Trash Tier Review: Atlantico: Armor Breaker

Atlantico is an action-packed RPG with a battle system that requires skill and strategy. The game has three different classes to choose from; light, medium, or heavy armor which you can upgrade as you progress through the story. While there are plenty of skills available in Atlantico: Armor Breaker’s arsenal, it manages to do them justice by making these abilities unique depending on your class choice. With lots of content for players and hours upon hours of gameplay yet to be experienced by fans, Atlantico: Armor Breaker is worth considering for anyone looking for a solid new release this summer.,

The “best tier 9 battleship world of warships” is a World War II era battleship that has been given an update. The update includes new modules, a new gun and the ability to fire torpedoes.

Trash Tier Review: Atlantico: Armor Breaker

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Hello, lads. Today we’re cruising in something that isn’t contentious and, for once, isn’t British. Here is my Atlantico Review, as promised.

I whaled it since I can’t manage money and wanted to leave a review for you. Well, I can’t seem to stay away from secondary BBs, so I decided I’d write this review so you can determine whether the ship is worth it.

Wow is a pastime for me, and I can honestly say that there have been worse purchases in this game than paying literally 80 bucks for a T8 pixel ship. Dalian, I’m looking at you. That, plus I receive something like 5K steel as a bonus. At the very least, that’s cool.

I can say that playing the Atlantico is a lot of pleasure for me. It is unquestionably unique and cannot be compared to any other ship. I’ve also completed 40 battles and am now ranked second out of three players.

I’d want to give a shout out to the number one guy. You defeated me in a video game.

In terms of damage, the Atlantico now exceeds all but two of my T8 BBs. I was also stuck with super thru MM and it worked well. In 33 of the 40 games, I was in the lowest tier, and 31 of them had at least one CV. So, although the T8MM is unquestionably badass, the T8 Atlantico isn’t.

Anyway, let’s get into the meat of the review.



Trust me, I didn’t steal that idea from LWM in the least.

The Atlantico has a good Armor Profile, as you can see from my “growing” Photoshop abilities. It has an underwater citadel that is guarded by a turtleback. This is the epitome of Idiot-proofing.

In terms of wows, the Pan American Submarine was the first (ca 2022, colorized)

Overall, the survivability of the Atlanticos is above normal. It doesn’t have any Casemates to collect shells, and it has a tiny superstructure. It’s a real Superdreadnought, allowing you to LARP the Battle of Jutland against whack ships with AlL oR nOtHiNG ArMoR sChEmEs in almost any battle.

It has an HP rating of 60100, which isn’t outstanding but also not bad. It is adequate in my opinion. It’s hardly Bismarck-level quality, but it’s also not Odin-level mediocrity. It also has a decent Torpedo Belt of 31%, which places it above of the Germans.


Have another look at the all-powerful screenshot. I’m not going to speak about it much more.

In the AA Stuff, the Atlantico is rather nice. As you can see by my use of the term things, I am qualified to say this. However, being a concealing ship, the Atlantico is more vulnerable to CV fights than other ships. It also doubles down on the discomfort as a Brawler. T6 CVs will irritate you, T8 CVs will dumpster you, and T10 CVs will trash you even more.

Its defensive capabilities are summed up in this way.

Defense gets an 8.5/10. It’s an excellent mix of everything. I’d give Vlad a ten out of ten, and Massa/Tirpitz a nine out of ten.


The Atlantico outperforms the majority of its competitors on offensive. It has 52 381 mm guns in its main battery.


The Atlantico’s Main Battery is VERY similar to Bismarck’s. Both ships have a total of 214K AP DPM. Atlantico has more shells in the air, but each shell takes over 1k Alpha damage. Its turret rotation and gun angles, on the other hand, are much superior.

It even outperforms the Kii in terms of firing angles, which is already impressive.

While the Atlantico’s Main Battery isn’t as good as Kiis’ and lacks overmatch and Alpha damage, it can outgun it when it comes to gun control. That’s precisely what a brawler should be.

