Twenty Best Hammers You Can Get in MHW

The hammer has been the most important weapon in monster hunting since the first generation of game. It’s a classic! Players feel strengthened when they own a hammer.

The ability to pay off monsters that hit hard with the same coin makes many players try to hit the right hammer. There’s something about hitting enormous skulls with a hammer that weighs three times our body weight that we just don’t know!

I remember the first time I broke one of Mergigante’s big horns. One word: satisfactory!

They are also among the most powerful and delicate hunting weapons. Because they are able to hit the skull with a hard blow to succeed in eliminating any monster, it is as if they have a constant weapon to fight the disease.

In the MHW area the hammers have been considerably improved. The monsters react as if you hit them on the head with a steel hammer when you walk to Tiger Woods.

For those who are just starting out or who are tired of throwing dice and dice and looking for more influence in their adventures, I have compiled a list of the most powerful, versatile and impressive hammers currently available in Monster Hunter : The world.

20. Water separation III


The Water Transmitter III causes rough damage to each sample. It has also defused the damage caused by the water element.

Don’t worry about the skill of the Free Element, but concentrate on things like crafting, which gives this weapon its white edge.

A niche market for mid-size jewellery places this weapon at the top of our ranking. Although with regard to other points on this list, I would like to say that there are only certain situations in which you would use this water hammer.

Maybe if you’re a fish?

19. Malady III Fist

Unlike Water Bashir III, Malady’s Fist III has a global individuality.

The head of the hammer seems to come from the jaws of the monsters of the Grand Girro, parts of which were used to make this weapon. This property can be well combined with the high degree of damage caused by paralysis.

Although the basic damage is not very great, it is compensated by the fact that you and your teammates can reach the crippled monster without fear of retaliation.

To help you in this effort, you must acquire a critical status and craft skills to obtain the white herb. A 20% increase near Fist III Malady will do the rest.

18. Ovum

The cocyte is the hammer that causes the most damage to the ice elements in the list, and is also rightly called the surface cold like the rivers of the underworld.

The ice element makes it an amazing range of weapons against Diablos, Lunastra and others.

He has a large ornamental gap that is a god and believes that the construction of the device is already necessary to extend the sharpness of the poor blue kotilla beam.

As a result, that gun looks like something you found in Mr. Freeze.

17. Binders for cadences

The Binder club remains in the same crude damage category as the Cocytus, but instead of basic damage, it brings Paralysis in Table , as well as a significant bonus for the defense.

Fortunately, it has a great deal of space to create both critical states and craftsmanship to maximise the potential for paralysis.

Legend has it that this hammer uses a Thunderbug socket. You must love renewable energy.

16. Xeno Maf’agarna

I was as surprised as everyone else when I realized that the Xeno’jiiva weapon wouldn’t make the top 15, but that’s exactly the time we live in.

Although the Xeno Maph’agarna has a good starting point for basic dragon damage and two large slots for decoration, as well as a long, sharp white beam, the starting point for gross damage from this hammer is too low to compete with higher level hammers.

It’s a real shame, because this weapon is as majestic as any other Xenozhiva weapon.

15. Flash ribbon III

As if the wound is even more insulting, Lightning Bash III is right above Maf’agarna. It is one of the most characterless, impeccable, unobtrusive or aesthetic weapons.

So many beautiful Toby Kadachas have died for… this. Can we say it’s minimalist?

Yet the Lightning Hammer Bash III remains a powerful hammer in terms of basic damage and contains elementary thunder damage that compensates for its boring aesthetics.

It can also achieve white sharpness, which is always welcome.

14. Consequences of Job III

Within the same damage limits, Job Strike III is a soporific hammer.

Since hammers neutralize monsters, this weapon can be called a lorazepam shot.

If you look at this hammer, you’d think the damage would be most remarkable. It seems to be made entirely of metal, just like the Rado track it’s made of.

Unfortunately, this hammer will never reach the edge of white, but it has a protective addition. It will at least protect you from a few more blows against your brutal opponent when you land.

13. Anya Stryker

Anya Stryker is a great weapon for maximizing crude damage. This weapon would be even more powerful if the damage caused by the firing elements were more useful, as is the case with kicks.

However, this is still a good option against Legiana or Kirin, and your steppe can allow you to win these monsters to get better weapons.

Apart from the fact that fire is a defect among the elements, there are other factors that make this weapon so small, including its low abrasive potential, even if it is handmade, which gives only a decent blue bar.

This weapon is a 20% negative affinity, which compensates in your line-up.

12. Colossus of Daora

The best combination of features can be found in the Daor Kolossa, a beautifully designed hammer with snake pattern. The rough damage from this hammer is not as bad as Anya’s sniper, but the ice damage is more useful because Diablos, Odgaron and Lunaster are weak against its strength.

Instead of a negative affinity, this hammer has an affinity premium of 10%.

The central slit for decoration allows the body to be concentrated, e.g. by hand, which is necessary to achieve the sharpness of the white.

In general, the Colossus of Daora is a perfect example of the fact that an anti-shock weapon is not always the most effective.

11. Hammer III

What I like about Barroth Break III is the way it shows the parts of the monster where it comes from, which most weapons don’t do.

Especially Barrot’s claws form the body of the weapon in a unique way.

Technically, you can do rough damage with this weapon and build one without elements to further improve it. Although it has a negative affinity of 10%, it also has two jewellery slots to compensate for this.

