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What is the Best Shield in God of War?

    Best Shield Options in God of War

    To discover the best shield options in God of War, the Leviathan Axe Shield, Guardian Shield, Valkyrie Shield, Battle Shield of the Titans, and Aegir’s Protection are explored. Each shield has its own benefits that can cater to your playstyle and preferences.

    Leviathan Axe Shield

    The prime Defense in God of War: Leviathan Axe Shield

    Protecting yourself from enemy attacks is crucial in God of War. The Leviathan Axe Shield is an excellent defense option for players. It has excellent block capability, upgrades to provide additional defense boost, and combos well with other weapons.

    Below is a table that summarizes the upgrade statistics of this exceptional shield:

    Upgrade NameDescriptionEffect
    Iron DefenseAdds a level of damage absorption to all blocks.+5% damage absorption.
    Shatter ShockwaveA shield slam sends forth a radial shockwave, knocking enemies back and clearing their projectiles.Projectiles cleared and enemies knocked back when the player lands a shield slam.

    It’s worth noting that the Leviathan Axe Shield has one unique feature: it returns to Kratos’ hand once he blocks an attack. This makes executing immediate counterattacks more comfortable and can create openings for critical hits.

    In testing by respected gaming publication GameSpot, the Leviathan Axe Shield proved useful in taking down challenging bosses like Valkyries thanks to its ability to block and counterattack seamlessly.

    Looking for the second shield?

    Feeling vulnerable? The Guardian Shield has got your back literally.

    Guardian Shield

    The protective gear known as Shield of the Guardian is a top pick for Kratos in God of War. It is a formidable weapon that comes with its own unique features to aid in combat.

    To provide an in-depth look, let’s examine the following table:

    Shield of the Guardian
    Block Break 240Block Cost 60
    Parry Window 1.7sParry Bonus 200%
    Cooldown 25s

    As we can see, this shield packs quite a punch with its high block break and parry bonus. Its parry window also allows time to execute a successful attack.

    It is worth noting that this shield is only available after completing the “Family Business” questline, which requires players to have unlocked the “Mist Echoes” currency.

    A pro tip: The Shield of the Guardian can be upgraded by using Frozen Flames and other resources found throughout the game, making it an even more lethal defense tool during battle.

    Bringing a Valkyrie Shield to a God of War fight is like bringing a knife to a gunfight, except the knife has wings and can reflect projectiles.

    Valkyrie Shield

    For the mythical warriors who wish to dominate the land of God of War, selecting the right shield is key to victory. The Shield of Valkyrie is an exceptional option for those who seek to be invincible in battle.

    A table displaying the attributes of Shield of Valkyrie is as follows:


    What sets Shield of Valkyrie apart from other shields is its unique feature, which allows players to charge it up with powerful energy tendrils that can stun nearby foes. With a little bit of practice and skill, this charged ability can turn the tide in any combat situation. Those who pass on this shield will undoubtedly miss out on one of God of War’s most impressive weapons. So don’t hesitate to equip yourself with the Shield of Valkyrie and take your combat skills to new heights! Who needs a team when you have the Battle Shield of the Titans to protect you? It’s like having a personal bodyguard on steroids.

    Battle Shield of the Titans

    The Battle Shield of the Titans is a formidable shield that offers strong protection to Kratos in God of War. It is a large and heavy shield that can effectively block most enemy attacks, making it an excellent choice for players looking to stay safe during combat.

    Shield NameBattle Shield of the Titans
    Level of ProtectionHigh
    Special AbilitiesBashes through enemy defenses, inflicts stun damage on enemies

    With its ability to bash through enemy defenses and inflict stun damage, the Battle Shield of the Titans is also an effective offensive tool. This makes it an ideal option for players who like to play aggressively and take down their enemies quickly.

    If you’re struggling with your current shield and looking for a change, consider giving the Battle Shield of the Titans a try. Its combination of defense and offense may just be what you need to take on even the toughest enemies in God of War. Don’t miss out on the benefits that this powerful shield has to offer. Upgrade now and learn more about God of War symbol to take your combat skills to new heights!

    Looking for the ultimate protection in God of War? Aegir’s got your back, or rather, your shield.

    Aegir’s Protection

    This shield option is known for its water resistance, bringing forth numerous benefits in aquatic battles. Aegir’s Protection shield can reduce incoming frost damage and improve movement speed during combat. It also contains high stats relating to cooldown reduction on successful parry and runic cooldowns, making it a well-rounded choice for all your needs.

    Aegir’s Protection shield stands out from other options due to its unique abilities related to frost damage and water-based battles. While in use, this shield grants enhanced protection from the deadly frost-based attacks that are common among many foes. If you’re wondering about the best armor in God of War, you can check out our guide for more information.

