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When Does God of War Ascension Take Place?

    Historical Context of God of War Ascension

    God of War Ascension is set in ancient Greece, before the events of the other games in the series. This prequel follows Kratos’ attempts to break his bond with Ares, the God of War, and shift his allegiance to Athena instead. The game takes place during a time of political unrest when city-states vie for dominance and mythical creatures roam the land.

    The storyline incorporates elements from Greek mythology as well as historical events and figures like Leonidas, king of Sparta. If you’re wondering how long is God of War Ps4, rest assured that despite being a prequel, God of War Ascension maintains the same level of epic action, stunning graphics and innovative gameplay that have made the series a fan favourite.

    Pro Tip: For an immersive experience, explore the game’s gorgeous environments in photo mode by pausing gameplay and adjusting settings to capture stunning screenshots.

    Get ready to time-travel with Kratos as we unravel the twisted timeline of God of War Ascension.

    Timeline of Events in God of War Ascension

    In this prequel to the original God of War game series, the timeline of events in God of War Ascension begins six months after Kratos was tricked by Ares and his family is killed.

    A Table showcasing the timeline in detail:

    Timeline EventsYears
    Death of Kratos’ Family10 years BCE
    Imprisonment by Furies10 years BCE
    The Escape from Prison9 years BCE
    Encounter with Orkos9 years BCE
    Defeating Hecatonchires9 years BCE
    Battling Elephantaur8-7 Years BCE

    The unique detail features an exciting blend of thrilling narration, riveting story-telling, and mythical elements that make the journey a spell-binding experience demanded by gamers worldwide.

    Pro Tip: If you want to learn more about when God of War will go on sale, check out this article on sale dates.

    Time travel may not be possible in God of War Ascension, but the importance of the timeline is 100% real.

    The Importance of the Timeframe in God of War Ascension

    The time period in which God of War Ascension takes place is crucial to the story. The setting and events occurring during that time are significant in shaping the game’s narrative.

    Kratos’s journey in God of War Ascension reflects his state of mind before becoming the Ghost of Sparta. It shows us how he was a mere mortal, driven by rage and vengeance, seeking redemption for his sins. Exploring this phase offers insight into Kratos’s character arc.

    The game takes place somewhere between 6 to 10 years before the first God of War game, explaining how Kratos received the infamous Blades of Chaos and his transition towards seeking revenge against the gods.

    Notably, IGN reports that God of War Ascension’s development had to address continuity issues arising from previous games set in different timelines, with different mechanics.

    Get ready to slash your way through mythology with God of War Ascension’s storyline – it’s like Tinder for ancient gods.

    Analysis of the Storyline in God of War Ascension

    God of War Ascension’s storyline is thoroughly analyzed in this article. The game gives insight into Kratos’ past and how he becomes a servant of Ares. The story takes place before the events of the main God of War series, and Kratos attempts to break free from Ares’ control, leading to his quest for redemption.

    The gameplay is intense and ties in well with the story, providing an immersive experience for players. Combat mechanics are revamped, making them more fluid and dynamic, with new weapons and magic abilities being introduced.

    Additionally, the game includes multiplayer elements where players can battle alongside or against each other in various game modes.

    Pro Tip: Make sure to pay attention to the cutscenes as they reveal essential details about the storyline.

    Let’s meet the gods, demi-gods, and monsters who will either aid or impede Kratos in his quest for vengeance.

    Characters in God of War Ascension and their Significance

    God of War Ascension is a complex game with many impressive characters who contribute to the story’s depth. The game has several characters who play a vital role in the storyline.

    Character NameSignificance
    OrkosKratos’ ally

    Kratos is the primary protagonist, and Orkos is his loyal ally throughout the game, providing him with critical information and guidance along the way. In contrast, Alecto and Tisiphone fight against Kratos as significant antagonists, creating obstacles that challenge players throughout the journey.

    In addition to these four significant characters, God of War Ascension offers various other unique personalities integral to character development not found in previous God of War games. However, some players may wonder why God of War Ascension is considered bad.

    The designers at Santa Monica Studios created God of War Ascension after receiving feedback from gamers worldwide. The team spent years curating and perfecting a narrative that would engage and immerse players both mentally and emotionally while ensuring that it remained entertaining. If you’re wondering when you can download God of War, check out our website for the latest updates.

    A fact about God of War Ascension: The game was launched on March 12th, 2013, developed by Santa Monica Studio, published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 3 only.

    God of War Ascension breathes new life into the franchise, while simultaneously tearing out the hearts of unsuspecting players.

    The Impact of God of War Ascension on the Franchise

    God of War Ascension has had a significant impact on the franchise. This prequel game explores the backstory of Kratos and expands upon the lore of the God of War universe.

    In God of War Ascension, players get to witness Kratos before he becomes consumed with rage and vengeance, giving them a deeper understanding of his character. The game also introduces new gameplay mechanics that add variety to the combat system. For those wondering when God of War Ascension will be released, make sure to check out the link for more information.

    Notably, God of War Ascension received critical acclaim for its multiplayer mode, which was a first for the franchise. It allowed players to compete against each other in unique arenas inspired by Greek mythology. If you’re wondering when God of War is coming to PC, you’ll have to be patient as no official announcement has been made yet.

    Pro Tip: To fully appreciate the impact God of War Ascension has on the franchise, it’s recommended to play it before diving into later installments. Love it or hate it, God of War Ascension’s setting proves one thing: Kratos really needs to invest in some therapy sessions.

    Criticisms and Praises of God of War Ascension’s Setting and Timeframe

    God of War Ascension’s Setting and Timeframe has been both praised and criticized by gamers and critics.

    A table below highlights some praises and criticisms about God of War Ascension’s Setting and Timeframe.

    The game is set before the previous titles, providing a new perspective on Kratos’ past events.Some players have found the setting to be repetitive since it is another prequel title.
    The time frame emphasizes Kratos’ fall from grace as he moves away from hope towards anger.Critics reviewed that the time frame was too short, not giving enough depth to Kratos’ transformation.

    Additionally, the game’s world-building successfully delivers details of Ancient Greece, creating an immersive experience for players.

    It would be great if future God of War titles can focus more on its historical significance while maintaining its fast-paced action and impressive graphics. This will provide both new and returning players with an even better understanding of Kratos’ story while keeping them engaged in the game itself.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: When does God of War Ascension take place?

    A: God of War Ascension takes place before the events of the original God of War game.

    Q: What is the story of God of War Ascension?

    A: God of War Ascension tells the story of Kratos’ journey after being deceived by Ares, the God of War, and imprisoned by the Furies. If you’re curious about when God of War 2018 was announced though, you can find more information on that at the link provided.

    Q: Can I still enjoy God of War Ascension if I haven’t played the other games in the series?

    Are you wondering when God of War is coming back to Fortnite?

    A: Yes, God of War Ascension can be enjoyed as a standalone game, but playing the previous games will give you a better understanding of the story and characters.

    Q: What is the release date for God of War 4?

    Find out when God of War 4 is coming out and what platforms it will be available on.

    A: God of War Ascension is only available on the PlayStation 3.

    Q: Is God of War Ascension a multiplayer game?

    A: Yes, God of War 6 is highly anticipated by fans who are always looking forward to the latest installment of the franchise. However, it is yet to be announced by the developers. In the meantime, fans can enjoy God of War Ascension which features a multiplayer mode where players can battle against each other as mythical warriors.

    Q: Are there any DLCs available for God of War Ascension?

    A: Yes, there are several DLCs available for God of War Ascension that offer additional single-player and multiplayer content.

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