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When Does God of War Betrayal Take Place?

    Overview of God of War Betrayal

    God of War Betrayal is a mobile game version of the God of War franchise that follows Kratos, the titular character, as he battles his way through a series of challenges. The game takes place between the events of God of War I and II, filling in some gaps in the overall storyline. Kratos becomes embroiled in a plot involving Zeus, who seeks revenge against the Spartan warrior for his past transgressions.

    As players progress through the game, they will encounter new enemies, weapons, and abilities that have not been featured in previous entries in the series. Additionally, when do you get the spear in God of War? Betrayal utilizes a more cartoonish art style than its console counterparts to better suit the small screens and limited hardware capabilities of mobile devices.

    One aspect that sets God of War Betrayal apart from other entries in the franchise is its reliance on exploration and puzzle-solving rather than simple hack-and-slash combat. By encouraging players to think strategically about how they approach each challenge, developers have crafted an experience that feels fresh and unique while still retaining the core elements that fans love. If you want to know how to get the spear in God of War, make sure to follow the clues and hints provided in the game to uncover the weapon’s location.

    If you’re a fan of God of War or just looking for a great action-adventure game to play on your phone or tablet, don’t miss out on God of War Betrayal. With its engaging storyline and exciting gameplay mechanics, it’s sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

    God of War Betrayal takes place at a time when Kratos must trust someone other than himself – and we all know how well that usually goes for him.

    When does God of War Betrayal take place?

    To understand when God of War Betrayal takes place, you must familiarize yourself with the game’s setting and timeline. The setting gives context to the characters, while the timeline establishes the events leading up to the game. In this section, we will briefly introduce the sub-sections, the setting of the game, and the timeline of events taking place in God of War Betrayal.

    Setting of God of War Betrayal

    God of War Betrayal is set in ancient Greece, where King Eurystheus enlists Kratos’ help to defeat the gods and gain eternal power. The game takes place after the events of the first God of War game but before those of God of War II. In this mobile version of the game, Kratos sets out on a mission to stop Persephone from taking control of Hades and releasing the Titans.

    Kratos finds himself betrayed by Athens’ army and is forced to embark on a new quest in order to seek revenge. The game introduces new weapons such as Thera’s Bane and Erinyes Whip. As the player progresses through levels, they encounter various Greek mythological creatures such as Hercules’ Ceryneian Hind, Chimera, and The Sphinx.

    One unique detail about God of War Betrayal is that it was specifically created for mobile gaming devices at the time, including Java-based phones and BlackBerry smartphones. Despite its limitations, it managed to deliver an enjoyable gameplay experience with compelling storyline and intense action sequences.

    Interestingly, when God of War Betrayal was released in 2007, it received mixed reviews from critics due to its technical limitations on mobile devices. However, over time the game has gained a cult following among fans of the series who appreciate its unique story and gameplay elements.

    Travel through time with God of War Betrayal’s timeline, because who needs a DeLorean when you have a trusty controller?

    Timeline of God of War Betrayal

    God of War Betrayal is set in between the first two God of War games. This game is a continuation and acts as a bridge to connect the events of both previous and later games.

    • The game takes place after Kratos defeated Ares, but before he started his journey towards the Colossus of Rhodes.
    • Kratos sets out to track down what he believes to be an assassin sent by someone who wants revenge against him.
    • The story revolves around Kratos being betrayed by Zeus and Athena, leading to his imprisonment in Tartarus.
    • The game ends with Kratos planning his revenge which is shown in God of War II.

    It should be noted that this game was only released for mobile phones, which was not very successful. However, it still contributed significantly to the overall story arc of the franchise.

    In Greece, over 50 churches have been dedicated to St. Spyridon whose day is celebrated on December 12th. Get ready to enter a world where the gods are vengeful, the mortals are brutal, and the main character just can’t seem to catch a break in God of War Betrayal.

    Understanding the characters in God of War Betrayal

    To understand the characters in God of War Betrayal, delve into Kratos, Deimos, and Athena as solutions. These characters play pivotal roles in the game plot and can significantly impact the player experience. Understand their traits and choices to better appreciate the narrative and gameplay.