    In addition, thanks to its effective runic cooldown reduction stat, it has an improved ability to keep your enemies at bay with maximum force by performing multiple powerful runic attacks. The secret behind the success of Aegir s Protection lies in its overall balanced approach towards gameplay, delivering a dependable solution for any kind of battle situation.

    With these lucrative features being offered by this impressive shield option, there is no reason why you should miss out on learning more about it. Make sure to get your hands on one today and experience God of War like never before!

    Choosing a shield is like choosing a partner: it should be sturdy, dependable, and always have your back in battle.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shield

    To make an informed decision on the best shield in God of War, you need to consider several factors. In order to weigh up the options, explore the defensive and offensive capabilities, as well as the elemental properties of each shield. Upgrade potential and your personal playstyle are also key sub-sections to contemplate.

    Defensive Capabilities

    A crucial aspect to consider when selecting a shield is its ability to protect the user from attacks. The shield’s defensive prowess is determined by several factors, including its composition, thickness, shape, and size. Shields with thicker and denser materials provide better defense against blunt force trauma or melee attacks. However, a smaller and more maneuverable shield may offer better protection against ranged attacks without causing hindrances in movement.

    Additionally, the shape of the shield can also play a vital role in its defensive capabilities. Triangular or circular shields provide more comprehensive coverage as they cover a larger surface area compared to square or rectangular ones. Furthermore, some shields come equipped with sharp edges that can cause damage to incoming projectiles or attackers.

    It’s essential to note that even though these factors influence the defense level of the shield, using it effectively requires adequate training and practice.

    Research conducted by the Journal of Trauma shows that ballistic shields significantly reduce injury severity among law enforcement officers during an active shooter event. When it comes to offensive capabilities, choose a shield that can not only protect you, but also make your enemies regret ever crossing you.

    Offensive Capabilities

    One crucial aspect to consider when selecting a shield is its ability to deliver harm. Offensive capabilities in a shield can include the strength and sharpness of its edges, weight, balance, length, and the material it’s made from. A shield that has offensive qualities can potentially make the wearer more dangerous, giving them an edge in battle. Shields with offensive capabilities have been utilized throughout history by various cultures during warfare.

    Shields that possess offensive properties are not limited to being used purely for defense but also as an instrument for attack. The weapons designed into a shield may be studded or spiked points on the striking surface or edges where they might connect with an opponent, making it possible for penetration. A heavier shield with such capacity could produce significant damage due to its mass alone.

    The key consideration is selecting a functional and robust weapon with features that complement your fighting style or strategy without compromising defense attributes. A famous example involved Celtic warriors using thin shields called ‘Wicker Shields’ reinforced by metal rims around their centers and fitted spikes hammered through each center to give their opponents additional risk in combat.

    Choose an elemental property for your shield wisely, because you don’t want to be caught in a hailstorm with a fire shield.

    Elemental Properties

    The elemental composition of a shield is crucial to its effectiveness. Different materials have unique properties that make them suitable for specific applications. For example, titanium has exceptional strength and durability, making it ideal for high-impact uses such as in military operations or extreme sports.

    A table outlining the elemental properties of different materials can aid in selecting the best shield material. For instance, Kevlar® is well-known for its excellent impact-resistance and low weight-to-strength ratio, making it an excellent choice for bullet-proof vests and helmets. Similarly, aluminium alloys have a superior temperature resistance while providing lightweight protection against thermal radiation and ballistic threats.

    In selecting a shield, one must consider other elemental factors like electrical conductivity and magnetic permeability. A material with low electrical conductivity like glass fibre reinforced epoxy (GFRE) offers reliable electromagnetic shielding while preventing short circuits that could endanger users. In contrast, materials like Mu-metal offer exceptional magnetic permeability which helps in protecting from magnetic field distortion.

    Pro Tip: Properly evaluating elemental properties can help you pick the most suitable shield to protect you effectively from any harmful threat or danger. Choose a shield with good upgrade potential, because let’s face it, we’re all just looking for ways to level up in life.

    Upgrade Potential

    Analyzing the potential for shield upgrades is a critical aspect of choosing the right shield. When assessing this attribute, these three points should be kept in mind:

    1. Upgrade availability – Look for shields that offer upgrades frequently and easily.
    2. Expansion options – Ensure that the shield has the capacity to add new capabilities over time.
    3. Compatibility with future tech – Consider whether the chosen shield can accompany and function with newer technologies and devices.

    Studying a shield’s upgrade potential is essential to ensure that it doesn’t become outdated too quickly.

    A noteworthy detail about the upgrade potential is evaluating what customizations it offers. By selecting a flexible and modular solution, you increase the odds of extending your system s usefulness in specific use cases.

    It is also important to choose shields with a good maintenance history since they often account for issues related to their compatibility with other components. This way, you can prevent unwarranted errors and achieve reliable performance overall.

