Top 30 Best Pokemon Electrical Type Of All Games

With over 1,000 Pokémon, it’s hard to choose your favourites. But the electricity boys are definitely there, considering the beautiful electric rat mascot we’ve all known since the good old days.

Now I’d like to see the most shocking electric Pokémon on this station. The ones the competition jury thinks are the coolest. Type with the least disadvantages compared to other types. You can say a lot about these creatures, but suffice it to say that this list is crazy.

So I’d say it’s time to rank our 30 most popular electric Pokémon, which you can find in every game.

30. Fisheries


Compared to other types of games, electric poaching is relatively low.

That’s why I have some space to talk about some iconic Pokémon that aren’t loved or not loved at all.

Among them is Peach, the little baby mouse.

He is the first Pikachu clone born in the 2nd division. It was introduced in the second generation to exploit the popularity of the yellow rodent. Over the years Peachu has gained some fame and has even been included in the ultimate Super Smash Bros. character.

Charming little creature, but at the same time quite weak. And it’s a little unreasonable to have him on a competitive team. Hang on, buddy!

29. Marpeco

Among the long list of Pikachu clones, there is also this newcomer from the Galician region in the 8th century.

When Morpeco runs out of food for a long time, its friendly behavior and cute appearance quickly change to a dark and lustful mode. Hence the electric/dark type.

Hangry mode is new for the 8th generation. So it is interesting to see how the idea has developed.

But Morpeco’s not really himself when he’s hungry. Go get the Snickers mouse!

28. Parchirisu


Even though Paciris looks like Pikachu, he does things so differently that I don’t call him a clone.

His best general statistic is speed, which allows him to get the first punch in every race.

It’s also purely electrical, which means it’s only weak for earthly movements.

This IV. The Pokémon gene from Sinnoh may not look much alike, but the electrical protein has been used with great effect in the past.

The winner of the 2014 Pokémon World Championship, Se-joon Park, actually had one of these cute creatures on his team, and it was one of the assets that earned him victory over Omarie Travis in the finals.

27. Oricorio pump style

Since the sixth. Today, in the second generation of mega-evolutions, shape-shifting Pokémon are more common than ever.

Oricorio is one of the few people who have different shapes without Gigantamax or something like that.

One sip of the colourful nectar of the Alosa Islands – and it’s another Pokémon!

The yellow pumpkin style is of the electric/flying type, which of course lies on the island of Melemele Aloha. He’s also known as a Pokémon dancer, and many describe his movements as… electric.

26. Emolga

Back to double Pikachu! It’s a list of the top 30 electric monsters, and Nintendo has been doing this for almost three decades, so what did you expect?

Introduced for the first time in Generation V, this flying electric Pokémon lives in trees and will kill anyone who dares to spoil their food.

Although it lacks a competitive game, the amazing speed and varied movements of this cute fighter make it a great option that you can take on your journey to clear the board and defeat Elite 4.

25. Jumper

The Galarsky region in the Pokémon world is known to be loosely located in the UK.

What could be more natural than basing Pokémon on the Royal Corgi?

Yumper, known as Puppy Pokémon, is basically a dog in every sense of the word.

He even hunts people and cars! All this hunting is used by an organ in his body to convert this kinetic energy into electricity, which is released like a spark every time the Yumper sprays.

If this was a list of the most beautiful Pokémon in my ranking, I’d easily place this guy in the top five.

24. Zebstrika

First time in fifth grade. Now in its third generation, this electric Pokémon has amazing speed and good attack statistics.

He’s known as Pokémon because of the thunder he makes when he gallops across the fields. It’s one of the coolest horse-shaped designs ever made by a Pokémon, and probably the only amazing creature in the series (so far) that’s zebra-coloured!

23. Alolan Golem


The idea of creating region-specific versions of existing magazines was quite brilliant on the part of Game Freak.

It allowed us to return to our old favorites.

