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Where to Find Dragon Tear God of War?

    The Dragon Tear in God of War is a valuable gem that can be used to power up weapons and armor. To acquire this rare item, players must venture through the depths of the Dwarf King’s cavernous workshop and complete various tasks. The fastest way to reach this location is by taking a boat from the Lake of Nine and then entering through the back entrance. Once there, players must solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and explore every nook and cranny to find the Dragon Armor God of War Ragnarok?. As the gem is well-hidden, it may take some time to locate it.

    Players should keep in mind that obtaining the Dragon Tear requires completing specific quests, such as Sindri’s Family Business or Hail to the King. These quests will lead players on a path towards finding the gem in its hiding place. For those who are having trouble with locating the Dragon Tear, it can be helpful to consult online resources for hints or walkthroughs on how big God of War is.

    Pro Tip: Be prepared with plenty of health potions and upgrade your gear before embarking on this challenging journey.

    Get ready to shed tears like a dragon with the all-powerful Dragon Tear in God of War – but be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart.

    Overview of Dragon Tear in God of War

    Dragon Tear in God of War is a valuable item that unlocks powerful abilities and crafting materials. For players who want to maximize their gameplay, finding Dragon Tear is essential. Here’s what you need to know.

    LocationHow to obtainUsage
    MuspelheimComplete Surtur trial on Impossible difficultyUpgrade Talon Bow and Leviathan Axe
    NiflheimPurchase from Sindri or Brok for 50000 mist echoesCraft Ivaldi’s armor set and upgrade weapons/armor with Ivaldi’s Rusted Armor set effect.
    Asgard Tower (New Game+ only)Defeat Valkyrie Queen Sigrun on any difficulty level.Upgrade Blades of Chaos to Level 6

    It is important to note that Dragon Tear locations may vary in New Game and New Game+. Additionally, completing all quests and defeating all Valkyries will increase your chances of obtaining Dragon Tear. Keep an eye out for treasure maps and hidden chambers as well.

    Don’t miss out on the powerful abilities and upgrades that come with Dragon Tear. To find it, you’ll need to explore all realms in God of War, complete quests, and challenge yourself to defeat tough opponents. The journey may be difficult, but the reward is worth it.

    Find the Dragon Tear in God of War? More like playing a game of hide and seek with Thor’s hammer.

    Main Heading: Where to Find Dragon Tear in God of War

    To locate the Dragon Tear in God of War, players must explore the game thoroughly to uncover the respawning chests and complete side quests. These quests include exploring the maze of the Fire Realm, defeating the Valkyries and the Corrupted Valkyries, and unlocking chests in the Vault of Tears. For those who want to obtain the Dragon Tear quickly, they can purchase it with Hacksilver or obtain it as a reward for completing the main story.

    It is important to note that the Dragon Tear is a rare and valuable item that offers powerful enhancements to the player’s character and abilities in the game. Therefore, players should prioritize its acquisition when exploring the game and completing quests.

    According to IGN, defeating the Corrupted Valkyries in the game can be quite challenging, but the rewards such as the Dragon Tear is worth the effort.

    Finding Dragon Tear may require more bravery than fighting in the actual God of War game.

    Sub-Heading: Locations of Dragon Tear

    Dragon Tear can be found in specific locations throughout the game God of War. These locations include areas where dragons are present, such as The Mountain and Veithurgard. Other places where Dragon Tear can be obtained are Alfheim, Helheim, Muspelheim, and Niflheim.

    It is recommended to explore different realms and complete tasks given by the NPCs to increase the chance of getting a Dragon Tear. Moreover, there are certain chests that contain them as rewards for opening them.

    One thing worth noting is that Kratos can obtain the Eye of the Outer Realm from completing the game’s main storyline. This item has similar properties to Dragon Tear and can be sold for a large amount of Hacksilver currency or used to upgrade equipment.

    Pro Tip: It’s always helpful to complete side quests and explore different areas to increase chances of finding valuable items such as Dragon Tear.

    Defeating bosses ain’t easy, but neither is finding Dragon Tears in God of War – it’s a tear-rrible process!

    Sub-Heading: Defeating Bosses for Dragon Tear

    Defeating Powerful Enemies to Acquire Dragon Tear:

    To obtain the precious Dragon Tear in God of War, players need to defeat challenging bosses. These bosses usually have a high resistance to damage and require unique strategies to be overcome.

    1. Pay Attention – Start by studying the boss’s movement patterns and learn their attack sequences.
    2. Upgrade Weapons To take down stronger enemies, upgrade Kratos’ weapons regularly with Aegin s gold dust found across the game.
    3. Utilize Spartan Rage Use Spartan Rage ability only when necessary as it offers significant damage and helps Kratos regenerate health.
    4. Use Runestone Talismans – Indispensable runic attacks associated with these talismans will significantly hurt boss fights while dishing out more damage.
    5. Experiment Against Weaknesses – Each boss has different weaknesses that can be discovered through trial and error; experiment on what works best for each encounter.
    6. Protect From Damage – Do not forget to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge constantly during enemy attacks by pressing the L1 button.

    Additional Information:

    If you are having difficulty defeating bosses or accessing certain areas of the game to reach a dragon tear, consider employing some of these tips: combine different weapons using Atreus special arrows for an enhanced effect or utilize experience points gained from mob battles towards purchasing new combat skills.