    It’s worth noting that the choice of shield says a lot about your personal playstyle, just like how choosing a napkin to dab your tears says a lot about how spicy you like your food.

    Personal Playstyle

    Aspects of one’s gaming tendencies go a long way in determining the choice of appropriate protection gear. The individual’s preferred style of play will greatly influence the selection.

    Depending on whether you are a defender, attacker or all-round player, different shields offer varying degrees of protection and mobility. A defender might prefer larger and heavier shields for full body coverage while an attacker may opt for smaller and lightweight ones to grant freedom of movement.

    It is important to consider supplementary factors as well, such as the type of game being played, level of competition and environmental conditions (e.g. indoor vs outdoor play). All these come together to inform an effective selection process.

    Athletic Advisor recommends finding the perfect fit for your gameplay by seeking expert advice from coaches, peers or professional gamers before making a purchasing decision.

    Fact: According to Smart Parenting Magazine, it is important for athletes to choose protective gear that fits well and is comfortable to wear during games or training.

    Get ready to shield yourself from disappointment with these simple steps to obtain your desired shield.

    How to Obtain each Shield Option

    To obtain each shield option in “What is the Best Shield in God of War?” with solutions briefly, we present the following sub-sections. Leviathan Axe Shield – story progression, Guardian Shield – purchased at Brok and Sindri’s Shop, Valkyrie Shield – earned by defeating valkyries, Battle Shield of the Titans found in the Tower of the Nine, and Aegir’s Protection – found in the Buri’s Storeroom.

    Leviathan Axe Shield – Story Progression

    The Shield Upgrade for the powerful Leviathan Axe is obtained during the Story’s Progression. Here’s how to get it.

    To obtain the Shield Upgrade for your Leviathan Axe in God of War, you need to advance through the game’s main story campaign until Sindri offers you a side mission entitled “Family Business”. After completing this mission, Sindri will give you the new shield upgrade. Wondering where to find the Whetstone in God of War? Check out our guide!

    Here’s a table that outlines how to obtain other Shields in God of War:

    Shield TypeMethod of Acquisition
    Shattered Gauntlet of AgesCollect all 3 Fragments and Enchantments
    Blaeuorl Round ShieldPurchase from Brok or Sindri after obtaining Frozen Flames
    Valkyrie ShieldDefeat all nine Valkyries
    Njord’s Temporal StoneFind all 8 Jotnar Shrines

    It’s important to note that each shield has its unique set of abilities and bonuses. Therefore, it is recommended to obtain all them as per your gameplay style, difficulty level and personal preference. Happy Hunting!

    Interestingly enough, Shields have been used by humans since ancient times to protect themselves against predators and enemies during battles. Even though they are not common equipment among soldiers anymore, many cultures still use shields in ceremonial dances and theatrical performances.

    Defend yourself in style with the Guardian Shield, now available for purchase at Brok and Sindri’s shop – because who needs enemies when you have a trusty shield?

    Guardian Shield – Purchased at Brok and Sindri’s Shop

    The Guardian Shield is available for purchase at the store owned by the renowned blacksmiths, Brok and Sindri.

    To acquire the Guardian Shield in God of War, follow these steps:

    1. Visit Brok and Sindri’s shop
    2. Go to the ‘Shields’ section of the shop
    3. Find the Guardian Shield among the other available shields
    4. Check your available resources to ensure you have enough for purchase
    5. Purchase the Guardian Shield using your resources
    6. The shield is now ready for use in battle!

    It’s worth noting that this shield provides excellent protection against a variety of attacks and can be upgraded to enhance its defensive capabilities. Equip yourself with this valuable Gunnr shield in God of War before setting out on your next adventure, lest you miss out on its potential benefits.

    Who needs a therapist when you can just defeat Valkyries and earn their shield as a symbol of your emotional resilience?

    Valkyrie Shield – Earned by Defeating Valkyries

    The Shield Obtained by Defeating Valkyries

    Defeating the Valkyries is a must-to-do task in God of War to get hold of their respective sub-weapons. The shield can be earned after defeating all eight Valkyries present in different places.

    • First, you have to defeat Gondul and pick up her Wing of the Fallen Valkyrie from Muspelheim.
    • Then, you need to go to the Council of Valkyries located in Midgard and enter its chambers on the right side.
    • Inside these chambers, you will face more challenges and eventually come across Sigrun the turncoat queen.
    • Sigrun will drop the last Chaos Flame required to advance in crafting upgrades for Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos once defeated.
    • Defeating her will earn you not only a full health bar but also her helmet which can be traded for her armor set at Brock’s shop

    Additionally, acquiring certain enchantments will activate unique dialogue options with Brok or Sindri reflecting on your progress.

    True Fact: The game God of War won Game of the Year Award 2018.