The allied version of the golem is a rock/electric monster with a rail gun on his back, with which he fires electrically charged stones at his enemies.

The protection is the highest among the electrical types, making it one of the strongest punches in the game. And who wouldn’t appreciate an old classic?

22. Zeraora

Little is known about this mythical Pokémon except that it’s a favourite of the Furry Pokémon.

He was born in 7th grade. The second-generation Pokémon was introduced as Pokémon Lightning with incredible speed and excellent offensive capabilities.

His special ability, Bolt Absorb, also allows him to heal when he’s hit by attacks like Electric. It’s damn powerful and can be used for good purposes.

21. Vicavolt

A bug boy who’s good for something?

Oh, how times have changed in the Pokémon franchise.

This spicy Pokémon beetle lives in the Alon wilderness after growing out of a nest larva called Charjabug.

Except he’s got a very high sp sp. The attack – actually the highest among the Pokémon Bugs – also floats, making the flying cannon insensitive to movement on the ground.

Excellent choice to travel in the Alolan region and very useful in a competitive game!

20. Electricians

Manetric is one of three. It is the first of its kind and has everything needed to make it the main component of electrical control.

His speed and Sp. The attack is similar to Luxray’s, and her ability to intimidate will allow her to survive multiple attacks by the most powerful monsters. Even if it is in no way a harmful sponge.

However, it is preferable to use them in their mega-manipulator form, as this will increase their stats and make them even sharper.

19. Love at first sight

The first legendary Pokémon on the list, hooray!

The Gundur is an electric/fugitive force of nature dating back to the 5th century. generation of the Unowa region.

Known as the Pokémon of the Bolt Strike, it has an incredibly high Sp. that can use it with great effect in both theoretical and incarnated form.


The other statistics are also pretty well prepared, making it a great option for any team. The legends always go like this.

18. Galvantyula


Of the many spider-shaped Pokémon, the Galvantula is one of the most unique and colourful.

She appears for the first time in Generation V, and it’s no wonder Pokédex describes her as an Electric Spider Pokémon. Think of something.

The main features are the high speed and the ability to shoot at sticky tracks, which slows down the target and makes the speed difference even greater.

17. Electricity

I’ll be honest with you: If I just looked at the total power, Electivir would be much higher up the list.

It has the highest attack value among the electric types, it can compensate its insufficient speed by the drive capacity of the motor, which makes it possible to become faster when hitting electric blows, and it can learn all elementary stroke movements.

He’s an animal!

But his design is so… ugly.

Is that a gorilla? Stranger? Sasquatch? What did the designers think?

And yet, I say again, Beast. It’s worth training.

16. Heliolisk

At the other end of the spectrum is Heliolisk, a Pokémon generator.

Not only does it have a sleek and cool design reminiscent of a desert lizard, but it also promotes renewable energy sources. Green!

Following the evolution of the Heliopian sun rock, this electric/normal Pokémon will become a multi-purpose power plant with a very high Sp. Attack and speed.

He can even learn to surf, which makes having Heliolis on your team very practical.

Did I also say he’s immune to ghost movements? This thing has a lot of possibilities.

15. Coconut Tapu


He’s one of Alolan Melemele’s Guardians and a member of the Pokémon spirit of Four Tapu Land.

Tapu Koko, electric / fae type based on cock. And here it’s explosive.

It has the highest speed of any fairy, and its offensive abilities and extensive statistics make it a very popular Pokémon with opposing teams.

The fact that an electrical discharge occurs when entering the battlefield creates a great synergy with other types of electricity.

14. Winter


The most important legendary Pokémon for the white version of the 5th edition. Generation is known as Deep Black Pokémon. It’s kind of ironic, I know.

According to Pokedex, this dragon/electrician likes to help people who realize their ideas and fight for their beliefs.

So maybe you’re thinking about adding one of them to your team if you’re trying to change the world.

