Well-Structured: How to be a Better Builder in Fortnite

Well-Structured: How to be a Better Builder in Fortnite, Game Leaks

In Fortnite Battle Royale, building is just as important as mastering the gunplay. So, if you’re not doing too well in the gun-slinging department, you’ll need to polish your skills and learn a few helpful tricks. After all, Chapter 2 is right around the corner, and you wouldn’t want to be caught defenseless. So before you get your hands on those new Fortnite items, here are a few points.


Building requires resources, but don’t go out of your way to gather them. Aside from the fact that it won’t raise the value—check out the Fortnite Account Value Calculator for this—of your account, it’s going to leave you vulnerable to attacks. You’re going to use up time that’s better used in taking down your enemies. For that, you’ll have to gather resources while en route to whatever objective you have.

Whenever there are no nearby hostile players, gather every possible resource. And as you do, make sure that you still keep moving – jumping, shifting from side to side, or whatever movement is possible – because you’ll be easily taken out by a sniper if you keep still.

When it comes to wood, unless you’re not staying in a particular area, don’t just blindly cut down trees or rip down buildings, as this can compromise your cover.

Keys to Success

By default, building from Fortnite is set on function keys, which are too high up from the WASD keys. If that’s an inconvenience to you, just scroll through your building materials options with Q. Then again, that can get you in trouble because you might not be able to scroll through for the structure you need.

So, in order to build without your hand leaving the direction button, it’s better that you move it somewhere closer and even do away with Q as the button that opens the building scroll. Rather, have keys that build something specific. For example, have F for a ramp and/or Q for a wall, the two most common structures you’ll be making. For the rest (floors, traps, pyramids), you can use other free keys that are near WASD, like Z, X, and C. You can even use the mouse wheel for an even easier access to structures.

Ramping it Up

Being fired upon in an open area can be a huge problem, since you don’t have any cover. Or maybe you do: a ramp. Of course, you shouldn’t run up to them. Rather, they will be serving as cover, so you stay underneath them. Aside from the protection they offer, they can make your enemy think that you’re assuming higher ground and come after him or her.To confuse your enemies even further, you should make ramps of varying sizes and at random intervals.

Putting the Fort in Fortnite

The recon fort is one of the most important structures you could learn to build in Epic Games Fortnite. Aside from the fact that it gives you a vantage point where you can have a bird’s eye view of an entire area, it also protects you from all sides. For this, you need to first put up four walls around you. Then, make a ramp underneath your feet. Keep going higher and higher until you feel like you’ve achieved the desired height.

Don’t forget to build campfires when you’re in a pinch as they can heal your HP. You can even put one huge recon fort over it and it’s still going to heal your HP. With a tower that offers you defense, recovery, and a place you can safely take out enemies from, it’s a must that you build one.

One Part to Another

Last but definitely not least, remember to edit what you’ve already built. Rather than start from scratch, you’re better off re-purposing. A common example of this is replacing a wall with an arch so you can have a line of sight. Heck, some players even replace a floor on the fly so they can shoot an opponent underneath. Creative thinking and necessity are the parents of inventions!

Fortnite Building is half the battle and half the fun, so it’s important that you get creative and get it right. Hopefully, these tips will help you do exactly that. Who knows? Maybe next time, you’ll be the one to teach others!

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