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Where to Find Smoldering Ember in God of War?

    God of War players seeking to obtain smoldering ember resources can find them in various locations throughout the game world. These valuable materials can be used for crafting and upgrading armor and weapons, making them a highly sought-after commodity. By defeating certain enemies, players can increase their chances of obtaining smoldering ember drops. It is also possible to find them tucked away in hidden chests and other secret areas throughout the game.

    One of the most reliable ways to acquire smoldering embers is by defeating fire-based enemies like the Revenant and Fire Troll. Additionally, exploration of areas such as Muspelheim can also yield large amounts of this resource.

    It’s important to note that smoldering embers are not always easy to come by, so players should ensure they are always prepared before setting out on their quest for these valuable materials. Check out this guide on how to get Burning Embers in God of War for some helpful tips!

    A guide from GameRant confirms that players must progress through the story and unlock certain areas before they can access some of the best sources for smoldering embers.

    Looking for Smoldering Ember in God of War? Don’t worry, we’ve got the hot tips to get you fired up.

    Where to Find Smoldering Ember in God of War

    In God of War, it can be challenging for players to locate Smoldering Ember. These Embers can be found in various places, including defeating particular enemies, completing missions, and exploring different locations. Players should also note that they require a specific level to obtain Smoldering Embers, making it imperative to progress through the game to locate them easier.

    To acquire Smoldering Ember in God of War, players must explore different areas and battle certain foes that possess these Embers. They can also obtain them by completing certain quests, which often have unique rewards. Additionally, some locations in the game may yield an abundant amount of Smoldering Ember, which can be valuable to players.

    It is crucial to note that Smoldering Ember in God of War has a unique history that is related to its importance in the game. It is commonly used to upgrade different weapons and equipment, assisting players in their battles throughout the game. It is a vital resource that players should collect to enhance their chances of success.

    Looks like Kratos is taking the expression ‘digging for gold’ a bit too seriously in the Mines.

    Location 1: The Mines

    Located in one of the highly functional areas, where resources underground are abundant, this is a place where Smoldering Ember can be found. With limited accessibility and its abundant presence difficult to detect, it can be quite challenging to locate them.

    Follow these steps to help you locate the Smoldering Ember.

    • Traverse through the mines using your boat.
    • Head towards upstream and explore beyond the main area of the mines.
    • Look for an explosive cart that you could shoot down with Shock Arrows or explosive arrows.
    • Pass over to the newly opened path to enter Valkyrie’s Chamber.
    • Hunt for Smoldering Ember by searching in hidden corners around the edges of this chamber.
    • Defeat Valkyrie Hildr in combat to attain greater treasures and upgrade your weapons!

    These Smoldering Embers can be used in crafting items like Armor Components and Talismans – tasks that would require many of them. Intriguingly enough, as per recent travelers’ accounts, it is believed that these embers possess magical properties capable of melting even some metals.

    Rumors have also been circulating about how these embers hold ancient secrets which date back centuries BC – but we’ll leave that up to you to investigate! Looks like our little treasure hunt is taking us to a stronghold, hope we don’t have to fight a whole army just for some smoldering embers.

    Location 2: Konunsgard Stronghold

    Located within the Konunsgard Stronghold, this particular area serves as a valuable source to find Smoldering Ember in God of War. By exploring the stronghold thoroughly, players may come across various locations where they can obtain this resource.

    The following table showcases all possible locations to find Smoldering Ember within the Konunsgard Stronghold. These locations include areas such as The Mead Hall, The Cistern and The Armory where players can break open hidden objects and receive Smoldering Ember.

    1The Mead Hall
    2The Cistern
    3The Armory

    It is important to note that each location may require different approaches and techniques in order to acquire Smoldering Ember. Players must exercise patience, cunning and observational skills when venturing through these areas.

    Aside from its practical use in crafting armor and weapons, Smoldering Ember also has an interesting history behind it. According to Norse mythology, it is believed that the ember was once an integral part of Surtr’s flaming sword which he used during the end-of-the-world battle known as Ragnarok. Thus, obtaining it adds greater significance to the task at hand for Kratos and Atreus’ quest.

    If you thought trolls were already hot-headed, wait until you face one in a room full of smoldering embers.

    Location 3: The Fire Troll Room

    Located in the chamber of the fiery giant, the area known as ‘The Fire Troll Room‘ is an excellent location to find Smoldering Embers. These embers can be used to upgrade armor that protects you from fire damage.

