With classes on the one hand and daily chores on the other, college can prove a nerve-wracking experience for students. The best dorm room games and a homework helper for college students are a handy way to relax after a tedious day.

Read on for suggestions of the best multiplayer games you can enjoy with your mates.

Best Games for Dorm Rooms

Ideally, a game for the dorm room should allow for coop play and offer an immersive experience and vast customization. As such, not every multiplayer game fits the bill for a great time with your college buddies.

Some of the best multiplayer games for college dorm rooms are:

The Best Free Multiplayer Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This free-to-play game scratches your itch if you’re out for a quality game that doesn’t hurt your tight budget. Developed by Valve, Counter-Strike has established itself as a powerhouse among pioneers in team-based gameplay.

You may either opt to connect on LAN or play online and battle teams worldwide. This first-person shooter game offers a variety of maps, characters, weapons, and game modes, elevating your gaming experience.

This PvP tactical game challenges your team to devise an ideal approach to overwhelm various opponents. The highlight for the global offensive is the lethal guns, manageable teams, and a dedicated community that ensures you have a worthy opponent team at any time.

Also, Global Offensive applies total elimination to a teammate that gets a bullet embedded in their skull. This makes it a battle of tactics to give you a good fighting opportunity.

Best Multiplayer Game PS4: GTA 5

Like the latter, GTA 5 is a great way to get your adrenaline running. The game entails races, deathmatches, and cooperative missions in the stunning city of San Andreas.

The unbeatable graphics and crazy fanbase will immerse your team into play and drive you to a vengeful craze each time rivals dominate your gang. I like the reasonable matchmaking and ability to collect top-tier weapons as it gives you a fighting chance against higher-level opponents.

Best Survival Multiplayer Games: Among Us

This game comprises eight players with six astronauts pitted against two aliens. The aliens are tasked with eliminating the astronauts while avoiding detection. If they match or outnumber the astronauts, the aliens can claim victory.

With impending death at the back of your mind, among us engages your tactical factions as you play detective to unveil the aliens in your midst. When playing as an astronaut, the game provides tons of minigames, from mazes to color-coding, as you try to discover the aliens among you.

You will engage in treachery in this game and build a solid alibi to avoid detection. Astronauts are tasked with gauging for inconsistencies in the alibis for other players to discover and expel the alien.

Best Multiplayer Sports Games: FIFA

FIFA is a staple among dorm room games. FIFA 22 has improved graphics and a local multiplayer that allows you to organize head-to-head matches against your friends.

To connect, register users, and select the side you want to play for. You can now battle your friends in the volta arena and even engage other teams online while showcasing the collective prowess of your team.

Best Multiplayer Game for PC: Fortnite

Fortnite is a popular, free-to-play game that has taken the gaming world by storm. The game has a passionate community and various modes that ensure a quality experience for your gang.

The game has quickly become a staple in the battle royale genre and offers a collaborative model and adaptive triggers for various weapons. The last one standing play is a great way to up the thrill and challenge your buddies to determine the best tactician among you.

Final Take

Overall, these are some of the best multiplayer games to keep your gang busy when lounging in your dorm room.


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