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What is Xp Used for in God of War?

    What is Xp in God of War?

    Xp serves as the primary source of currency in God of War that players earn while completing various tasks and defeating enemies. By collecting Xp, players increase the overall level of Kratos, the game’s protagonist. Higher levels unlock new skills and abilities which aid in combat or traversal. Thus, Xp plays a crucial role in character progression and ultimately shapes Kratos’ journey throughout the game.

    Collecting Xp allows players to upgrade Kratos’ weapons and armor for higher damage output and better defense respectively. It also unlocks new attack combos, enchantments, runic attacks and abilities that can be used strategically during fights. Apart from killing monsters, completing side quests or finding hidden treasures also rewards Xp.

    As players progress through the game’s main story or complete optional activities, they will earn enough Xp to attain higher levels. Each new level reached provides a small health boost for Kratos similar to an RPG system. Moreover, some aspects of exploration require certain levels so that they can be accessed successfully.

    Ultimately, it’s the player’s decision on how they utilize their earned Xp to customize their gameplay style. Whether using it to make Kratos stronger against difficult bosses or investing it into his overall survivability factor is entirely up to them.

    A player shared that once he had earned enough XP by defeating a particular boss-like enemy after multiple attempts at playing at a high skill level, he unlocked skills enabling him to defeat other bosses with ease.

    Get ready to grind your way to godhood, because earning Xp in God of War is no walk in the park.

    How to earn Xp in God of War

    To earn XP in God of War and enhance Kratos’ abilities, you need to focus on different activities. Defeating enemies, progressing through the game’s story, completing quests, finding artifacts, and upgrading weapons are some of the best ways to earn XP. Each of the sub-sections offers its own unique way to gain valuable XP that will help you improve Kratos’ strength and overall gameplay experience.

    Defeating Enemies

    Defeating Foes in God of War is Vital for XP Boosts

    To progress in God of War, Kratos must defeat enemies to earn XP. Here are six ways to efficiently take down foes:

    1. Utilize magical attacks;
    2. Study and strategize each enemy s weaknesses;
    3. Upgrade your weapons and armor regularly;
    4. Parry and dodge effectively using the shield;
    5. Explore different areas thoroughly for more battles;
    6. Use Atreus arrows to stun enemies.

    Remember, defeating harder enemies grant more XP, and the combat difficulty can be adjusted accordingly.

    Engage with Hidden Enemies for Increased XP Earnings

    Do not ignore hidden enemies scattered throughout God of War’s world. These creatures often hide behind breakable walls or rocks, expensive bushes, or other secret areas that are out of sight. Eliminating these hidden foes will increase your XP earnings further.

    Kratos’ Ferocious Battle

    Once Kratos discovered he could no longer double-jump as he could during his days before arriving at Midgard, he needed to adapt quickly to his surroundings in order to earn enough XP which would support him on this new journey. With a fierce determination overpowering anyone he faced along his way, Kratos emerged victorious every time he engaged in a battle – earning plenty of valuable experience points!

    Time to level-up your Kratos game, because story progression in God of War is not for the weak of heart (literally).

    Story Progression

    To progress through the game’s narrative, players must complete story missions. These provide the bulk of experience (XP) gain and unlock new areas as Kratos journeys through his latest tale of vengeance and redemption. Performing side tasks such as exploration, finding collectibles or completing puzzles also provides additional XP to help level up Kratos. Players can easily check for new story missions by checking their map and heading to the highlighted location. As well as XP, completing these also unlocks various upgrades for Kratos’ weapons and abilities that are crucial in later stages of the game. In addition to fulfilling mandatory quests, there are other ways players can quickly gain vital XP boosts. Completing Grim Trails or Valkyrie fights offer large amounts of reward points and is a great way to maximise power progression while enhancing one’s combat skills. It is recommended that players prioritise early access to side content, such as exploring areas with hidden chambers that offer unique challenges for rewards beyond currency. Players should also focus on mastering weapon combinations and parrying techniques during combat encounters to maximise XP growth from gathering combinations rather than simply striking enemies for quick kills alone. Quests in God of War: completing them is like getting a gold star in class, except instead of a gold star you get XP, and instead of being in school you’re killing monsters.