It’s nothing spectacular in terms of penetration and shell flight duration, but it’s also nothing horrible.

However, we all know that nobody is come to see Atlantico’s main weapons. While everything else is fine, we’re all here for the 234mm secondary weapons.

They are arranged in a 42 configuration on each side of the ship.

These are without a doubt the most insane secondary weapons ever installed on a ship. They employ the same Schlieffen/Massachusetts accuracy formula. The Drake and Goliath share their caliber and HE shell. They have an insane pen (59mms sans IFHE) with a 22 percent danger of catching fire. They aren’t quick to fire, but the Alpha damage and Pen more than compensate.

These secondaries slam into you like a ton of bricks. 4k hits are frequent, and I’ve received as much as 7K hits against unsaturated ship bows. That is insane.

Those secondary systems are what distinguishes the ship. While most secondaries are only good for igniting fires or dealing 32mm of armor with IFHE, the Atlantico can do pure Alpha damage to 99 percent of ships’ Plating/Deck.

So many crucial Thresholds are broken by 59mm of pen. Including Bismarck, Petro, and Lepanto decks, among others. It can only write select CVs and Kremlin/soyuz/Brandenburg/Pommern/Fdg decks.

This is made more greater by the fact that these secondary characters have terrible arcs. They nerfed this to make these weapons less effective against DDs. However, this has the advantage of allowing these shells to fall on ship decks from long to medium secondary ranges.

The Atlantico is an exception to the rule that most secondary ships aren’t designed to fight one other.

Its 234mm cannons annihilate armored ships, but its armor brushes off the majority of secondary rounds.

As a result, it excels in crushing the aspirations of armored ships. The supply of overconfident Bismarcks eager to push you is as limitless as the Atlanticos Shells raining down on them. Thanks to their secondaries, I’ve been able to outbrawl GKs and Preussens.

Cruisers are likewise utterly obliterated by the secondaries. You may “hold it hostage” by pausing your main battery salvo if one is caught bow on in your secondary range. Then they have the option of simply turning away or being eaten alive by the secondary players.

However, as previously noted, they are only eh versus DDs. They are great when they hit. However, if the DD is moving, they don’t strike very frequently. This, along with the fact that it fires fewer rounds per minute, makes it somewhat less effective against DDs than other backup ships.

5 rapid-firing 127mm guns help the 234mm guns on either side. These feature german BB accuracy and a 5.1 second reload time.

I’ve seen that these secondaries may either expire very quickly, after just a few shells, or can endure the whole match under fire. I’m not sure whether it’s bugged, and I’m also unable to examine their armor layout.

PS: If you know of a third-party website, please let me know and I’ll include it in this article.

Anyway, like the Plague, you just avoid Minotaur and Thunderer Spam.

In terms of offense, I give it a ten out of ten. The secondaries more than make up for the Atlantico’s shortcomings in the primary battery category. On either side, you effectively have a full cruiser. The Kii, with its mix of powerful main weapons, strong secondary guns, and torpedoes, is the only other 10/10 I’d offer at T8.


Essentially, Atlantico’s major flaw.

The Atlanicos’ Handling isn’t great, but it’s not unplayable. It’s a snail’s pace, yet it’s quicker than the US battleships. You are, however, just 2 knots slower than a Massachusetts. As a result, it’s not the end of the world. The turning circle isn’t ideal, but it’s also not terrible. People, on the other hand, can outrun it more easily than a Bismarck or a German Battlecruiser. Dealing with it might be really aggravating at times. But, with all of its advantages, it must also have some disadvantages.

You may assume the Atlantico will be swamped like the US Fattleships, but because to its secondary weapons, the Atlantico can really hold its own in similar situations.

Maneuverability gets a 3 out of 10 rating. At the very least, it isn’t Kansas.


Second best in T8, just defeated by monarch by a hair.