    Kratos’ signature weapons, the Blades of Chaos, grant him unparalleled agility and offensive capabilities on the battlefield. Additionally, his rage meter allows him to execute devastating attacks capable of obliterating any foe standing in his path. Kratos possesses immense physical strength, endurance and resilience that make him virtually indestructible.

    What separates Kratos from other characters is his complex personality which heavily influences his actions. Despite being incredibly powerful, he is haunted by memories of his past mistakes that have pushed him to embrace a solitary lifestyle. Kratos has also exhibited selfish behavior as he only cares about avenging himself without regard for anyone else.

    Kratos’ character has developed over time with each installation often revealing more about his past while providing definite answers regarding some of our unanswered questions in previous iterations. It’s interesting to witness how he navigates through life’s struggles and dilemmas while processing emotions such as anger and sadness.

    “Deimos may be Kratos’s brother, but let’s be real, they probably just bonded over their mutual love for killing things.”


    One of the characters in God of War Betrayal is the brother of Kratos, who was abducted by Olympian gods, and his name is Deimos. Deimos is a fierce warrior who has a troubled past and resents Kratos for not saving him from the gods. He serves as an antagonist throughout the game, and his motives become clearer as the story progresses.

    As we progress through the game, we learn that Deimos was taken captive by Ares, who used him to manipulate Kratos into becoming a ruthless killing machine. Deimos dares to confront his brother for not rescuing him from his captivity, and that fuels his anger towards Kratos. As a result, he turns to Athena and becomes her servant in exchange for revenge.

    Deimos is not just your typical video game antagonist; he has well-rounded emotions caused by his experiences in captivity and manipulation by Ares. He serves as an essential character whose actions reflect how things change when people go through traumatic experiences.

    There’s no doubt that the character of Deimos was well-developed with just enough nuance to keep us engaged. His redemptive arc makes us care for him despite being an adversary to our main protagonist.

    Athena may be the goddess of wisdom, but she’s also the goddess of making Kratos’ life a living Hades in God of War Betrayal.


    The goddess of wisdom, Athena, is a key character in God of War Betrayal. She is the daughter of Zeus and sister to Ares. Athena is portrayed as a wise and strategic advisor who plays a vital role in helping Kratos throughout his journey. Her fierce loyalty to Olympus often puts her at odds with Kratos, who seeks to destroy the gods.

    Athena’s intelligence and expertise in battle make her a formidable opponent. She possesses incredible strength and agility, making her an essential asset to any fight. Her wisdom also helps guide Kratos on his quest for vengeance.

    One unique aspect of Athena is her ability to manipulate situations to achieve her desired outcome. She often strategically places Kratos in difficult circumstances to force him to make difficult decisions that ultimately benefit Olympus.

    While Athena’s intentions may seem noble, her actions eventually lead to betrayal and tragedy. In the end, it is clear that Athena’s allegiance truly lies with Olympus rather than Kratos.

    Legend has it that many ancient Greeks prayed using statues or images of Athena, seeking guidance and protection from the goddess of wisdom. While the portrayal of Athena in God of War Betrayal may differ from traditional interpretations, one thing remains consistent – she remains an iconic deity in Greek mythology.

    Interested in knowing more about Greek mythology and video games? Check out when God of War 2 came out to learn more.

    Get ready for a plot twist that’ll make you question if the gods are even on their own side in God of War Betrayal.

    Plot of God of War Betrayal

    To understand the plot of God of War Betrayal, you need to follow the journey of Kratos and discover the events that lead to betrayal. The section explores the story’s beginning, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution as a solution. Each sub-section serves as a critical part of the narrative, and the resolution ties them together effectively.

    Beginning of the story

    At the outset, God of War Betrayal kicks off with an enraged Kratos summoning his army of Spartans to wreak havoc upon the city of Attica after discovering that someone had stolen the Ambrosia. The theft’s motive is unknown, and it sets the ball rolling for a rollercoaster ride of excitement and adventure through mythological locales.

    As the story progresses, Kratos learns that he has been set up by an old enemy, Argos, who has ambitions to gain control over Olympia. To make matters worse, Kratos’ trusted lieutenant, Ceryx, betrays him and steals the Amulet of Uroborus. Now, with Argos’ minions on his tail and lacking crucial artifacts required to defeat them, Kratos must forge ahead with his mission despite seemingly insurmountable odds.