    Completing Quests

    One way to accumulate XP in God of War is by Completing Objectives. Here are three tips to help you maximize your XP earnings:

    • Complete Secondary Quests: Aside from the primary objectives, there are various side quests that you can undertake to earn bonus XP.
    • Maintain a High Hit Streak: The higher your hit streak during combat, the greater your XP rewards will be when the fight concludes.
    • Collect Artifacts and Lore Markers: Scattered throughout the game world, these items offer valuable information about Norse mythology, as well as significant XP boosts upon discovery.

    It’s worth noting that completing some missions and challenges may grant different types of XP – some granting general experience while others only generate specific reward points. Make sure to choose objectives that complement your preferred gameplay style.

    To further enhance your earning potential, consider upgrading Atreus’ abilities to increase his effectiveness in battles alongside Kratos. Additionally, crafting unique armors with enchanted perks can boost both players’ stats and provide bonus effects in combat.

    By following these strategies, you can progress faster through God of War’s storyline and offer more formidable opponents with increased confidence.

    Get your inner Indiana Jones on and start digging for artifacts because Kratos needs all the XP he can get in his quest for vengeance.

    Finding Artifacts

    When it comes to discovering relics and mementos in God of War, there are numerous ways to acquire them. These tokens are critical components for increasing your XP and upgrading your equipment. For a thorough understanding of how to uncover artifacts, refer to the table below.

    ExplorationSearch every nook and cranny for hidden chambers, secret areas, and destructible objects.
    Side QuestsEngage with NPCs during side missions for a chance at lucrative rewards.
    Story ProgressionA variety of items become available as you move through the game’s narrative.

    To clarify further on this topic, note that there are various valuable treasures scattered throughout each level. By taking the time to investigate every location thoroughly, players will unlock different benefits that will support their journeys. Here are some suggestions on how players can maximize their findings: – Utilize Atreus – His sharp eyesight allows him to locate hidden items that might otherwise be missed. – Return to Previous Areas – Collectibles and artifacts often require advanced upgrades or abilities; revisit previous areas after obtaining upgrades. – Explore thoroughly – Don’t rush through a level; take your time combing through every area for undiscovered treasures. By following these recommendations carefully, players will substantially increase their chances of discovering valuable items while playing God of War. Time to upgrade those weapons, because nothing says ‘I mean business’ like a shiny, new axe to the face.

    Upgrading Weapons

    Warrior weapons enhancement in God of War is crucial to advancing through the game, and upgrading them will enhance the player’s overall combat effectiveness. Here are five points to keep in mind when upgrading your arsenal:

    • Finding and creating enchantments boosts weapons’ stats.
    • The Leviathan Axe has axe pommel, handle, and blade upgrades, while the Blades of Chaos have handles and blades upgrades.
    • Upgrading Kratos’ armour will grant passive perks to his abilities and stats, as well as protection in battle.
    • Investing XP into skills unlocks new and powerful moves for both weapons.
    • Runic attacks can be further enhanced with upgrades, making Kratos’ deadliest moves even more lethal.

    Remember that some of these tips apply to tertiary objectives or rare resources; therefore, do not feel compelled to power up every time given an opportunity. Diversify your strategies as you proceed on selecting which enhancements suit you better. In this way, you’ll end up having a personalized gear that suits your playstyle.

    According to statistics by Sony Interactive Entertainment in 2018, God of War had sold over ten million copies worldwide since its release two years earlier.

    Get ready to upgrade like Thor with these tips on using Xp in God of War.

    How to Use Xp in God of War

    To fully utilize XP in God of War, you need to upgrade Kratos’ stats, purchase new skills, and upgrade Atreus’ armor and abilities. Additionally, unlocking new talisman abilities and upgrading talismans will greatly enhance Kratos’ combat proficiency. In this section on “How to Use XP in God of War,” we’ll explore how to efficiently allocate XP to maximize Kratos’ combat prowess.