13. Alolan Richu

The development of the most recognizable face of franchising has led to a change in the face of the Alo le VII region.

With a lighter colour palette and rounded edges, Alolan Raichu looks like the family version of the spicy Pokémon Mouse.

Although incredibly charming, she is not the only thing that distinguishes this creature from its more scattered version around the world.

This tropical Pokémon is an electric/psychotic type with a very high speed and an even higher Sp. Attack like the original, which he can use with powerful movements such as Thunder and Medium for a great effect.

Probably one of the coolest new things in seventh grade. Generation of Algerian samples.

12. Raichu

The best and most cultivated version is the original Raichu version, which is part of the original 151.

While Raichu’s Pikachu in Yellow Pokémon and the anime adaptation refuse to evolve, this adult mouse has managed to win followers over the years.

The statistics are slightly more frequent than those of the Alolan version, with its attack and Sp. The attack values are equivalent. This makes physical movements like the Wild Charge or Thunderstorm much more viable here.

We may never see Pikachu Ash take the Thunderstone, but it’s clear that this feisty Pokémon has nothing to envy the Yellow Mouse. Except it’s world-famous and stuff.

11. Xurkitri


Are there ultra-bests in all Pokémon?

It’s a difficult question… …but since you can catch them with a baseball and use them in combat, I’m counting them.

This purely electrical creature has the highest Sp-base. The offensive nature of all electric Pokémon, as well as the high overall stats, is why he has been voted the best electric goalkeeper by many competing players.

The design seems to be based on a confused wiring harness or maybe even a tree.

In fact, the Pokédex mentions that he is known for his immobility and his foliage. To me it looks like a nerve cell, which by the way also carries electrical impulses. So I think that description suits him.

In any case, it is one of the most unique creatures added to Gen 7, and also one of the most powerful electricians.

10. Electricity


As the series grows and the number of Pokémon increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to create new creatures.

Every now and then something dark and disturbing is born.

This fifth generation Pokémon fish, electrically charged. Generation is one of those things.

Apart from the fact that the Eelektross is pure nightmare fuel, it has many tricks up its sleeve.

As an electrician he should only be weak to movements like those of the Earth, but because of his ability to levitate he is completely immune to this element.


That’s right: Eeelektross has no basicdisadvantages.

This tough guy will always take at least a few punches before he faints, and with moves like Giga Drain, he’ll probably last much longer.

Due to the many characteristics of many other elements, such as the flamethrower, it is also an offensive force to be reckoned with. Competitors are well aware of the facts.

9. Luxury


This is another very strong Pokémon – the 4th Pokémon. Generation of the electricity/dark surcharge.

Luxray originated from Shinx, a fairly cute and common find in the high grass of the Sinnoh region, which is already a useful asset in off-roading thanks to dark movements like the Crunch.

After the evolution, however, the new Luxray you get is superior to both Attack and Sp. Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack!

It can also be found with the ability to intimidate, which reduces the enemy attack and helps Luxray to survive.

8. Company


My favourite Pokémon on this list is an electrician/mind who has the ability to own electrical appliances and acquire some of their properties.

He was in a franchise with Sinnoh and eventually became one of the most versatile people on your team.

One of its most powerful forms is the Rotom-W, which was introduced after owning a washing machine. Stay with me.

He transforms a ghostly creature into an electric/water monster with a Leviathan, which makes him weak for movements like grass.

With Pokémon Sun and Moon, you can also tell that it has a Pokémon Sun and Moon, which makes it a Pokémon Rotom. Isn’t that weirdly cool?

7. Picachu


If you expect Pikachu to be first on the list, you’d think I was a bad writer. That would be too easy!

However, the emblematic electric rodent deserves praise for its performance.

This is the face of the franchise, which plays a big role in many games like Pokémon: Go on, Pikachu and Detective Pikachu as the main character, the latter even produced a live film with Ryan Reynolds as the yellow hairball.

But his fame is not recent.

