Where to Get Turnip Seeds in Valheim

Beets are one of the vegetables that can be grown in Walheim, and they are very beneficial when it comes to balancing stamina and health.

With agriculture you can provide yourself or your allies with the means to survive better.

You can also tame wild pigs and give them beets to replace the other food they eat.

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Where can I find beet seed?

The only place in the swamp biome is where you can collect turnip seeds.

Once you have your first batch of beet seeds in the swamp biome, you can start growing them right away to produce countless beet seeds and beet seedlings.

Some players wonder where they can find turnip seeds, as it will sometimes be difficult to discover who makes them.

Selection of rape seed

It may not be easy to see the beet plant in Valheim because it is dark in the swamp, but you can recognize it by its yellowish color, and it really stands out in the swamp biome.

The flower known as the beet seed falls to third place every time you pick it up.

It is best to use them to start growing beets so that you have an inexhaustible supply of beets for your daily needs.

Although you can’t find turnip greens in Valheim, look further into the larger swamp biomes.

Seed – turnip

If you have collected turnip seeds from the swamp, you should first save them for cultivation, because later it is much easier to propagate and cook them.

You can start sowing your beet seeds and wait until they are fully developed to get one beet per plant.

After harvesting your beet crop, start planting beet seeds (as shown in the game) which will consume one beet, but will eventually yield three seeds after harvesting.

This growth process allows you to produce more and more seeds, tripling your harvest every time you plant a beet.

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How to grow beets?

Turnips are grown from rapeseed. Once you have obtained at least one set of turnip seeds from one of the plants in the swamp biome, you can begin propagating this food plant.

Plant the beet seeds in cultivated soil (made with an on-site cultivator) and wait for them to fully develop.

Try not to cook your harvested beets right away, but use them to make more beet seed with the grower.

Once you have a large amount of turnip seeds, you can plant more turnip seeds and cook the rest.

The growing season for beets is generally 2 to 3 days, depending on the interval and other conditions.

Use of beet

Turnips are most often used for kohlrabi stew, as this is the only recipe that requires them and a wok for preparation.

To make beet stew, you need beets and raw meat, which you can easily cook in a pan.

You can also feed rabid pigs to make them tame, or feed them after you have made them tame so they can breed.


Beets are excellent for health and stamina when prepared as a beet stew. They give your character 50 points of life and stamina.

Bears don’t necessarily eat everything you have, and if you have a good supply of beets, you can use some of it to tame or please your bears.

Your character should not eat raw turnip and should instead prepare a steamed turnip.

frequently asked questions

How to obtain beet seed


When should I start beet seed?

When to Plant Beets For a late spring harvest, plant beets about 2 to 3 weeks before the average date of the last spring frost. For an autumn crop, plant beets in late summer. Plant out after the summer harvest of onions, squash, beans or corn. Seeds can also be sown in early fall for a late fall harvest.

How much do beet seeds cost?

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