Concealment is on par with Atlantico’s secondary range. This lets it to pull the German Battlecruiser trick of virtually opening up the secondaries when you open up. The Atlantico, on the other hand, needs to give up practically nothing to acquire this. The concealment is fantastic. There isn’t much more to say at this point.

The verdict is a ten out of ten for concealing. If it could outstealth its secondaries, it’d be broken.


The BB must-haves

The Atlanticos’ gimmick isn’t based on its consumable, and it doesn’t have to be. It features the usual 28-second heal with an 80-second cooldown, as well as the AMERICAN Damage con (the excellent one), which has a 20-second uptime and an 80-second cooldown.


Basic brawling techniques

We have approximately as much diversity on the Upgrades Board as there is on the Boards of major oil corporations. We employ the same modules as before, but we concentrate on secondary weapons. Because Concealment has no competition on BBs, you might trade dmg con 2 for Acceleration or Rudder. To remain alive a little longer, I chose dmg con.

Captain’s abilities:

We must stick to a simple ass captain without large flags or fireworks.

If only I could get Lütjens or Cunningham aboard…

In any case, we’re going to go with the Bog Standard secondary construction. We don’t need IFHE, so I went fast to make up for the slowness. However, given the irritating presence of CV spotting, I’d rather pick Torpedo defense instead.

Concealment might be swapped out for the additional heal. This will reduce your concealment to 12.8km and remove your stealth secondary ability. Not worth it, in my opinion. But I haven’t tried it yet.

What is the best way to play?

The Atlantico can push adversaries as an armored Bruiser with superb concealment, but it excels at taking pushes. It’s much simpler to kite than it is to push yourself. You must master both to master the Atlantico, and you must select when to do what.

You may still be destroyed if you overextend, and if you refuse to be aggressive, the conflict may be over before you enter combat again. The ship isn’t very adaptable. You generally stay on the flank on which you spawned.

In 1v1s, the Atlantico shines. You can take on far larger adversaries than yourself because to its unique ability to do large amounts of direct HE damage to armored targets. But he can also fight many foes at once. You may also concentrate your lethal secondaries on an opponent that is pushing you and then focus your primary weapons on another, unsuspecting foe. You may bend to targets on either side using your Turret traverse.

It’s hardly the friendliest ship for newcomers. It works best with a captain with 21 points, and you’ll most likely need to train one from scratch. To master it, you must also comprehend stealth ships and brawlers.

Also, in CV matchups, the Ship isn’t nearly as entertaining. It survives in part because of the element of surprise, which CV detection effectively eliminates.

With carriers nearby, offensive positioning can catch you off guard, resulting in you dying, which leads to you moaning about CV spotting, which leads to you making a reddit post about how broken CV spotting is still, which leads to CV apologists telling you how to position better while reversing into the border themselves.

I know I’ve already said this, but it’s the truth.


I give the Atlantico a 10/10 + rating for entertainment value. It is, without a doubt, one of my favorite Premiums at the moment.

It’s so distinct that you miss it when you play other auxiliary ships.

It isn’t overpowering in my opinion. It is, nevertheless, quite nice. After the ZF6, I’d say it’s the second best Dockyard ship to date. It’s entertaining in randoms, and I could see it being a good selection in ranked or CBs.

I’m not attempting to act as Wargaming’s advertising agency. But if you can grind all stages, at the very least obtain the 4K dubs beginning bundle. It’s even better than the $8000 one.

Other information:

I really hope you liked my article, but more importantly, that it assisted you in deciding whether or not to purchase the ship.

Having said that, creating these pieces takes a significant amount of time and effort. I’m studying Photoshop and trying to improve my English writing, so it’s enjoyable for me, but it’s still effort.

So, what are your thoughts on me starting a Patreon? Do you believe that would be cringe-worthy, or do these evaluations excuse it?

Please let me know what you think in the comments section. In general, feedback is much valued.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Trash out

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The “world of warships tier x battleship” is a game that has been released by Atlantico. This game is a free-to-play naval strategy game with PvP elements. It is currently in the “Trash Tier” review and it has received mixed reviews so far.

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