Twelve Minutes Walkthrough Guide – What Choices to Pick, Ending

Ever played through a game in record time without noticing any flaws? Or watched a movie and been fully immersed in the plot without noticing the flaws that the director may have made? I have and I found a way to do it again. This is a guide that will tell you when you are in the right place to make your choices and pick your ending. It is based on the “Twelve Minutes” Theory, the idea that you can finish a game or watch a movie in a short amount of time. It is a guide for those that are in a rush or just want to get what is coming to them. The guide will be added to GameLeaks, my other blogs, and will be made into a video as well.

This video tutorial walks you through the gameplay of a popular mobile game called “Twelve Minutes” — which is described as “A platformer game developed by Supercell, a Finnish company owned by Tencent, that has been downloaded more than 50 million times from the App Store.”

The biggest question that people have, when they start playing a new game, is: “What should I do?” There’s a huge amount of content for new games to introduce you to the basics, but it’ll be up to you to decide where you want to go from there.. Read more about twelve minutes ending explained and let us know what you think.

This Walkthrough Guide in 12 Minutes will walk you through how to finish the game by solving the puzzles, what decisions you’ll need to make for the narrative to continue, and how to get to the happy ending.

Twelve Minutes is a new game in which you are trapped in a time loop, searching for solutions to the events that will unfold in the next twelve minutes and uncovering the dark secrets of the past.

This guide includes spoilers since we highlight important objects and decisions that will lead to different routes in the narrative. There are a few crucial facts about the past that will give away the plot, but if you don’t care, continue on to find out what to do in each loop.

Twelve Minutes Walkthrough Guide

Before you rush through the processes and attempt to complete every game goal in order to finish the narrative, keep in mind that the game intended for you to fail in every loop, return with more information, and search for methods to prevent the events from unfolding.

When you initially start the game, you’re in the hallway of the apartment complex where you live. A few paintings on both sides should not be important at first, but they will be later in the narrative. To obtain the key, go to your house’s front door and search for the fake rock next to it.

Keep in mind that everything that happens after that will happen at a certain time. Every loop lasts 12 minutes until you have to start again.

The Initial Loop

In the first loop, you enter the home and are welcomed by your wife, who soon follows you into the living room. To begin, turn on the lights to the right of the entryway, then go to the sink to get the cup and another from the sofa.

After welcoming you, your wife will discuss the dessert, allowing you to arrange the table for the two of you. To begin, remove the dessert plates from the refrigerator and place them on the table. Fill the water cups with water and set them on the table as well. You are now free to approach your wife and begin eating your dessert.

Your wife will next offer you a gift of baby clothing at this time. Talking or dancing with your wife may help you save time. All of this will build up to the first big event: the policeman knocking on your door, searching for your wife and accusing her of murdering her father. Allow the policeman to take both of you into custody and do not protest or act in any way. Allow this scenario to play out until the policeman inquires about the watch.

Loop No. 2

Your goal in the second loop is to persuade your wife that everything is trapped in a loop. This may be accomplished by speaking with her right away and starting the conversation process with her.

Because she is unlikely to believe you, you will have to persuade her in one of two methods. First, open the window and inform her that thunder is approaching. The second is the present that is kept in the bedside drawer. Bring it to her, and then strike up a short discussion with her about the watch and her father’s death.

You may now return to your bedroom, switch on the lights, and get somewhat electrocuted as a result of our discussion. The policeman will arrive on schedule at this moment, repeating the events of the previous loop.

Loop No. 3

With more information from the previous two loops, you’ll have a better chance of getting additional information from both your wife and the police. However, you must first modify and move the crucial object.

As you enter your residence, you must be fast on your feet. Close the door behind you and go inside the left-hand closet, sliding the door shut. If you are not present in the flat, you are meant to hide inside and peek out through the blinds to observe what happens.

The policeman enters the home, ties up your wife, and inquires about the watch in this loop. The objective here is to figure out where your wife is concealing the watch, since if you simply ask her, she will not be honest. It’s now shown to be concealed in the vents under the bathroom cabinet.

