Valheim How to Get Coal

To progress in Valheim, you’ll eventually need to get your hands on various metals, and to melt them you’ll need coal.

There are currently no coal mines in the game, but you can get a good amount of coal in various ways.

As you get more metals, your need for coal increases, because many items you can make require metal.

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Where do you get coal?

Coal-fired oven

To obtain charcoal, it is best to build a charcoal oven in which wood is placed in a few minutes to produce a lot of charcoal.

It takes about 16 seconds for a piece of wood to turn into charcoal when placed in a wood stove. You can store 25 pieces of wood, which gives you 25 coals for 400 seconds.

Your steel and coal mines need a good supply of coal, and with a coal furnace you can build an efficient coal farm.

Killing of turtles

Later, you’ll discover that the Surtlings can provide you with a good amount of charcoal, and there’s more than one Amazing location in the game.

In the swamp you’ll find some amazing egg-laying sites, while at the southern end of the map you’ll enter the Ashlands biome, home to several turtles.

When you kill the turtles, they drop coal and turtle cores, which become very useful later in the game and in smelting.

Melting furnaces and coal furnaces require the installation of coal melting furnaces, so it is a good idea to kill the coal melting furnaces and coal furnaces.

Charcoal chest lute

There are sometimes chests in the game that contain different types of loot, including a certain amount of charcoal.

Charcoal in the trunks can provide a good amount for you to use later, but sometimes it’s not worth running around with it when you’re busy with other things.

Overcooked food

This may not be the best way to get charcoal, but you can get it if you’re cooking and can’t get it in time when it’s ready.

At first, the food will make a noise indicating it can be swallowed, but if you leave it for a while, it will burn and the charcoal will fall out when you take it out.

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How to build a coal stove

To make the charcoal stove, you’ll need 20 stones and 5 Amazing Hearts, which is a pretty steep price if you’re just starting out.

Between wood stoves and steel mills, you can trade one for the other, but there are rare cases where not all the raw materials are returned.

It’s better to grow surge cores and make the structures needed for fusion, which would be nice if there were several.

You can create a charcoal farm by setting up an area where you can store all of your charcoal stoves, and even create a charcoal chute by digging or installing the right structures so you can get all of your charcoal in one place.

How do I unlock the coal stove?

To unlock the charcoal oven, you must first purchase the Amazing Core, which unlocks the recipe to make the oven.

You can place a wood stove on the floor, and it does not need to be placed on a structure, but it should be placed near a workbench.

Amazing places

Swamp biome

The marsh biome is pretty much your first choice when it comes to hunting marsh baits, and you can easily catch them in large numbers by killing them.

An easy way to eradicate turtles is to dig out the nesting sites in the marsh biome, which will cause them to die immediately when they come into contact with the water.

They can take advantage of their weakness for water and set up an automated charcoal farm that takes advantage of the spawning area and the natural water features of the wetland biome.

Biome Ashland

The Ashland biome will take some time to complete and is best visited if you have a long boat, as navigating will be very easy.

Once you’re in the Ashland biome, you can set up the portal (make sure you set it up before you leave) and you can travel long distances in either direction with ease.

The best way to extract coal

The best way to obtain or extract charcoal is to raise turtles by hunting them in the marshes or biomes of Ashland.

It is easy to set turtle traps, as you only need a pick to dig a spot where they can lay their eggs on the wet ground, preferably a block underneath.

Use of coal

Coal is mainly used for smelting copper, tin, iron, silver, ferrous metals and flame metals, but other metals may be smelted in the future.

Coal can be used for various purposes, such as. B. for various buildings, for smelting, for the production of toxic, resistant mead and for clothing.

Below are the charcoal recipes it can be used for:


Box station


  • Basic honey: Resistance to poison


  • black belt
  • Pendant
  • Sign on the website.

The hanging stove requires continuous burning charcoal and you can refill up to 6 in total.


The ratio of coal to ore is somewhat exaggerated, as coal burns for 15 seconds and metal takes 31 seconds to burn.

This means that 3 coals are needed for one piece of metal and 5 coals for 2 pieces. So it is better to stock up on coal to fill the smelter.

A good idea is to invest in a coal zone, so you can easily generate a lot of coal while doing other things.

Coal is very important to progress, because without it it is impossible to process the metal we need to make better products.

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