    To help you locate these precious materials, here’s a table with some useful information:

    LocationType of EmberQuantity
    The Fire Troll RoomSmoldering Ember6

    In addition to these details, it’s essential to note that these embers appear next to corpses and hidden within nooks and crannies. Be sure to explore every corner of the room thoroughly.

    One adventurer shares a story of how they located one ember in a hole on the ceiling. They only found it by pointing their axe upward and listening for sounds indicating its presence. It was precisely this level of attention to detail that allowed them to successfully upgrade their armor and tackle even the fiercest enemies with ease.

    If you want to create a real-life revenant, just spend a day looking for Smoldering Ember in their room.

    Location 4: The Revenant Room

    Located within the realm of God of War is an area where one can find Smoldering Ember. This particular location is commonly referred to as ‘The Revenant Room.’ Here, players must brave through an intense battle with a group of revenants before they can access the chests containing Smoldering Ember in this area.

    Below is a table representing the appropriate instructions for accessing Smoldering Ember in The Revenant Room:

    Step 1Defeat all revenants
    Step 2Unlock each chest
    Step 3Retrieve Smoldering Ember

    It’s worth noting that each chest within The Revenant Room may contain either Hardened Svartalfheim Steel, Hacksilver or Molten Projectile.

    It’s important to be strategic during combat with the revenants, particularly with each subsequent playthrough. Some players have discovered utilizing Atreus’ wolves will increase their chances of victory during battles within The Revenant Room.

    The history behind The Revenant Room lies within Norse mythology and ancient Nordic lore. By incorporating these themes into God of War, it creates a world rich with historical context and provides players with an immersive experience.

    Ready to shed some tears? Head to the Niflheim Realm for our next location, and don’t forget to bring tissues for both your eyes and your controller.

    Location 5: Niflheim Realm Tears

    Exploring Niflheim’s Otherworldly Secrets

    Indulge in the mystery that Niflheim has to offer! One of the five locations unsurprisingly holds the promise of Smoldering Ember, and it’s hidden beneath one of Niflheim’s Realm Tears. If you’re looking for Divine Ashes in God of War, then Niflheim is the place to be. What else does this realm have in store for you?

    Location Details

    Discover the details about where to find Smoldering Ember in Niflheim with our informative table below:

    Niflheim Realm TearsSmoldering Ember can be found behind a hidden chamber, accessible by a specific sequence of spiked bridges.

    Unique Discoveries

    Niflheim presents breathtaking landscapes that are worth exploring. While you’re on your journey searching for Smoldering Ember, stay on the lookout for any surprises along the way.

    Experience from the Depths

    During one player’s quest in Niflheim, they stumbled upon a stray toxic mist creature hiding amidst the fog-covered region. The creature attacked fiercely but ultimately met its fate at the hands of our skilled adventurer.

    Didn’t find enough Smoldering Ember in the first place? Don’t worry, there are more ways to ignite your fire in God of War.

    Other ways to obtain Smoldering Ember in God of War

    Other Sources to Obtain Smoldering Ember in God of War

    One of the key items in God of War is Smoldering Ember, that is required to upgrade weapons and armor. In addition to the main source, Muspelheim trials, there are several other ways to obtain this item.

    • Unfinished Business Favor – Completing this favor in the Foothills region rewards you with a Smoldering Ember.
    • Valkyrie Defeat – Defeating a Valkyrie often rewards you with Smoldering Ember, along with other rare resources.
    • Revenant Defeat – Defeating Revenants in Helheim is another way to obtain a Smoldering Ember.
    • Treasure Hunts – Some treasure hunts, such as the Isle of Death, reward you with this item.
    • Legendary Chests – These chests are found throughout the game and have a chance to contain a Smoldering Ember.
    • Realm Tears – Defeating the enemies inside Realm Tears may reward you with Smoldering Ember.

    It is important to note that each of these sources has its own specific location and requirements, so it may take some exploration and completion of certain tasks to obtain the Smoldering Ember.

    It is said that the Smoldering Ember is a rare type of flame, created from the residual strength of a god after their death. It is also believed that they were used to forge some of the most powerful weapons in the nine realms, making it a highly sought after item for warriors and blacksmiths alike.

    Go shopping with the dwarves and get your hands on some fiery hot Smoldering Ember – it’s the ultimate bargain for the ultimate burn.