    What sets this game apart are its thrilling combat mechanics coupled with challenging puzzles that test both your wits and reflexes. With unexpected twists and turns in every chapter, God of War Betrayal promises an exhilarating ride through a world steeped in mythology.

    If you’re looking for an action-packed adventure set within a richly detailed mythological setting, don’t miss out on God of War Betrayal- the game that will keep you glued to your screen from start to finish!
    Kratos’ journey to seek revenge becomes bloodier than a Game of Thrones episode, and that’s saying something.

    Rising action

    The storyline of God of War Betrayal takes the player on an intriguing journey of rising conflict. As the story advances, the tension between Kratos and various other characters gradually intensifies. The Rising Conflict in God of War Betrayal shows how the plot progresses towards its climax. The gods are at odds with each other and are vying for power as Kratos relentlessly pursues his quest.

    In addition to the central theme, there are various subplots that contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the game’s narrative. These subplots include deceit, alliances formed by competing factions and their subsequent downfall. Every event is intricately interlinked and builds on one another bringing you closer to a climactic ending.

    As the game progresses, Kratos encounters new challenges that keep him engaged at every turn. The villains he faces become increasingly difficult; however, Kratos’ determination becomes stronger with time as he remains steadfast towards his ultimate goal.

    One suggestion for players tackling God of War Betrayal is to pay attention to every subtle detail unfolding throughout Kratos’ journey. Doing so will make it easy to follow what’s occurring under an obscured layer of turmoil, guilt and regret within Krato s psyche. Another suggestion would be to remember critical decisions made by both protagonists near-constant betrayals before facing hard choices in your own life. By doing this while playing God of War Betrayal may build insight into personal morality decision-making skills in real life scenarios as well as unexpected plot twists possible wherever we are!

    It can be frustrating when you experience game crashes while playing. If you’re wondering why God of War keeps crashing, there are a few things you can try. One is to check your console for any updates or patches that may be necessary. Another is to clear your console’s cache, or to uninstall and reinstall the game. If none of these solutions work, you may need to contact customer support for further assistance.

    Kratos reaches the fiery climax of his quest for vengeance, proving once again that anger management courses are not in his future.


    As the story of God of War Betrayal reaches its zenith, the ultimate turning point is marked by a crucial moment that leads to the Climax. At this stage, players have witnessed Kratos’ journey from a mere mortal to becoming one of the most powerful demigods. The unfolding events come to a head when Kratos faces off against Zeus in an epic battle of supremacy.

    In this scene, players must navigate their way through an intricate web of obstacles and enemies to reach Zeus himself. Through sheer willpower and unrelenting strength, Kratos engages in an intense one-on-one combat with Zeus. The stakes are high as players must learn how to blade latch God of War to have a chance at survival and justice, and only one can emerge victorious.

    What makes this scene so memorable is not just the action-packed fight choreography but also how it ties in with the overarching narrative theme of betrayal. As Kratos confronts Zeus, he realizes that everything he has ever known was built on lies and deception perpetrated by those closest to him.

    A true fact: God of War Betrayal was released exclusively for mobile phones in 2007 by Sony Online Entertainment. If you’re wondering how to throw axe in God of War, check out our guide for tips and tricks.

    Kratos may be a god-killer, but he’s not immune to the classic Greek tragedy trope of betrayal and downfall.

    Falling action

    Following the climax, the story of God of War Betrayal enters into a phase where events are heading towards resolution. This part is known as the ‘descending conflict.’ Kratos prepares to face his ultimate foe – Argos – and cut away from his ties with Ares. However, it does not come that easy as he has to navigate through several challenges posed by Ares’ minions in the form of puzzles and battles.

    Kratos finds himself betrayed once again while discovering who Argos was, and he was ultimately revealed as a loyal Spartan soldier who became a victim of Ares’ manipulations. While navigating through Elysium, Kratos learns about Thanatos’s true motives, primarily motivating him to seek revenge against Zeus for condemning him to the underworld by killing Athena.

    Looks like Kratos finally found a way to resolve his daddy issues, by taking on every god in sight.


    After the events in God of War, Kratos returns in God of War Betrayal to end the tyrannical rule of Argos, a captain of the Greek army. The story culminates with a memorable and fulfilling Resolution.

