Wargaming couldn’t buff one line in the next 2 weeks so I buffed 3.

As a result, this player was banned and the game is now ruined. A more severe punishment might be required in order to prevent similar and future problems.

When it comes to balance, wargaming is careless. It is too sluggish to balance 1 line every 2 weeks; in reality, it should balance 1 line each week.

When I saw that they were taking a break from reforging, I made the decision to demonstrate how ineffective at balancing WG is.

BTW, I completed all of this in two days using a cell phone.

AX line for Centurion.

Centaur MK1.

Really, all this tank needs is an armor increase.

The fans include:

Roof to 120mm: 88.9mm.

177.8mm to 220mm plate on turret

Front plate measuring 254mm to 260mm

Mantlet armor ranges from 0mm to 50mm.

An illustration of armor enthusiasts

MK 7/1 Centurion

This tank needs better cannon and armor.

The benefits of improving your armor include:

120mm to 88.9mm roof plate

250mm to 177.8mm turret plate

254mm to 280mm front turret plate

0mm to 150mm of armor beneath the mantlet

An illustration of armor enthusiasts

Gun enthusiast

Reload duration was reduced to 9.3 seconds. It would be 2515 DPM.

AX Centurion

All that this tank needs is a turret armor boost.

enhancing your defense:

170mm to 111.1mm roof plate

180mm to 152.4mm plate on turret

Turret plate measuring 203.2mm by 300mm

An illustration of armor enthusiasts

Line 7 of PZ KPFW

Tiger (P)

The best course of action, in my opinion, is to buff Tiger Armor (P).

enhancing your defense:

raised to 250mm across the board.

Buffed turret roof from 20 to 60 mm

80mm to 150mm hull cheek buffing

200mm to 230mm buffing on the hull plate below the turret

An illustration of armor enthusiasts

To 7 degrees, the gun depression increased.

the VK 45.02 (P) Aufs.

This tank needs armor and pen improvements.

enhancing your defense:

UFP between 150mm and 200mm.

20- to 100-mm hull cheeks

40 to 100 mm of turret roof thickness

80 to 100 mm of side armor

An illustration of armor enthusiasts

215mm for a standard pen buff

High-quality pen buff to 265mm

A VK 45.02 (P) Aufs.

It requires improvements to its firepower, agility, and armor.

Improved mobility:

840 to 1000 horsepower. (10.69 to 12.73 HP/Ton)

Maximum speed: 30 to 33 km/h

Resistances to the terrain: 1.1/1.7/2.5 to 1.1/1.4/2.3

Gun buff:

Reloading time is now 15 seconds (DPM will be 1960)

enhancing your defense:

UFP buffs up to 230mm from 200mm.

Buffed turret roof from 60 to 100 mm

50mm to 100mm hull cheek buffing

An illustration of armor enthusiasts


The tank’s gun largely needs an upgrade.

Reload time is now 14.5 seconds (new DPM would be 2312)

line OBJ430


Gun depression raised to 7 degrees on the sides.


Gun depression on the sides has been extended to 7 degrees, enabling 360-degree turret rotation.

OBJ 430 ii

Gun depression on the sides has been raised to 7 degrees, enabling 360-degree rotation of the turret.

I would just fix the side weak place in the armor and strengthen the side armor.

Visualization of an armor boost


The turret roof of this tank just needs to be reinforced.

An illustration of armor enthusiasts


I could have done more tanks, but I feel that 3 lines is plenty to make my point.

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