Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition (PlayStation 4)

If, like me, you were a big fan of Bullfrog Productions’ 90s games like Theme Park and Theme Hospital, you must have been very excited in 2018 when Two Point Studios and Sega revealed the trailer for Two Point Hospital to the world.  The familiar, nostalgic feel of this hospital simulation game gave me the right feeling in my itchy thumbs….. Until I realized it only exists on PCs and laptops.  So when it finally came out on consoles in 2020, the gamer in me rushed to the PS store.  Now, thanks to the powers that be, I have the Jumbo Edition to get lost in again.

The concept of Two Point Hospital is simple, like most simulation games: you are in charge of managing the hospital.  From building the therapists’ offices, treatment rooms, and general offices to hiring staff, training them on the job, and deciding if they’re getting paid enough (or too much), it’s all in your hands.  Literally, it’s up to you.  So if you’re just building a few guards and expecting to fly in the game, you better be prepared.  Even watering the plants and making sure there are enough heaters to keep the patients warm depends on your eagle eyes and quick reactions.

The basic game consists of fifteen hospitals, each of which must complete different tasks to earn the coveted three stars! (Don’t worry, you only need one star to unlock the next level, and you can switch from one star to the next whenever you feel brave enough to dive back into the crisis zone.) Whether treating patients or enhancing the value of your hospital while maintaining a satisfactory heating level in all rooms, each level can last from half an hour to the end of time.  Even after completing a level, you can continue to work and enjoy the Freelancer game without being distracted by additional challenges.

Each new location will offer something new to keep you on your toes. When you open a new hospital, you need to be flexible to ensure you provide the best service to residents.  The first few levels are pretty easy, but once you’re in the game, you’re challenged by cold climates and natural disasters that can change everything in an instant (I was pleasantly prepared to get three stars before an earthquake destroyed all my medical equipment and tested my confidence and hospital).

If you’ve played Theme Hospital before, you know everything there is to know about Two Points Hospital and you know it’s not a difficult game. The hardest part is being able to multi-task and deal with all the situations that get in your way.  As with all simulation games, the fun lies in playing stressful situations that cause you stress in real life.  In a second dough rolls in, you get a bad review from a VIP visitor, or you ask your doctor to resign because you didn’t give him a raise, the scales and your reputation fall down pretty quickly….. and as soon as you see your cash flow go into the red, panic sets in.  Do you make it to the podium quickly enough, or are you threatened with hospital closure?

Usually when someone attaches a Jumbo Edition to a DLC pack, you get several expansions, but in this case Jumbo means JUMBO!  The console version already included two expansions for the game (Pebberley Island and Bigfoot), and the latest edition gives us some additional goodies that were previously exclusive to the PC.  Close Encounters brings us a series of alien diseases to combat, while Off The Grid puts us more in touch with Mother Nature and tries to make us greener and more environmentally friendly!  Each expansion gives access to three new hospitals to run, lots of new rooms/decorations, and a list of new diseases longer than a recipe for Bogwarts (warning: don’t drink the toilet water!).

I built the same parts over and over with the same schematics (if the schematic works, it works).  It may take a million treatment practices to shorten the lines and prevent patients from dying (and ghosting) at your facility.  It can get a bit tedious (especially if you think you’re doing well and an ambulance comes along and ruins your day – how rude!  Whether you change the shape of the room or the decor elements you mix, you’ll have plenty to do!

One of my favorite things about this game is the childlike humor – whether it’s in the euphemisms of the disease names or the administrator’s pleas to the patients to try not to die or look less sick when the VIP inspector enters the building, you’ll have a hard time not playing this game with a big smile on your face.

No matter what platform you play Hospital Two Dots on, I’m sure you’ll have the same fun.  I was hoping it would be like the theme hospital of my childhood (but more mature, more beautiful, more original), and I can confirm that it did not disappoint – and now, with the Jumbo Edition DLC, it has even more potential to take up much more time in my busy schedule….. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go see a therapist.  STAT! (That’s what the doctors say, right?)

*This review code was kindly provided by the publisher for review purposes.

Developer:  Two Point Studios, published by Red Kite Games Limited: Sega Closing Date : 5. March 2021 Platforms : Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Verified platform: PlayStation 4 PRO

frequently asked questions

Can you get a PS4 Theme hospital?

Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. Two Point Hospital, the incredibly entertaining spiritual successor to last year’s classic control simulation Theme Hospital, is coming to consoles later in 2019, with a mandatory release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch.

Are two-point hospitals free?

Two Point Hospital is free for a couple up to 30 people. August. TheGamer.

How are hospitals developing in two-point hospitals?

At the beginning of the game you have to find your own toilet, staff room, reception and doctor’s office. Make sure they are designed to allow the hospital to expand in the future. Then you need a medical assistant and a janitor.

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