    • Kratos defeats Argos and frees Ares from the spirit realm.
    • Ares informs Kratos that he will be rewarded for his loyalty.
    • Kratos rejects Ares’ offer, claiming his freedom is worth more than any reward.
    • Kratos then uses Ares’ power to escape the underworld and return to Greece.
    • He disposes of all remaining betrayers, avenging those he lost during his journey.
    • The game ends on a positive note, leaving players satisfied with the resolution.

    The plot and action sequences throughout the game lead up to this satisfying Resolution. This conclusion ties together all loose ends while also providing character development.

    In addition, gamers can engage with multiple unique side quests throughout the game that adds depth to the storyline. These optional quests provide additional insight into Kratos’ motivations and backstory.

    Don’t miss out on experiencing this thrilling game yourself. Grab your controller and dive into this epic battle for revenge and redemption.
    God of War Betrayal fits into the franchise like Kratos fits into a pile of dead gods seamlessly.

    How God of War Betrayal fits into the God of War franchise

    God of War Betrayal is an integral part of the God of War franchise and takes place between the events of the first and second games. This mobile game explores Kratos’ journey to stop Zeus from overthrowing the mortal world. It features familiar gameplay mechanics and characters, including Kratos and Athena, but also introduces new enemies and environments.

    While God of War Betrayal may not be a part of the main series, it adds depth to Kratos’ character development and sheds light on his motivations in later games. Additionally, its unique platform allows for new gameplay experiences that are different from console versions.

    Want to know what time God of War takes place? Check out the link for more information.

    The story takes place after Ares’ defeat at the hands of Kratos and chronicles his redemption as he works with Athena to save humanity. However, as with any Greek myth, betrayal is a theme that runs deep throughout the game.

    If you’re a fan of the franchise, missing out on God of War Betrayal would mean failing to learn more about important events and storylines that shape Kratos’ character development. Don’t let this happen to you make sure you play this exciting mobile game today!
    “Kratos may have betrayed the gods, but at least he never ghosted his son like some people I know.”


    The timeline of God of War Betrayal is an intriguing aspect that adds depth to the story. The game takes place after the events of the original game but before God of War II, making it a significant part of Kratos’ journey. In this installment, Kratos is on a mission to uncover conspiracies within Mount Olympus.

    Kratos’ journey in God of War Betrayal begins with him meeting with Athena to discuss Zeus’s recent actions. Shortly after, he discovers that Persephone has taken over the Underworld and plans to use its power against Olympus. With Athena’s help, Kratos sets out to defeat Persephone and stop her plan.

    It’s worth mentioning that God of War Betrayal was released as a mobile game in 2007, which could have led to it being overlooked by some fans. However, for those who haven’t played it yet, it’s worth giving it a shot for its excellent storyline.

    Pro Tip: Although God of War Betrayal isn’t considered an integral part of the series, playing it can deepen your understanding and appreciation for Kratos’ journey.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is God of War Betrayal?

    God of War Betrayal is a mobile game based on the popular God of War franchise. It was released in 2007 for Java-enabled mobile phones.

    2. When does God of War unlock in the series timeline?

    The events of God of War Betrayal take place between the first God of War game and the second one. It fills in some of the gaps in the story and helps to bridge the two games together.

    Where are the stags in God of War?

    3. Who is the main character in God of War Betrayal?

    Kratos, the same main character from the God of War franchise, is the main character in God of War Betrayal. He embarks on a new quest for vengeance and to clear his name in the eyes of the gods.

    4. What kind of gameplay does God of War Betrayal have?

    God of War Betrayal has 2D sidescrolling gameplay with hack and slash combat. It also has several puzzles and platforming sections that players must navigate through.

    5. Can I play God of War Betrayal on my smartphone or tablet?

    God of War Betrayal was originally released for Java-enabled mobile phones, so it is not compatible with modern smartphones or tablets. However, there are ways to emulate Java on newer devices so that the game can still be played.

    6. Is God of War Betrayal canon to the overall God of War storyline?

    Wondering about how many endings God of War has?

    Yes, God of War Betrayal is considered to be canon in the overall God of War storyline. The events that take place in the game are referenced in later games and are important to understanding Kratos’s story.

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