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The video game industry is constantly evolving and growing. As gaming evolves, the landscape for games becomes more diverse with every day. Despite these changes, certain types of games have remained relatively unchanged as they are defined by a particular experience or genre – such as first-person shooters, role playing games (RPGs), puzzle games, action/adventure titles etc. These common uses continue to be utilized in top sellers due to their uniqueness and popularity throughout the years

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The Air Pirate Heartless, which can be found largely in Port Royal and The Land of Dragons, drop Dark Crystals. Some may also be discovered in Space Paranoids and Hollow Bastion.

However, the greatest spot to harvest dark crystals is in The Land of Dragons, notably in the Encampment and Checkpoint areas, or near the cave high in the mountains (and inside the cave).

There aren’t many Air Pirates spawning in this area.

But there’s more than enough to clear each drop zone.

Plus, in Land of Dragons, both of these sites are close to save points. As a result, you may clean the lands, then leave the planet and return to continue farming.

Magic Boosts, AP Boosts, and the Expert’s and Master’s Rings may all be made using these stones.


Bamboo Grove Save Spot in Land of Dragons / KH2.5 Remix


Where Can I Find Dark Crystals?

There aren’t many places where you can purchase replicas of this crystal substance.

Only one heartless in the game drops it: Air Pirates.

While they may be found in a variety of worlds, The Land of Dragons is the finest spot to find them.

Farming may be done anywhere around the village cave and mountain.

However, there is a better option:

You may farm Air Pirates in the Encampment region (along with the “Checkpoint” location directly adjacent to the Encampment) if you disembark at the very first save site (Bamboo Grove).

The drop probability for this high-flying swashbuckler heartless is 8%, which isn’t terrific, but it’s also not bad.

To boost drop rates, gain certain Lucky Strike talents and attach some items (like Lucky Rings).

Two solitary Dark Crystals may also be found in chests: one in Hollow Bastion’s Corridors and the other in Space Paranoids’ Canyon. However, since they are one-time chests, you’ll have to harvest Air Pirates for additional crystals after you’ve opened them.


Air Pirate Heartless at Checkpoint in Land of Dragons / KH2.5 Remix


Uses of Dark Crystal in KH2 + KH2.5

In KH2, Dark Crystals are employed in a number of fantastic synthesis techniques.

Some are more useful than others, but here’s a comprehensive list of all the recipes that call for at least one Dark Crystal:

AP Boost – Adds one point to any character’s permanent AP.

You can make the AP Boost using x1 Mythril Gem, x3 Power Gems, x3 Dark Crystals, and x3 Frost Crystals when you have the Skill Recipe.

Magic Boost – Gives a +1 boost to any character’s magic stat.

This recipe is an improvement to the AP Boost recipe, using the same ingredients but with the addition of an LVL3 Moogle’s x1 Serenity Crystal.

Expert’s Ring – One of the most useful accessories for any character is this ring. Its only purpose is to boost your AP by +6, which may be quite useful for activating additional abilities.

Once you’ve gathered 20 various sorts of resources, the recipe will be activated.

You’ll also need x3 Mythril Crystals, x1 Dark Crystal, x1 Dark Gem, x1 Dark Stone, and x1 Dark Shard to make it.

Master’s Ring – This accessory is similar to the Expert’s Ring in that it requires the same materials as the Expert’s Ring but adds a Serenity Crystal.

The only difference is that instead of +6, you’ll gain +7 AP.


Getting a Dark Crystal in Land of Dragons / KH2.5 Remix


Is it Worth Farming Dark Crystals?

The Expert’s Ring and Master’s Ring are really useful backup accessories, therefore it’s well worth your time to collect a large number of these gems.

And, honestly, any of them will boost any character in your group.

Plus, if you’re in urgent need of a stat increase but don’t want to level grind (or if you’re already maxed out), collecting a lot of AP and Magic Boosts will help you get there.

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