With all the big AAA releases over the course of the year, the Switch online store has been slowing down. There are still a few decent games to watch:


Here are this week’s Nintendo downloads:

  • Nintendo eshop on the Nintendo Switch
    • Le Touryst – In this surreal adventure game, your idyllic holiday gets very strange. Once you arrive at the Monument Islands, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Do you want to go swimming? Or do you dive into the depths of the sea? Or would you rather visit the entertainment gallery, go shopping and dance at the beach party? Or will you talk to a mysterious old tourist and hear what he has to say about these mysterious ancient monuments?
    • Black Future ’88 – Black Future ’88 is a 2D synth-punk roguelike action shooter. Climb vertically in an ever-changing procedural tower to reach the top and destroy the owner before your heart explodes. Shoot, hit, run and arm yourself to survive the endless waves of death traps, enemy AI and colossal guards that stand in your way in the elegant alternative version of 1988.
  • Nintendo Mobile
    •  It’s the right time of year to put the key in the ignition – in the Mario Kart Tour* competition, the winter season has arrived during the Winter Tour special event, which runs until 3pm. On the slopes, a beautiful snow cover appeared in December. Mario looks pretty funny in his Santa suit and keeps warm with the fire flower. Meanwhile, the Pink Gold Peach spreads the joy of winter and races past the sparkling ornaments. Additionally, with the new update, players can now race with a dedicated Drift button in Auto Drift mode and a Steer button in Manual Drift mode – there’s never been a better time to race!
    • Happy second birthday, Camp Animal Crossing – Mail Call! Your special invitation to the Pocket Camp Club, a new exclusive paid membership for Animal Crossing, is here: Pocket Camp Game*. Have you ever wished you had a personal assistant to help you at the campsite? The $2.99 per month Happy Helper plan allows you to designate your favorite pet friend as a camp counselor to help you with pet-related requests and activities such as scavenger hunts, fishing trips, and gardening activities. Or with the Cookie & Depot plan, which costs $7.99 per month, you have access to the Member Cookie Store, where you can choose five cookies per month. Moreover, with the Cookie & Depot plan, you can pamper yourself with all your furniture and clothes by picking up Instagram with a big improvement in your storage capacity. For even more details and fun features available to subscribers of these new plans, check out the Lucky Plan Wizards video and the Cookie & Deposit plan video.

Sales of the Nintendo Online Shop :

  • Nintendo Online Shop on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Also new this week on the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch :

* Free at launch; optional in-game purchases possible. Requires permanent internet access, a compatible smartphone and a Nintendo account. A charge may be made for the transfer of data.

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