Jungler.GG is the new and improved jungle path/build site for League of Legends, which has been scaled up to support ranked games in addition to normal ones.

Jungler.GG is a gaming site for League of Legends players, providing users with guides and builds to improve their game play. The site also has an active community which shares content like guides, videos and live streams on the website’s forums.

Jungler.GG is a site that provides guides for junglers in League of Legends. The “zking rumble jungle artist” is the first version of the website, which is now complete!.

LeagueofLegends7 - [Version 1] of Jungler.GG (a jungle path/build) site is now complete!

Hello, everyone!

I wrote an introduction to Jungler.GG a little over a month ago, a website dedicated to providing jungle players with a quick rundown on the most popular (and/or Pro player) item and rune builds, jungle pathing, as well as some of the most common counter champions and champion stats (win rate, ban rate, pick rate, overall rank) for the most recent patch (everything is updated a few days after each new patch hits, in order to get the most accurate stats and then the stats are updated again a week later). However, this is mostly a jungle pathing website.

The site included statistics for a total of 30 champions when I published my introduction piece. We currently have statistics on 45 champions, and these are the most popular jungle champions right now (minus a few which are off-meta).

I’d want to thank everyone who left a comment on the first article and shared their thoughts and suggestions for what they’d like to see. I’ve taken your helpful comments and utilized it to improve the site.

Some of the items that will be worked on are:

  • Teemo, Sylas, Cho, Maokai, Sion, Mundo, Mordekaiser, Shen, Malphite, Nasus, Pantheon, Brand, Sett are the remaining off meta champions. Once all of the changes are implemented, they will most likely be included towards the start of Season 12/during the preseason, since I believe some of these will become absolutely unviable in the jungle.
  • Tier list for jungle champions – this will include all champions that can be found on our site and will be graded based on a range of variables, including the following: Easy to play, high win rate, high pick rate, good for soloq?, good for clash/scrims?… – Below the tier list, there will be jungle adjustments for each patch, as well as some thoughts on what’s been going on in the meta.
  • A second set of items and runes has been created. Currently, the site only contains the greatest win rate/most common build, which will typically suffice for most champions and is the best potential selection for a large proportion of games, although there may be a slightly better alternative in certain rare circumstances. Rengar, for example, is a character that may be played with Fleet Footwork and Electrocute. While the Fleet Footwork works well in most situations, if you have a complete team of squishy champions, Electrocute is typically the best option, and it is not far behind the Fleet construct in terms of winrate and pickrate.
  • Indicators for Smite Because most champions would conserve one charge of Smite for the Scuttler battle (or to clear it quicker by taking the shield off if you don’t have a CC spell), “when to Smite” was never included. Smite indications for all champions for Season 12 are mentioned in the jungle pathing guide for particular champion situations that rely on it (Shaco Raptor+Red start with three boxes), but I’d want to include Smite indicators for all champions for Season 12.
  • Jungle guides on YouTube. I’d want to create short 3-5 minute movies that describe and guide you through the most common jungle trails, as well as other jungle-related topics.
  • For each jungle champion, a link to the top five players’ profiles is provided. You’ll be able to look at their profile and see what they’re up to and how they’re doing it this way.

There are plenty solid ideas and methods for improving things and adding additional data. These are only a handful of the current and upcoming priorities.

In addition, I was alerted to a possible issue during the picture generating process. Scuttler isn’t normally considered a “camp,” but we included it as one for our photos. As a result, a five-camp clear plus Scuttler will be shown as a six-camp clear. This is just the first version of the site; it is intended to redo the pathing graphics for S12 in order to incorporate Smite indications, as well as suitable unambiguous nomenclature. You’ll have to think of our six camp clear as a five camp + Scuttler for the time being.

Original source: link

  • The [V1] Jungler.GG website is now complete!

    Hello, everyone! I wrote an introduction article about Jungler.GG, my most recent initiative, a website dedicated to provide jungle players with a fast summary on the most popular (and/or Pro player) item and rune builds, jungle pathing, and some of the most frequent counters…

  • Jung.GG is a new website that allows you to search for the most prevalent jungle pathways.

    Edit: Thank you very much for being a part of our relaunch! We’ve nearly reached 10,000 users this week, which is a huge accomplishment given the amount of work we’ve put in. I know there are still a few pathways that don’t operate as planned, so thanks to everyone who pointed them out….


For League of Legends, write “[Version 1] of Jungler.GG (a jungle path/build) site is now complete!”

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Jungler.GG is a website that provides builds for players in the jungle. The “diana jungle path s11” is a build for Diana.

  • rumble jungle build
  • mundo jungle s11
  • diana jungle build
  • fastest jungle clear season 12
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