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Levequests are ostensibly a new form of side activity in Fire Emblem Heroes, but they are not a new concept. In earlier Fire Emblem games, Levequest battles were a common method of levelling up or earning rewards when playing a particular character. In earlier games, Levequest battles were a common form of levelling up or earning rewards when playing a particular character. Levequest battles have been a staple in the Fire Emblem series, since well before the release of Fire Emblem Heroes.

Levetusk is an event in the game Monster Hunter Tri G (or MH3U) that allows you to obtain a large amount of items from a single monster. The concept is still very new in the series, so it’s a good time to introduce it to those who have never played the game.

Levequests are a collection of quests that can be found on different nodes, or areas, of a zone. They are a good way to increase your level, although they are not particularly useful unless you have a good amount of them to increase your level.

Levequests are quests that you may perform again and over again for a variety of prizes. They may be obtained from Levemetes (quest givers) all across Eorzea, but they must be purchased with Leve Allowances.

Levequests, oh, Levequests. On a hungry evening, the final can of food in the cabinet. When you’re broke, the coins you pull out of the sofa.

These dependable (and somewhat mind-numbing) missions may be found in Levemetes throughout the globe for whatever discipline you want to play.

It’s not very exciting.

In reality, Levequests are often the most fundamental MMO job.

Go here and kill 10 bears while collecting five flowers.

I don’t blame you if you’re already rolling your eyes at the thought of it.

FFXIV already has plenty of that – strip away the narrative and it almost seems useless.

These missions, on the other hand, have a purpose.

There will be moments when you run out of MSQ and will need to level up before you can do any more.

You’ll be searching for something to do in the time between Duty Roulette lines, which may be very lengthy.

Or maybe you just need a little push to take your creating to the next level.

It’s tedious work, but it’s necessary.

For various disciplines, there are a few distinct kinds of Levequest. You must spend a Leve Allowance to get a Levequest.

Every twelve real-time hours, you earn three Leve Allowances, and you may carry a maximum of 100 at any one moment.


What Are Battlecraft Leves and How Do They Work?

Combat classes and professions are the emphasis of Battlecraft Leves.

These will give you missions such as murdering targets, escorting NPCs, or exploring places in a certain region.

While the game tries its best to keep these goals seeming at least slightly new, they will soon get tedious.

They’ll show in your quest log with everything else after you’ve picked one up.

To begin the task, go to the Leve’s position on the map (marked by a green circle) and utilize the quest diary.

You’ll have to do them by yourself, so no bringing buddies along to speed things up.

When you start a Battlecraft Leve, you’ll be asked whether you want to change the difficulty level.

It will recommend a difficulty level depending on your skill level, but you may adjust it to your liking.

At higher levels, the potential benefits will, of course, rise.


Carpenter character using gpose in FFXIVAll Rights Reserved. Image source: @TheLizardDad / SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


What Are Tradecraft Leves and How Do They Work?

Crafting classes such as Blacksmith, Weaver, and Carpenter use Tradecraft Leves.

Consider these to be delivery requests.

A created item relevant to your profession will be sent to a target. There is no time restriction, but delivering a high-quality item will reward you with a 100% bonus experience.

If you wish to speed through certain Tradecraft Leves, a simple suggestion is to simply purchase the appropriate item from the Market Board.

This may be very costly, particularly at higher levels. However, if you have enough gil to spare and want to make quick progress, have a look!

You will get experience for your crafter if you complete Tradecraft Leves.


What Are Fieldcraft Leves and How Do They Work?

Botany and mining are examples of collecting professions that need Fieldcraft Leves.

These are similar to Battlecraft Leves in that you must go to a certain place and accomplish an objective within a certain amount of time.

There is no extra pressure since the time restriction does not begin until you reach the location and start the Leve.


All Rights Reserved. Image source: unknown / SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


You’ll have to collect a certain number of things within a certain amount of time, with incentives based on how quickly you complete the task.

You can’t purchase things on the Market Board like you can with Tradecraft, as far as I know — but the procedure isn’t as complicated as it seems.

The Market Board, on the other hand, is where fishermen may purchase Leve collecting targets.

Fishing differs from other games in that the game does not show you where to get the fish you need. You’ll have to do your own research on it.


When Should I Do Leves and When Shouldn’t I Do Leves?

Leves are important for leveling new professions in combat classes, as well as other activities like Duty Roulette.

In the process, you’ll gain gil and Company Seals, so the experience isn’t the sole benefit.

If you still have MSQ to complete at your current level, it’s generally best to start there.

Leves are also helpful for crafters and gatherers who may experience long periods of time when their leveling process seems to halt.

What’s nice about them is that you can perform them while waiting in line for other activities, so you don’t have to wait for the rest of the group to arrive!

You don’t have to perform Leves if you don’t want to.

They aren’t required – and some gamers may never understand the use of them in the first place!

Levequests are basically one-time quests. They are designed to be used in-game as a way to teach players how to use one of the game’s more complex systems. For example, in a game like Final Fantasy XIV, levequests are a way to teach players how to use the Crystarium system, which is used to upgrade characters. For this guide, leves will be the topic, so let’s explore how they work in Final Fantasy XIV.. Read more about how to unlock grand company leves and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Levequests?

Levequests are found in the main menu of the game.

Can you repeat Levequests?

Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to repeat Levequests.

Are Levequests daily?

Levequests are not daily. They are weekly and reset every Tuesday at 12AM EST.

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