Aggro is a term that frequently gets thrown around by Final Fantasy players. Originally used in MMORPGs to indicate the maximum amount of threat a player has, this term has now made its way to the Final Fantasy XIV community. So what exactly is Aggro (Enmity)? The term Aggro is a shortening of “Aggressive,” which was originally a term used in the Dark Ages of MMORPGs to indicate that a player was on the “Attack” or “Defend” state of alignment. Aggro has made its way into the vocabulary of Final Fantasy XIV players as a way to describe the current state of hostility between several players.

Aggro / Enmity is a critical element in a number of games, MMOs especially. It’s often used as a way to determine who gets to attack first in combat—a mechanic that can make or break a PvP game. However, there’s an aspect to Aggro that’s often overlooked or misunderstood, namely how it functions in Final Fantasy XIV.

When is enmity called for? When you’re in a boss fight, of course! But, what about when you’re not in a boss fight? What about when you’re out in the field? What about when you’re not even in the game at all? In this post, you’ll learn the answer to all of these questions.

Enmity (or Aggro) is a hidden value that enemies in FFXIV possess. It is used to determine which player to attack and can be affected in several ways. Players create feuds by dealing damage or using healing spells.

But to clarify the terms, what is the difference between agro and hostility?

The short answer is that it’s the same thing.

Hostility, aggression, threat or hatred are just words for the same thing.

In each XIV fight, the feud determines which character will be hit by the boss or mob attacks.

In most cases, the tank player will cause the most hostility due to his tank position and other effects.

It’s very hard to remove aggro from a tank that knows what it’s doing. So for a lot of content, other players don’t even think about it.

How do you prevent hostility?


Just hope the tank generates it better than you do!

The actual numerical values of the feud are hidden from the players, so we cannot provide a detailed analysis. But suffice it to say that tanks generate much more than other players, simply by taking advantage of their tank position.

As a healer or DPS, there will always be times when you become a target for enemies. Maybe the tank missed one, or new monsters joined the fight from behind.

If this happens, don’t panic.

Point your new enemy friend at a tank position and he must destroy it.

For groups of more than two enemies, attacks with an area of effect are usually standard. They need to be pruned quickly and their attention should be focused on the aquarium.

In general, the tanks won’t move too much either. The game will be easier if there is only one designated place for combat, as DPS tasks usually have attacks that are more effective from certain positions.

The tank can move to dodge AOE attacks, but then usually returns to the same spot.

Draw enemies to this little battlefield if you incite too much enmity.

Good tanks keep an eye on the situation as best they can and use taunts to lure enemies into range.

But this is not always possible.

Even with all the cat ears and stuff, at the end of the day we’re all human.

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What happens if I have too much hostility?

They are repeatedly punched in the face.

In general, it’s not the end of the world if it’s one or two monsters. It is easy to lead them to the aquarium even if they are not paying attention.

But if you’re fighting a boss, it can be a bit more problematic.

Bosses hit harder than monsters and have a much wider range of attacks.

If you are too hostile, you may find yourself on the receiving end of a tank attack, with no way to survive.

Tanks have much more health and defense, as well as damage reduction skills they can use to survive fierce attacks.

So if the tank breaker hits a weaker player, he can just kill him.

That’s where the tanks come in.

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How tanks deal with the enemy

Generally, it’s the tank that gets all the attention. So it’s common.

But if you’re in a dungeon and you notice that you’re getting more attention than usual (as a non-tank player), it might be worth checking to see if the tank forgot to put up its stand.

This effect is reversed when the game synchronizes player levels with content, so it’s surprisingly easy to forget (God knows I’ve forgotten it fifty times).

When the tank dies, everyone who killed it turns their attention to the player with the second most hostility.

It’s not necessarily a bitter ending, though, thanks to the relatively sparse resurgence in XIV battles.

In these situations, you just have to do your best to keep the enemies as far away from the healer as possible until he can cast the revive spell.Aggro is an interesting mechanic in Final Fantasy XIV. In other words, it is a mechanic that increases the probability for an enemy to attack you. As an MMO, in which enemies can be quite numerous, it makes sense that they would be aggressive towards you. It is also a mechanic that is not present in the main series, which is a bit odd, considering that Final Fantasy has always been about challenging tasks.. Read more about what is aggro in ffxiv and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does enmity mean in Ffxiv?

Enmity is a term that refers to the feeling of hatred or dislike for someone or something.

What determines aggro Ffxiv?

The aggro radius is determined by the number of players in the zone. The larger the number of players in the zone, the more aggro they will generate.

How can enmity be reduced?

It can be reduced by the practice of the five precepts.

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