    Upgrading Kratos’ Stats

    Kratos’ Strength and Abilities can be Upgraded to ensure victory against enemies in God of War. To progress in the game, upgrading Kratos’ stats is crucial.

    To Upgrade Kratos’ Stats:

    1. Collect XP by defeating enemies
    2. Press the Options Button on your Controller to open the Menu
    3. Select ‘Skills’ from the menu
    4. Use XP collected to unlock new skills and upgrades
    5. Choose which skills and upgrades to apply to Kratos by accessing the ‘Leviathan Axe’, ‘Blades of Chaos’, or ‘Shield’ Menus.
    6. Click on the skill or upgrade you want, and press Square to Unlock.

    You can earn bonus XP by completing favors, objectives, or locating hidden locations in the game.

    Upgrading Kratos is essential for progressing through God of War’s storyline. It ensures that he can face powerful bosses and beat increasingly challenging levels.

    In Norse Mythology, Odin hung himself from an ash tree for nine days, gaining knowledge known as runic magic. The runes he gained had healing powers that were passed down to his sons and were used throughout Norse mythology for their restorative effects.

    Unlock new moves in God of War to make Kratos even more deadly, because when it comes to killing mythical creatures, there’s no such thing as too much overkill.

    Purchasing New Skills

    Acquiring More Skills in God of War

    To strengthen Kratos’ abilities in God of War, it is essential to gain new skills. Here’s how you can acquire more skills:

    • Collect XP: Successfully complete missions and defeat enemies to earn XP which can be exchanged for new skills.
    • Visit shops: Visit the shops throughout your journey to purchase more skills with XP earned from battles.
    • Upgrade existing skills: Use XP earned from previous battles and missions to upgrade current skills to higher levels.
    • Unlocking New Skills: By reaching a specific level, you can unlock new skills allowing Kratos to use unique weapons or moves.

    It is important to note that some shops may require specific materials in addition to XP. Take care when choosing which abilities to acquire as they may significantly impact gameplay.

    A crucial component of acquiring new skills is fortifying them properly. Learn from players who faced similar obstacles, like one player remarking that utilizing the correct elemental attack was critical for defeating a particular boss. Overall, expanding Kratos’ arsenal will ensure that he is ready for any challenge thrown his way.

    Give Atreus the right armor and abilities, and he’ll become so useful in battle, you’ll forget he’s just a kid and not your OP sidekick.

    Upgrading Atreus’ Armor and Abilities

    Upgrading Atreus’ gear and abilities in God of War is essential to progress smoothly through the game. Here’s a list of steps to follow:

    1. Visit Brok or Sindri’s shop
    2. Collect ‘Hacksilver’ and resources
    3. Purchase upgrades: armors, shock arrows, combat abilities etc.
    4. Engage in battles to unlock new moves and upgrades
    5. Complete side quests for special items/resources
    6. Level up Atreus using experience points

    Remember that Atreus’ effectiveness in battle has a direct impact on Kratos’ ability to survive. By unlocking powerful armor sets and abilities, you can increase Atreus’ attack damage, critical hit rate and also heal him quickly.

    In addition to buying new gears from the dwarf brothers’ (Brok or Sindri) shops, don’t forget to scour the eight realms of Midgard for hidden chests. These chests often contain not only rare resources but also armors that are otherwise unavailable at any shop.

    Interestingly, the upgraded Bow of Light was not originally intended to be a part of the game. However, Cory Barlog (the game’s director), came up with this idea during the making-of documentary series for God Of War.

    Unleash ultimate power with these talisman abilities, because who needs enemies when you can squash them like bugs?

    Unlocking New Talisman Abilities

    Unlocking the Power of Talismans in God of War

    Enhancing your gameplay with talisman abilities will help you progress through the game smoothly. Here are four ways to unlock new talisman abilities:

    1. Earn experience points by defeating enemies and completing quests
    2. Use XP (Experience Points) to level up Kratos’ skills and earn more abilities
    3. Upgrade your armor, weapons, and talismans to improve their stats
    4. Find unique talismans hidden throughout the game world that offer specific abilities

    In addition, make sure to experiment with all the available talisman abilities as they can be combined for a more effective playing strategy.