It has also appeared in Super Smash Bros. since the N64 era, although the design has evolved over the years from a chubby little rascal to a cute, slim rodent.

However, the old design has clearly not been forgotten by the developers who integrated it into the Gigantamax form of Pokémon Sword & Shield.

6. PicachuCosplay


However, if one of the most notorious features of the Pikachu is its sharpness, then this type of costume should be emphasized.

Pikachu has many unique images, such as different versions of caps, which are also very cute.

But this one actually has differences in Battle.

This Picachu woman, who is represented on Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, has a black heart on her tail and the ability to wear different costumes allowing her to learn certain moves, such as the Drain Kiss with a pop star outfit or the Crash Ice Cube with a beautiful outfit.

A cute character also plays Smallpox, a Pokémon fighting game called Free Pikachu.

This look then became the costume of a Super Smash Brothers character. Of course she is.

5. Ampharos

Another favorite fan from the early days of the franchise is Ampharos.

She was the second. It was probably one of the best kinds of electricity you could get at the beginning of the game (right after the first gym in Violet City).

And since then it has become the basis for thematic teams such as Electric in individual and competitive competitions.

It is only increased by the addition of Mega Ampharos, which means that it is already a large Sp. Attack and Sp. Protection on a whole new level.

Moreover, the fact that this Mega Evolution is electric and looks like a dragon makes the movement like the Dragon Pulse particularly powerful.

He may be a little slower than his electric brothers, but none of the command structures deny the value of this impressive creature.


4. Magnetic zone

When it comes to old-fashioned Pokémon, you can’t ignore the Mnemite and its evolutionary lineage.

We need to talk about the last phase of these guys: Magneson.


It was considered to be the latest development of Magnemith of the 4th generation. This was only possible thanks to the development in a special magnetic field.

The result is a power plant/steel with too much resistance for a Pokémon with such high Sp Attack values.

And not only that, but the only line of evolution other than Nosepas that has acquired the capacity of magnetic attraction. So, if Typ Stahl is unlucky enough to fight a UFO, he won’t have a chance to escape before being ripped out of life by moves like Thunderbolt and Gun Flash.

3. Rikov


As you may have noticed, this election number 3 will take us back to base.

The first two games featured some of the most amazing Pokémon of the electric type, and the legendary Giocto was one of them.

Raikou is not only wise and dignified, but also has an exceptional attack and sp. Attack on valuables, and very good speed.

His HP and Sp. The protection also comes through the roof, making it a small, damaged sponge designed to wear out your opponents and not survive their tyres or just in combat.

2. Zapados


Another Pokémon that relies on its ability to put pressure on its enemies is Zapdos.

In addition to its type advantage over all other legendary birds of its generation (including Lugia), this electric/fugitive creature has excellent statistics in almost all areas.

These incredible statistics and a few weaknesses make this thunderbird a competitive main product of the first generation. And remains a favourite legend to this day!

1. Jolteon


Now I have to hand over the first place to Jolteon, taking into account all aspects, including power, appearance and popularity: The electrical development of the fox Evie.

If you don’t believe me, look around!

Read more in each forum or sub-forum. Look for a user evaluation. There’s always cat skin on top… …thing.

And it’s easy to see why.

Not only do these Pokémon OGs look cool and cute, but their speed and Sp. An attack that usually guarantees a powerful first attack in every fight.


Not only that, but also the fact that he is able to learn powerful special moves from other types, such as Shadow Ball. So its destructive power isn’t limited to Pokémon that can’t withstand the electric motion.

But if you accidentally hit Jolteon with an electrical movement, you can make your opponent smile with Jolteon’s Bolt Absorber power, which heals his SP when he suffers electrical damage.

Since the beginning of the franchise, Jolteon has dominated the Electric boys. And even though there are a few genes he might not be doing well with, I have to say that Jolteon generally deserves this better place and probably won’t fall soon.

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