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What to Do After Finishing God of War?

    Tips for What to Do After Finishing God of War

    After completing the critically acclaimed game God of War, players may wonder what to do next. To help guide players’ next steps, here are some helpful suggestions for post-game experiences:

    • Complete side quests and explore undiscovered areas.
    • Experiment with alternative gameplay styles and tactics.
    • Attempt higher game difficulties for a greater challenge.
    • Start over and try playing the game on New Game Plus mode.
    • Play other games in the God of War series to further explore its mythology.
    • If interested, dive deeper into Norse Mythology through literature or media such as TV shows.

    In addition to these tips, players could also consider revisiting key moments in the story or discussing their experience with fellow gamers online.

    As an interesting fact, it is worth noting that God of War was first released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2, quickly becoming one of Sony’s flagship titles. Its success led to two direct sequels and several spin-offs centered around other mythologies. If you’re wondering what to sell after finishing God of War, then check out our guide. The newest release by Santa Monica Studio is a reboot of sorts, introducing Nordic themes to the franchise while modernizing gameplay mechanics.

    If you thought the first playthrough was difficult, try starting a New Game Plus and seeing if you’re man enough to take on the challenge.

    Start a New Game Plus

    For avid players seeking to continue the excitement in God of War, embarking on a new gaming adventure via ‘New Game Plus’ is an excellent option.

    To start a new game plus in God of War:

    1. Complete the story mode once.
    2. Save your progress and unlock ‘New Game Plus’.
    3. Select a previous difficulty mode or choose higher difficulty for subsequent rounds.
    4. Enjoy starting your gaming journey again with significantly more features in hand!

    Additionally, New Game Plus offers exciting and exclusive features such as new gear, enchantments, abilities, and weapon upgrades.

    Pro Tip: Completing particular side quests unlocks additional perks to aid Kratos further in his journey. Keep an eye out for unique challenges and rewards along the way! Wondering why God of War is so good? These additional perks are just one reason.

    Finishing all the side quests and activities in God of War is like having a 5-course meal after devouring the main course – it’s satisfying, but now you’re just bloated.

    Complete All Side Quests and Activities

    Exploring All Uncompleted Challenges in God of War

    Completing every side quest and activity is an essential part of unlocking all the secrets in God of War. Here are some tips to help you complete all side quests and activities.

    • Clean up any missed objectives on the main story.
    • Complete all treasure hunts, Ravens, Wanted Posters, Scrolls, and Nornir Chests to gain valuable rewards.
    • Clear all favor quests given by Gods and other deities to build relationships and increase Kratos’ influence.
    • Finish out the endgame content by killing all Valkyries scattered around the realm using your upgraded weapons and skills.
    • Play through the “New Game+” mode to see how your character transforms from his original state with more powerful gear and abilities.
    • Take on an extra challenge with God Mode difficulty, which will require you to bring even more strategy and skill to every fight.

    Don’t forget that there is still plenty of post-game content worth exploring through a second playthrough. Each time you start the game again, you’ll have new opportunities to find hidden treasures or battle secret bosses. Completing everything is not only rewarding but also satisfying knowing that no stone has been left unturned during your journey.

    For those looking for a little extra challenge, try attempting a speedrun or completing tasks within specific timelines. Exploring these challenges can add an exciting level of depth for advanced players seeking an additional challenge.

    Overall, completing every aspect of God of War can take several hours and dedication. However, it leads to a rewarding experience while providing fun gameplay opportunities that make beating the best God of War game feel even more satisfying.

    Time to pimp out Kratos like a Greek god on steroids.

    Upgrade Your Gear and Abilities

    After completing the main storyline of God of War, there are various methods to enhance your gaming experience. One such way is to augment and improve your equipment and abilities, which can be done by utilizing several options.

    • Strengthen Your Armor: Upgrade your armor with resources earned throughout the game. A fully upgraded armor set would provide bonus perks that increase Kratos’s stats.
    • Purchase Enchantments and Runes: Enhance Kratos’s stats by applying enchantments and runes to weapons and armor.
    • Leverage Talismans’ Abilities: Upgrade talismans’ abilities that help in battles with tough bosses.

    Players can truly enjoy an enhanced gameplay experience by upgrading their gear and abilities. By doing so, players will have an added advantage while battling the game’s tougher bosses.

    Pro Tip: It’s best to upgrade armor before purchasing new ones since a fully upgraded piece can outperform a new, un-upgraded one.

