Veigar had 3 different build paths, now he has 0

I know Weigar is not a popular champion, but it really hurts me to see my favorite champion treated like this while Katarina is being compensated for the removal of her editorial. At the time of writing, Weigar is at 46.5% diamond profit + (50/53) according to

above and 41.67% win percentage (51/51) after This was due to the redesign of the items and the over-invoicing of the most important items.

Weigar had three different ways of building:
#1 Glacial – this construction is no longer possible because the objects are recycled. The glacial rune is not practical due to the removal of GLP, and this rune must also be recycled.

#2 GLP + Electrocute is in my opinion the best configuration available. I personally managed to get a great 200+ LP with about 60% wrists this size. The basic strategy in this construction is to hurry up with GLP and the electric roller with GLP + Q + W/R. Secondly, you either try to get the rabadon (you get about 600 AP in 20-22 minutes) or defend it, depending on the situation. This configuration is also no longer possible due to the redesign and overdrive of the two main components. The Everfrost is the worst GLP option with a higher price, and the Rabadon is 200g more expensive with a 5% lower upward premium. It takes about 28 minutes to reach the two points, which is really late in this meta for a champion to finally be useful.

#3 Ludens – the last construction is about the only one left. Now that the Ludens is only 200g more expensive, it may not look so bad, but the real problem with this construction is the following. This was my main construction for GLP+Electrocute, and the second element was almost always the Rabadon, simply because of the pure AP it gave you. As I said, the Rabadon is no longer viable, so we are looking at other options. The best alternative is Seraph’s, it gives you enough ap to be useful in the middle of the game, but the problem with this object is the lack of scale and defense. You don’t get an ap scale like Rabadon, you don’t need mana for the object, and you don’t get defensive or passive/active stats for it. Another option is Horizon Focus (which is really terrible for 3k gold), Banshee/Zhonyas (both only for defense, ap on those items is not worth it) or Void Staff (probably the best scaling option after Rabadon, but useless as a second item almost every time).

Conclusion: Weigar is in bad shape and I don’t see him coming out for long, unless something helps him. Like I said, he should get a treatment similar to Katarina’s. His equipment needs to be improved, and I’m not just talking about statistics. If it could have another passive effect on capacity, it would increase its viability and compensate for the lack of good things.

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