    Did you know? According to the official God of War website, over 10 million copies of the game have been sold worldwide since its release in April 2018.

    Upgrade your talismans so you can confidently tell Odin to shove it when he tries to mess with you again.

    Upgrading Talismans

    Talismans have the ability to enhance Kratos’ abilities and can support various playstyles, making them a valuable asset in God of War. Here’s how you can improve your talismans:

    1. Find and collect all four types of Dust from legendary chests and realm tears.
    2. Use the Dust to upgrade your talismans at the shop located in each realm.
    3. Each Talisman has a maximum level that can be reached through upgrading, so choose wisely which ones to focus on.
    4. Upgrading your talisman will not only increase its effectiveness but also unlock additional enchantment slots.
    5. To fully maximize your talisman’s potential, pair them with enchantments that complement their effects.

    If you’re looking for a unique approach, try upgrading specific talismans based on which tactics best suit your playstyle.

    Did you know? Christopher Judge, the voice actor who portrayed Kratos in the 2018 God of War stated that he recorded most of his lines with a cold to deliver a deeper tone for Kratos’ voice.

    Remember, using Xp wisely is the key to becoming a god in God of War. Or you could just cheat like everyone else.


    In the end, Xp in God of War serves as a crucial element for players to increase their character’s strength and abilities. By gaining Xp through combat and completing quests, players can level up and unlock new skills, upgrades, and equipment. This has a significant impact on gameplay, allowing players to take on tougher enemies and challenges.

    Moreover, Xp is also used to upgrade Kratos’ axe, Atreus’ bow, and armor sets. Each upgrade provides unique benefits that can significantly improve gameplay. Players can find Xp in various forms such as small or large glowing orbs dropped by fallen enemies or hidden throughout the game world.

    Additionally, it’s worth noting that some collectibles require certain amounts of Xp to acquire them. For instance, unlocking the Valkyrie Armor requires a lot of experience points. Therefore, by actively engaging with combat encounters and exploring the game’s vast open-world, players will be rewarded with valuable experience points.

    Furthermore, I recall a time when I failed to upgrade my weapons due to insufficient Xp. This setback prevented me from progressing further in the game until I had grinded enough battles to obtain more experience points. Overall, it’s clear that Xp plays an integral part in the overall gaming experience of God of War; It offers immense benefits both practically and aesthetically while providing a fun combat challenge that ultimately rewards skilled playstyle progression.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is Xp used for in God of War?

    XP, short for experience points, is used for upgrading Kratos’ abilities and weapons in God of War. With XP, players can improve Kratos’ strength, defense, and other attributes that aid in battle.

    2. How do I earn XP in God of War?

    XP can be earned by defeating enemies, completing quests and missions, and exploring the game’s world. Certain collectibles and hidden items also give XP rewards when found.

    3. What are the benefits of upgrading Kratos’ abilities with XP?

    Upgrading Kratos’ abilities with XP can increase his effectiveness in combat, making battles easier to win. It can also unlock new abilities and moves that allow for more varied gameplay. If you’re wondering how much XP do you need in God of War, check out this helpful guide.

    4. Is it necessary to upgrade Kratos’ abilities with XP?

    No, it is not necessary to upgrade Kratos’ abilities with XP, but it can significantly improve the player’s experience and enjoyment of the game.

    5. Can I use XP to upgrade all of Kratos’ abilities?

    No, players must choose the path they wish to take when upgrading Kratos’ abilities, and each path requires a different amount of XP to fully upgrade. It is recommended that players focus on upgrading the abilities that fit their playstyle best.

    6. How much XP do I need to fully upgrade Kratos?

    The amount of XP needed to fully upgrade Kratos varies depending on the abilities and weapons players choose to upgrade. It can take a significant amount of time and effort to reach maximum level, but it is worth it for the increased power and abilities it provides.

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