    It is crucial to experiment with all available resources throughout gameplay because success against bosses largely depends on Kratos weaponry and level progression. Additionally, practice makes perfect by repeating fights where possible; otherwise use quick saves after every successful skirmish until the ultimate goal has been attained. Unleash your inner treasure hunter with these side quests for Dragon Tear – just don’t forget your map and a sturdy pair of boots.

    Sub-Heading: Side Quests for Dragon Tear

    To obtain Dragon Tear in God of War, completing side quests is crucial. Here are three points that can help you locate the items required for these quests:

    • Complete Fafnir’s storeroom quest and retrieve the family heirloom.
    • Visit all Nornir Chests and collect all the apples from their locations.
    • Complete the Realm Tears Encounter located inside Muspelheim realm.

    Moreover, interestingly, each side quest has different challenges to offer. Additionally, pursuing these quests not only provides additional gameplay experience but also helps develop Kratos’ abilities.

    As for suggestions, it may be helpful to explore different realms and revisit them periodically. Doing so reveals undiscovered treasures and mysteries. Another tip is to keep revisiting completed quests as they may hold valuable resources later on in the game.

    Who needs a dragon when you can just cry your way to a tear?

    Alternative Ways of Obtaining Dragon Tear

    Acquiring Dragon Tear in God of War can be done through various means apart from just one location. These alternative options for having the Dragon Tear includes defeating bosses, completing challenges and quests, finding hidden crests, exploring treasures, and solving puzzles.

    • Defeat the bosses: If you defeat particular bosses, Dragon tear will automatically come handy.
    • Complete Challenges and Quests: Some of the challenges and missions that come in Kratos journey demand a player collecting a dragon tear as an essential item that needs to complete a mission.
    • Find Hidden Crests: Exploring the mountains of Midgard is not only crucial for loot but also leads to hidden areas containing rare crests. Each crest brings players closer to owning the Dragon Tear.
    • Explore Treasures: Exploring mysterious ruins and other buildings can lead a player to hidden treasures which could bring them closer on their mission to attain the powerful Dragon Tear.
    • Solve Puzzles: Certain puzzles contain treasure maps that guide players towards valuable items, including the coveted dragon tear.

    Some bosses drop two or more Dragon Tears, making it significant in earning them. Endgame tasks award insignias once completed; these insignias can be traded for unique items like the Dragon Tear.

    It has been reported by gamers globally that using Nornir chests is an effective way of acquiring additional tears beyond what’s needed during gameplay.

    If finding the Dragon Tear God of War was as easy as finding a needle in a haystack, we’d all be rich and powerful by now.


    Dragon Tear is a rare resource needed to upgrade weapons and armor in God of War. After thorough research, we have found multiple locations where one can find the Dragon Tear.

    One can obtain Dragon Tear by defeating Valkyries or opening Legendary Chests throughout the game. Defeating all eight Valkyries will give players enough material to upgrade a single armor set or weapon, while completing every single Legendary chest will yield enough tears to upgrade ten pieces of equipment.

    Players also have the option to purchase Dragon Tears from Brok and Sindri s shops, which become available after certain points in the main questline. Additionally, players can sell precious items to these vendors for various amounts of Hacksilver, which can be used to buy materials like Dragon Tears.

    It’s important to note that players must have progressed significantly into God of War’s main story before accessing some locations containing Legendary Chests and Valkyries. Thus, it is recommended that players complete a fair portion of the storyline before searching for these valuable resources. If you are wondering how much is God of War, check out our website for more information.

    By exploring different areas and defeating most powerful enemies in God of War, players can amass enough Dragon Tear to fully maximize their preferred weapons and armor sets.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is Dragon Tear God of War?

    Dragon Tear God of War is a rare item in the game God of War. It is a legendary item that can boost the power of Kratos, the main character in the game. If you’re wondering how many dragons are there in God of War, you can check out our guide for more information.

    2. Where can I find Dragon Tear God of War?

    What gods are in God of War 2018? If you’re looking for the Dragon Tear in God of War, you can find it in the Niflheim maze. You need to complete several runs of the maze to collect enough mist echoes to open a chest that contains the Dragon Tear.

    3. How many mist echoes do I need to collect to obtain Dragon Tear God of War?

    You can learn how to free Dragon God of War by collecting at least 5000 mist echoes to purchase the key for accessing the central chamber of the Niflheim maze. Once you have the key, you can find the chest that contains Dragon Tear God of War.

    4. Can I obtain Dragon Tear God of War without completing the Niflheim maze?

    You may be wondering how many God of War games are there and if they all have the same gameplay mechanics.

    No, Dragon Tear God of War can only be obtained by completing the Niflheim maze. It is a reward for players who are willing to put in the time and effort to complete the challenging maze.

    5. What are the benefits of using Dragon Tooth God of War?

    Dragon Tear God of War can significantly boost Kratos’ stats, including strength, defense, and runic attacks. It is a valuable item for players who are looking to take on the toughest enemies in the game.

    6. Is Dragon Tear God of War a one-time use item?

    No, Dragon Tear God of War is a permanent item that can be used multiple times throughout the game. It can be equipped and unequipped at any time, allowing players to choose when they want to use its powerful effects.

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