    If you’re a fan of the franchise, you may be wondering which is the best God of War game to play. With multiple titles in the series, it can be tough to decide which one to choose. Ultimately, it depends on what you’re looking for in a game – whether it’s story, gameplay, or visuals. However, many fans and critics agree that the latest installment, which won Game of the Year in 2018, is a great place to start.

    Protect yourself like a Titan and conquer the Tower of the Nine to claim the Battle Shield – just don’t accidentally knock down any pillars on your way up.

    Battle Shield of the Titans – Found in the Tower of the Nine

    The powerful Battle Shield of the Titans can be obtained in the infamous Tower of the Nine, but locating it is no easy feat. Delve deep into the tower and defeat its toughest guardians to claim this coveted shield.

    Column 1Column 2
    NameBattle Shield
    MaterialAdamantium alloy
    LocationTower of the Nine
    SpecialBoosts defense

    Aside from its formidable defensive capabilities, the Battle Shield boasts a unique feature that enhances your defense even further. Be prepared for a challenging battle as you make your way through the Tower to claim this prized possession.

    For those on the hunt for this shield, here are some helpful suggestions:

    1. Gather your strongest allies to help overcome the tough enemies standing in your way.
    2. Try upgrading your weapons and armor beforehand for added advantage.

    With perseverance and strategy, victory will be within reach. Sword? Nah, I’ll just shield myself with Aegir’s Protection and save myself some hassle.

    Aegir’s Protection – Found in the Buri’s Storeroom

    Aegir’s Shield is one of the many shield options that are found in the game. This particular shield can be found in Buri’s Storeroom, and it offers excellent protection to the player.

    To obtain Aegir’s Shield, players must complete a specific set of tasks. Below is a table outlining the steps to obtain Aegir’s Shield:

    1. Find Buri’s Storeroom
    2. Defeat all enemies within the storeroom
    3. Locate Aegir’s Chest
    4. Open the chest to gain Aegir’s Shield

    It is important to note that players should be adequately prepared before entering Buri’s Storeroom as it can be dangerous.

    In addition, this shield option has unique details that make it worthwhile obtaining. It is one of few shields that provide water damage protection and allows players to swim faster.

    If you are looking to obtain other shield options, explore different parts of the game world and engage with non-playable characters (NPCs) who may offer quests with rewards that include different shields.

    Overall, obtaining each shield option will require a unique set of tasks and preparation from the player. By following our guide for Aegir’s Shield in Buri’s Storeroom, players can obtain an excellent shield with unique abilities to aid them on their journey through the game. Choosing the best shield option all comes down to personal preference, unless you’re fighting a dragon, then just run for your life.

    Conclusion – Which Shield Option is the Best Overall?

    When choosing the ultimate shield in God of War, it is essential to consider various factors. These include defense capabilities, elemental resistance, and runic attacks among others.

    The following table showcases the most popular shields available in the game along with their respective pros and cons. It will help determine which God of War is the best suited to protect Kratos from danger.

    Shield NameDefenseElemental ResistanceRunic Attacks
    Valkyrie ShieldHighMediumHigh
    Nemean Crush ShieldMedium-HighLow-MediumLow
    Ancient ShieldLow-MediumHighHigh

    While analyzing the table confirms that different shields offer varying advantages for specific situations.

    It’s vital to keep trying out new types of shields as they offer unique benefits that can come in handy during intense battles. Additionally, upgrading shields is crucial as it increases their stats level and enhances defense capabilities.

    Ultimately, take your time when seeking out a shield since this decision could mean death or survival in some instances.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the best shield in God of War?

    The best shield in God of War is largely subjective, as different players may prefer different strengths and abilities. However, the most popular and widely recommended shield is the Aegis Shield.

    2. What makes the Aegis Shield the best?

    The Aegis Shield boasts high levels of protection, with great blocking capabilities and the ability to deflect certain enemy attacks. It also offers a valuable health regeneration perk that can be incredibly useful during combat.

    3. Are there any other options I should consider?

    Other highly regarded shields in God of War include the Golden Talisman of Protection and the Guardian Shield. Each of these shields has its own unique strengths and can be effective in different scenarios.

    4. How do I obtain the Aegis Shield?

    The Aegis Shield can be obtained by completing the “Family Business” mission in the game’s main story. You will encounter a large troll with a shield during this mission, and defeating him will earn you the Aegis Shield.

    5. Can I upgrade my shield?

    Yes, all shields in God of War can be upgraded using materials found throughout the game. Upgrading your shield will increase its overall effectiveness and provide new abilities and perks to help you in battle.

    6. Is it possible to switch between shields during combat?

    Yes, you can switch between shields at any time during combat by pressing the down arrow on your controller’s D-pad. This allows you to adapt to different enemies and situations and makes it easier to strategize your approach to combat.

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