He even offers a small bonus for the defense! This hammer is a good option if you have extra Barroth parts lying around.

10. Brass Fracture II

The Brazenbreak II is a rough looking hammer covered with Uragaan ore.

He competes with Anjanath Strike for the best place in the gunboat wreck. Given all these characteristics, this weapon comes from above.

Although the fire damage is low, it causes a lot of gross damage and has no negative affinity.

A little note: That hammer will never reach the white edge.

However, a long blue band of sharpness can be obtained by hand. This feature allows you to avoid sharpening the hammer, which is likely to stop your dive.

Anyway, why does a stupid gun need a point?!

9. Qyarr hammer number

No weapons evaluation will ever be complete without a few relics of Kulve Taroth. That’s an achievement. They’re not half the list.

In the case of Kjarr Hammer Numb, it is easy to understand why he drew up the list.

Although his wounds are not star-shaped, he suffers from a very severe paralysis, which is unblocked by default. It also has the critical ability to take a step forward.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, this weapon has a 20% affinity bonus and can achieve white sharpness with Crafting, so basically you still get critical hits.

In general, this hammer is my choice for the best hammer in the game.

8. Obligation base

The easiest and most painful hammer on this list, in the whole game. And in the history of monster hunting in general.

The Footfall engagement is an Aldrich hammer made of Nergigante parts.

It offers high initial damage with some dragon damage and the high Elderseal level, making it an excellent option against most older dragons. It can’t achieve white sharpness, probably because sharpening this thing will cost you a few fingers.

However, its blue acuity is very strong. For an extra configuration it has a small space for decoration. Try it, if you don’t mind never falling asleep again.

7. Ruins of Empress Mace

Lower on an unpleasant scale, but higher on the head is the downfall of Empress Mace. This hammer combines a beautiful aquamarine color of Lunaster with a scary side of Nergigante.

It provides both human damage to raw materials and elemental explosion damage, which affects the victim with a stronger effect and more damage. However, it is not this function that places this hammer chair in the top 10.

What makes this weapon so amazing is its standard white edge, as well as its fast rescue capability. This creates stable structures with something resembling the armour of Waal Khazak. It has two central slots for decoration!

In general, it is a very attractive universal hammer that has found its way into many designs.


6. Buona-Flora

Some people might not have expected a hammer made from the Pukei-Pukei monster to be on this list, but the lotus flower of destruction is a weapon worthy of the name.

The flora of Buona has a lot of gross damage, but just like the petals of the monster, this flower will poison everything that has the bad luck to come into contact with it.

Its generous toxicity will slowly add to your damage over time without your intervention.

He also has a pair of medium sized jewels that will help you gain critical status or act by extending it with a blue acuity that will keep you from looking at it during the fight.


It may not be comparable in its power, but it deserves praise for its ease of execution.

5. Magda-Flog rag fire

Ragefire Magda Floga is a gigantic smoke pipe that exploits the destructive potential of the huge Zorah Magdaros.

These weapons not only have the first star damage, but also the highest damage on the list and add defense if necessary.

However, this hammer lacks versatility. It has a negative affinity of 20%, which must be taken into account when creating your building. It’s also an incredibly stupid weapon that can’t reach the blue focus.

With the Diablos armor game this is possible thanks to the skill of the clubbing, which makes the weapon stronger as soon as it loses its edge. If you don’t mind limiting yourself to a certain building, you should definitely try this destructive hammer.


4. Pandemic root

Finally a weapon whose sharpening makes sense!

The root of pandemonium is an axe, not a hammer. However, the developers think this is a hammer, so this list will be.

This Walloon Khazak rifle is probably one of the most attractive options, because the Walloon Khazak rifle tends to be the most attractive. Faithful to its origins, it inflicts elementary damage that is both crude and draconian.

White sharpness can also be achieved by manual dexterity. In general, this weapon is a great option for any hunter.

3. Crushing the devil


These devil’s weapons look absolutely threatening, while other weapons, such as the Pas de l’engagement, which somehow maintain a certain degree of feasibility, are thrown out of the window.

It has amazing weekend damage, as well as dragon damage. It also has a seal of the highly placed elders, who should still establish it as the great hunting emblem of the elders.

He could have been higher up the list if he didn’t have a 32% negative affinity, and while he can certainly get white herbs from Craft, he also needs a protective varnish if you don’t want to sharpen your weapon every five shots.

2. Diablo II Crusher


The Diablos Shatterer II is not practical (the horns are stuck, right?), but it is a formidable weapon.

The material for this is provided by the sample Diablos, which makes it much easier to produce than the crushing of the devil. However, it retains the same amount of compensation as the loss.

Better yet, this weapon has access to the benefits of elementary absence, which is an advantage in causing such damage. It is useful against all enemies, regardless of their fundamental weaknesses.

It provides some protection, which is a welcome addition to any weapon.

But it also suffers from 25% negative affinity and the same acute situation.

1. Sleeping with the Tarot Hammer


By an unexpected turn of fate, the disease comes first!

Good damage, standard white sharpness, high extra protection it really has it all!

This hammer puts your enemies to sleep after a few blows (as the name suggests), so you and your teammates can stop for a while to take care of your loot, resharpen it and place some explosive charges around it.

The dream of the taroth hammer is a truly amazing weapon that glows.

It differs from most of my other options, mainly due to the flexibility of the design. If you can get it, you’ll never need a hammer again.

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