    Before diving into the new God of War, take a trip down memory lane and slay some titans in the previous games – it’s like going to an all-you-can-kill buffet!

    Play the Previous Games in the God of War Series

    Exploring the God of War Series

    Discovering previous games in the God of War series may provide context and a deeper appreciation for the latest installment.

    • Start with the original God of War game, released in 2005, to experience Kratos’ early revenge story.
    • Continue with God of War II, released in 2007, to follow Kratos’ quest for greater power and vengeance.
    • God of War III, released in 2010, offers a conclusion to Kratos’ journey against the gods.
    • The prequel games God of War: Ascension (2013) and Chains of Olympus (2008) offer additional insight into Kratos’ past.
    • For a unique experience, play the mobile game God of War: Betrayal or try out one of the remastered versions for newer consoles.

    Consider expanding your gaming adventure by exploring various interpretations and translations based on different preferences. Although some elements carry through all the games, it’s fun to experience a variety from time-to-time.

    After finishing God of War, many players might wonder how to beat Heimdall. One strategy is to focus on parrying and dodging his attacks, as well as using Atreus’ arrows to stun him. It’s also important to avoid getting backed into a corner and to use the environment to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to retry the fight and adjust your strategy as needed.

    If you’re looking for more recommendations on what to do after finishing God of War then look into collecting digital achievements/trophies or evaluating fan theories about new Gods that may emerge within future iterations.

    Time to venture out into uncharted territory and slay some new beasts, for the glory of gaming awaits those who seek it.

    Explore Other Similar Games

    Discover New Games after Finishing God of War

    Once the thrill of completing God of War fades away, it’s time to search for different games that offer a similar gaming experience. To help you with this task, we’ve compiled a list of recommendations that can satisfy your craving for adventure and action.

    • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Join Nathan Drake on his journey through uncharted territories in search of treasure.
    • The Last of Us Part II – Step into the shoes of Ellie as she sets out on a quest to avenge her loved ones in a world riddled with zombies.
    • Bloodborne – Embark on an unforgiving journey through a dark world filled with unimaginable horrors.
    • Shadow of the Colossus – Explore ancient ruins and slay massive beasts in this breathtakingly beautiful game.
    • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Experience psychological horror like never before as you take on the role of Senua as she tries to save her lover from Hela’s grasp.
    • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Enter a world full of monsters, magic, and political intrigue as Geralt searches for his long lost daughter Cirilla.

    Make sure you try these games at your own pace and enjoy everything they have to offer. Don’t be afraid to explore side quests and hidden secrets that may offer even more excitement.

    Once you finish exploring these games, don’t forget to check out other action-packed titles like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Horizon Zero Dawn. Whatever game you decide on next, make sure it challenges you mentally and provides an immersive experience.

    Overall, there is no shortage when it comes to unique and thrilling games available today – all thanks to the ability modern technology provides us!

    Joining the God of War community is like living in Valhalla, except your fellow warriors are online and you don’t have to die in battle first.

    Join the God of War Community

    Interacting with the God of War community can be an enriching experience for both novices and seasoned players. Whether you want to share your own experiences or seek advice on a particular quest, joining the online community can provide you with a wealth of resources.

    • Join forums dedicated to God of War
    • Connect with fellow gamers on social media platforms such as Reddit or Twitter
    • Create fan art, cosplay costumes, or other content inspired by the game and share it with like-minded individuals
    • Attend gaming conventions where you can meet other enthusiasts and participate in competitions related to God of War.

    For more personalized options, consider reaching out to established groups within the God of War Community. These may include clans, guilds, or even charity organizations dedicated to the game. Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask questions or share your own opinions within the community. It’s a great way to learn from others while also contributing to a supportive ecosystem. Get lost in a world of Norse mythology and fan theories, just don’t blame us if you end up spending all night searching for the next clue.

    Watch and Read God of War Lore and Fan Theories

    For an immersive experience after finishing God of War, dive into the vast pool of God of War lore and fan theories available online. These resources provide a glimpse into the game’s complex storyline and character development, making for an even richer gaming experience. Delve deeper into Kratos’s history, Atreus’s identity, and explore connections between game elements to better understand the plot and outcome.

    As you explore this narrative-rich universe, you’ll come across in-depth analyses of characters and their backstories along with engaging fan theories that offer exciting new angles on the world of God of War. Spend time rediscovering old characters from previous games or learn about new ones that were introduced to further the story arc. Watch YouTube videos featuring players’ experiences with hidden Easter eggs or read articles about the inspiration behind game design choices. If you want to know about who the God of War is, there are resources available to help you dive deeper into the game.

