and looks for ways to return. In their search for a way out, they have to compete against the musicians of Austinato, a group that supports μ. (Mu) a program/god who supports the work of Mobius.

E. Wizard of Isecai Chit

I can understand that some people like this genre, that most people want to start their lives over, start again and do something they haven’t done, and on the other hand, we have something that these kinds of stories are so repetitive: video games, magic, medieval, and so on. Some of these anime are well developed and able to create good stories and good characters, but some just fall into the category of repetition.

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