Loop No. 4

This loop is all about getting your wife to tell you the truth once you find out where the watch is. But not before persuading you one again. The first step in this loop is to get the knife from the kitchen and use it to unlock the bathroom vents in order to retrieve the watch. Pick up the fake candles from the dinner table and put them inside the vent to light it if you’re having difficulty finding it in the dark.

Start persuading your wife about the loop with the watch in hand, and then inform her about the watch she was concealing. This will compel her to tell you everything about her father’s death, including how he died and the picture on the refrigerator.

The policeman will handle the remainder of the events, and you may close the loop using the information you’ve gathered thus far.

You may always let the loop play itself and continue with the following loop, starting where you left off, if you miss any questions by the time the policeman arrives at the door. However, make sure you use the same methods to persuade her and locate the watch.

Loop No. 5

You now have a lot of data to deal with, but it’s all from your wife’s perspective. You need to hear from the policeman this time, but you won’t be able to do so until you have a way to subdue him.

In this loop, you have a variety of things to do, like drugging your wife and hiding in the closet. To do so, start by removing the photo from the refrigerator, then picking up the cups, placing the dessert on the table, and lastly turning off the lights in the bedroom if they are on.

Your wife will be exhausted from the desert and will go to bed. You should instantly rise and hide in the closet until the police arrives. When the policeman enters the home and then the room, he is electrocuted while attempting to turn on the lights. Take use of this chance to rush to the policeman and steal everything of his belongings, including the handcuffs, before tying him up.

As soon as he awakens, question him about everything. Why is he seeking the watch? What accusations does he have against his wife? Why should she do this? What is his connection with the wife’s father?

By giving the police the picture you took from the fridge, you may persuade him that your wife did not kill her father. Finally, ask him who else might have committed the crime and about the nanny.

Only checking the man’s phone and reading his texts remains. The dialogue of her daughter Bumblebee may be found. Make a mental note of Bumblebee’s phone number so you may contact her in the following loop using your wife’s phone.

Loop No. 6

We need to concentrate our efforts in this loop on persuading the fictitious policeman to listen to you or your wife. At the absolute least, delay him long enough for a discussion to emerge. You may start by explaining the loop to your wife and then telling her you want to know what occurred the day she went away.

Pick grab your wife’s phone from the closet. Now dial the number you noted previously from the man’s phone to summon Bumblebee. Explain to your daughter that her father is attempting to arrest your wife and that she is innocent.

Tell your wife about the policeman after the discussion and ask her to wait for him to arrive to the home. After that, you’ll hear the guy converse with his daughter before attempting to rush in, but instead of knocking loudly, he’ll ring the bell. Wait for the doorbell to ring before opening it. Your wife will approach the guy and initiate conversation, while you should show the man the picture from the refrigerator. This will provide you with additional information about your wife’s brother, as well as the identity of the true killer.

Loop number seven

Convince your wife about the loop by telling about her running away, contacting Bumblebee to delay her father, and then explaining to her about her history and why her brother murdered their father.

Now tell your wife about the policeman, the watch, and why he wants it, and then sit and wait for him to arrive.

You’ll learn about the Nanny after the discussion with the police, but the guy won’t remember her name.

You may now repeat the cycle using the same procedures as before, but this time include picking up the present from the bedroom drawer. Hand the baby frock from the present to the guy when the incident leads to him forgetting his name.

This will be the story’s turning moment, exposing everything about you, Dahlia the Nanny, the father’s affair with the nanny, and who murdered the father in the end.

Spoilers: You are Monster, the serial murderer, and your mother was Dahlia, the nanny with whom your father was having an affair. You are also your father’s kid. The most upsetting of all is the fact that your wife is really your sister. Yep.


Now that you’ve learned all there is to know about your history, all that’s left is to put it all together, which you can accomplish by going into the restroom, taking out your watch, and winding back the clock. This will start a cutscene showing you and your father, as well as how you killed him.

This brings us to the end of our Twelve Minutes Walkthrough Guide. Please leave your thoughts in the box below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many endings does twelve minutes have?

There are twelve minutes in a day.

Is there an ending to twelve minutes?

The ending of twelve minutes is the last time you can hear your heartbeat.

What is the twist in 12 Minutes?

The twist in 12 Minutes is that the protagonist, a young woman named Elle, has been kidnapped and held captive for twelve minutes.

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