    Overall, immersing yourself in God of War’s richly crafted world is crucial for maximizing your gaming experience. The more time spent exploring the nooks and crannies of this narrative-driven universe, the greater your appreciation for its many complexities will be. So take some time to get lost in all that God of War has to offer – it’ll be well worth it!

    Platinuming God of War? More like a Kratos-sized task, but hey, at least it’s less painful than climbing up Helheim.

    Consider Platinuming the Game

    After completing God of War, achieving the Platinum Trophy is a great way to enhance your gaming experience and showcase your skill. Here are some tips to consider in order to achieve this prestigious goal:

    • Explore every corner: God of War is a game that rewards exploration. Take your time and scour every nook and cranny to find hidden treasures, secret areas, and unlockables.
    • Battle all enemies: Don’t rush through battles, but instead take the time to strategically defeat each enemy. By mastering different attacks during combat, you’ll become better equipped to tackle tougher foes later on.
    • Complete side missions and quests: Don’t just stick to the main storyline. There are many optional side quests that reward players with extra gear, experience points, and items that can enhance gameplay.
    • Master the game difficulty levels: Attempting harder difficulties not only grants bragging rights but also forces players to utilize different strategies throughout the game whilst earning higher points.

    Consider challenging yourself by playing on Hard mode or even attempting the notorious Give me God of War mode after mastering each difficulty.

    In addition to these recommended tips, it is worth noting that after finishing the game, you might want to learn how to get Smoldering Ember in God of War. This resource can help to upgrade your weapons and abilities and make the game even more enjoyable. Additionally, consider revisiting the story through New Game+. This feature offers new challenges and player customizations which encourages replayability as an option.

    Overall, remember that getting that coveted Platinum Trophy requires dedication and patience but ultimately rewards gamers with one of gaming’s greatest achievements. Happy hunting! Congratulations, you’ve completed God of War. Now it’s time to go outside, see real sunlight, and remember what it feels like to have a life.


    After successfully completing God of War, you have a range of options to consider in order to continue your gaming experience. These options may include exploring the various challenges and missions available throughout the game or trying out other titles within the series.

    It is worth considering investing in further downloadable content (DLC) for God of War, if you have not already done so. With new maps, stories and challenges, DLC can give gamers a fresh perspective and additional gaming hours.

    In addition, players can consider taking a break from playing on their current platform and experience God of War on another device. For example, gamers who played the original version of the game may want to try it out on the PS Vita or Nintendo Switch.

    To make sure you don’t miss out on any bonuses, easter eggs or secrets hidden throughout the game, it’s important to undertake thorough research by reading online forums and discussions dedicated to discovering these great features. Wondering where you can play God of War? Find out here.

    As technology changes rapidly and new titles are released at exciting rates, there is always a fear of missing out (FOMO) within modern gaming culture. With this in mind, we suggest that you take the time to explore all avenues offered by God of War before moving onto your next adventure!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What can I do after completing the main story of God of War?

    After finishing the main story of God of War, players can explore the open world and complete side quests, find hidden collectibles, and upgrade their equipment and skills. If you’re looking for guidance on how to play God of War in order, there are resources available online to help you plan your adventure.

    2. Is there any additional content available after beating God of War?

    Yes, God of War has a New Game+ mode that allows players to replay the game with all of their previous progress and equipment, as well as new challenges and rewards.

    3. How do I access the New Game+ mode in God of War?

    To access the New Game+ mode, players must first complete the main story and have reached at least level 4 on any equipment set. Then, they can select the New Game+ option from the main menu.

    4. Are there any post-game secrets or Easter eggs in God of War?

    If you’re wondering how to defeat Rota in God of War, you need to make sure you have upgraded your armor and weapons to the highest level possible. Also, try to dodge and block as much as possible during the fight to avoid taking too much damage. Keep your distance and use Atreus’ arrows to stun Rota and create openings for attacks.

    Yes, God of War has several hidden secrets and Easter eggs that players can discover after completing the main story, including a secret ending and a hidden ending boss fight.

    5. Can I continue playing after completing all the side quests and collectibles in God of War?

    Yes, after completing all the side quests and collectibles in God of War, players can still explore the open world, fight enemies, and upgrade their equipment and skills to maximize their combat abilities.

    6. Are there any DLCs or expansions planned for God of War?

    As of now, there are no DLCs or expansions announced for God of War, but the development team has hinted at future content updates and expansions in the works.

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