    Buy it from Sindri or Brok

    One way to acquire Smoldering Ember in God of War is to purchase it from the dwarves Sindri or Brok. To assist players, a table has been provided below detailing the costs and quantity of Smoldering Embers available for purchase from each merchant.


    In addition to purchasing Smoldering Embers, they can also be obtained by defeating certain enemies such as Fire Revenants. These enemies can typically be found in areas with a fiery atmosphere and are susceptible to frost damage. It is also worth noting that Smoldering Embers can be acquired by destroying red orbs scattered throughout the game.

    Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for red orbs and explore areas with a fiery theme for a chance to obtain Smoldering Embers without having to spend your hard-earned hack silver.

    Looks like tearing through realms isn’t just a great workout for Kratos, it’s also a way to score some Smoldering Ember in Muspelheim.

    Smoldering Ember from Realm Tears in Muspelheim

    Smoldering Ember, a valuable item in God of War, can be obtained from different sources. One of the ways to get it is by breaking Realm Tears in Muspelheim.

    Here are five points that can help you obtain Smoldering Ember from Realm Tears in Muspelheim:

    • Realm Tears in Muspelheim are located across the entire realm.
    • You need to collect Musphelheim Ciphers to unlock the Realm Tear challenges.
    • There are three tiers of Realm Tear challenges, each with its own level of difficulty.
    • The number of Smoldering Embers obtained depends on your performance and how many tiers you complete.
    • After completing a tier, you’ll be rewarded with a Smoldering Ember and other rewards like Hacksilver or Enchantments.

    An essential detail to keep in mind is that you need to complete all tears’ challenges to get the full rewards. The rewards also depend on the tier and how well you perform, so aim for the highest tier possible for maximum rewards.

    Pro Tip: If you’re struggling with completing the challenges, upgrade your equipment and try different strategies until you find one that works for your playstyle.

    Upgrade your weapons with Smoldering Ember – because nothing says ‘I mean business’ like setting your enemies on fire in God of War.

    Use Smoldering Ember obtained to craft upgrades in God of War

    Use Smoldering Ember obtained to craft upgrades in God of War

    The table highlights alternate ways to obtain Smoldering Ember in God of War:

    Defeat SurturMuspelheim
    Destroy Burning RevenantsHelheim
    Open Realm TearsVanaheim Tower

    While defeating enemies is the most common way to acquire Smoldering Ember, opening realm tears and destroying Burning Revenants can also help boost your inventory.

    Exploit these methods and upgrade your equipment. Keep in mind that upgrading your gear gives you increased resistance against tougher enemies. Upgrade now for better chances at winning battles!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Where can I find Smoldering Ember in God of War?

    You can find Smoldering Ember in various places, including Muspelheim and Niflheim, where you can complete challenges and obtain chests that contain this resource. You can also find it by defeating various enemies, such as Fire Revenants, or by purchasing it from Brok and Sindri’s shops.

    2. How do I unlock Muspelheim and Niflheim in God of War?

    To unlock Muspelheim, you must complete the “Hail to the King” favor for the blacksmiths Brok and Sindri. To unlock Niflheim, you must obtain the four “Niflheim Language Ciphers” and use them to unlock the realm travel room in Tyr’s Temple.

    3. How do I defeat Fire Revenants in God of War?

    To defeat Fire Revenants, you should use your axe or Blades of Chaos to break their defense and then use combos to damage them. Be sure to dodge their attacks and stay mobile to avoid taking damage. You can also use Atreus’ arrows to stun them and create openings for attack.

    4. Can I find Smoldering Ember in other locations besides Muspelheim and Niflheim?

    Yes, you can find Glowing Embers by defeating various enemies in the game world. Some of these enemies include Fire Revenants, Smoldering Brutes, and Soul Devourers.

    5. Can I sell Smoldering Ember in God of War?

    Yes, you can sell Smoldering Ember to Brok and Sindri’s shops for Hacksilver. However, it is recommended that you save Smoldering Ember to upgrade your weapons and armor. If you’re playing God of War Ragnarok, you might be wondering where to find Smoldering Embers.

    6. What can I use Eir for in God of War?

    Smoldering Ember is used to upgrade various weapons and armor in the game. You will need it to upgrade the Leviathan Axe, Blades of Chaos, and various armors. Be sure to collect as much Smoldering Ember as possible to upgrade your gear and become more powerful.

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