Valheim Valuable Items Guide –

In Walheim there are many things, which sometimes you only find out later.

You will see that the items are marked as valuable and also have a price, which is basically the value of the item in coins.

Later you will find the merchant Haldor, where things will get interesting regarding the valuable items you have collected.

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How do I get values?

Valuable items can be looted from time to time, and they usually come from chests or dungeons that you can explore later in the game.

There are several different types of valuables with their prices that you can find in Valheim, and it is best that you save some for later when you find a dealer.

The best way to get valuable items is to explore the dungeons, but you can also get them with

What to do with valuables?

As you can see, the Value Objects tooltip shows their value, i.e. the number of coins they are worth.

You can go to Haldor’s house and sell valuable items to get coins, which you can use to buy items in his shop.

List of valuable objects

There are currently 5 types of values in Walheim and it is not known if there will be more in the future.

But they are guaranteed to be useful as you progress through Valheim, and eventually they will be.

Most valuables are usually sold for coins, which are needed to buy things from the merchant Haldor.

The values available in Valheim are the following:


Amber is a light-colored piece of fossilized tree resin that looks like a bright yellow fragment that would have been taken from a larger source.

The value of amber in Valheim is 5 coins, and sometimes amber and coins can be found together in chests or as loot in a dungeon.

They can often be mistaken for amber beads, but they seem to be a less crafted version of this item.

The selling price of amber is not as high as other valuables, but you can get a good number of coins if you sell a stack of 20.

The amber weighs 0.1 each, and the whole stack weighs a total of 2 in your inventory, making it very easy to carry.

Currently, amber is only used for sale in Valheim, but there may be other uses for amber in the future.

Amber Bead

The amber pearl resembles a transformed version of amber and is shaped like a perfectly round sphere, making it more valuable than amber.

You can find amber beads the same way as regular amber beads, and they contain a stack of 50 per item slot.

The weight of an amber bead is 0.1, which means that a whole pile of beads weighs up to 5.

The value of the amber bead is doubled, and you can sell amber beads for 10 coins each when you contact Haldor.


In Valheim, coins are mainly used to buy things from the merchant Haldor, and there is nothing else to do with coins.

It is advisable to keep saving coins at the beginning and end of the game, as you never know what future updates will bring.

The coins weigh 0.1 and can be stacked up to 999, so the total stack in your inventory weighs 99.9.

There are many ways to get coins, for example. B. Explore dungeons to get loot, open chests, hunt enemies, etc.

For a complete guide to agricultural parts in Walheim, check out our Walheim agricultural parts guide.


Rubies are beautiful reddish gemstones that can be found all over Valheim, but mostly they are obtained in dungeons and chests.

A ruby weighs exactly 0.1 coins and can be stacked up to 20 coins per slot, so a whole stack in your inventory weighs 2 coins.

The value of a ruby in Valheim is 20 coins, and you can usually find rubies and amber along with other valuable items, a good source of coins if you are selling to a Haldor merchant.

Currently the ruby has no use in the game other than to sell it to a merchant, but its price in the game makes it worth more than amber and amber pearl.

Currently, there are no uses for Ruby in Walheim other than selling, but future updates may indicate another use for Ruby in the future.

Silver Necklace

One of the rarest and most expensive items to sell in Valheim is the silver necklace, which can usually be found by digging up Viking graves or looking for coffins buried with Wishbeck.

A silver necklace weighs 0.1 and can be stacked up to 20 per inventory location, making the entire stack in your inventory weigh 2.

At present the silver chains have no other use than to sell them to the merchant. Most players thought they were portable, but unfortunately they are only for sale.

Players generally find that Wishbone can be used to obtain chests of silver necklaces, which can then be sold for a hefty 30 coins.

If you want to use Wishbone to find it in Walheim, check out our guide on how to get Wishbone in Walheim.


Ruby and amber are mainly used for sale, and these valuables are more common than silver necklaces, but in general all valuables should be kept for later sale.

You’ll find valuable items almost everywhere in Valheim, and it would be a good idea to save them for later when you need extra coins to buy things in Haldor.

There may be more valuable items in the future and they may have more goals.



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