Which is Better in Stardew Valley? –

“Stardew Valley” is a popular farming game that has been out for almost two years now, and with it’s success comes questions of what better to use. Some people say that Stardew Valley should be played on Xbox because the graphics are much more intense than those in PC games, while others argue against this statement by saying console players have less control over their character due to having fewer buttons available.

The “stardew valley wiki” is a website that has information on the game. It also includes a list of which is better in Stardew Valley, with the pros and cons.

Which is Better in Stardew Valley? –

After many Stardew Valley playthroughs, we’ve figured out which early-game moves will yield the biggest long-term rewards. With that in mind, the early-game option of whether to cultivate mushrooms in your cave or instead rely on fruit-dropping bats will have a significant long-term financial effect.

Mushrooms are often superior than fruit bats in terms of total benefit. The fungi sell for more money and are a good method to generate rapid money early in the game.

Fruit bats, on the other hand, are more than meets the eye. While bats may not bring in as much wealth as first, the fruits they bring in may be utilized as presents to help enhance your villagers’ goodwill.

While mushrooms have more inherent advantages, it would be foolish to make a selection without first considering all of the particular subtleties that both options include. Choosing between mushrooms and fruit bats, like most other early-game selections in Stardew, might lead to you plotting your farm’s development in a totally different manner.

How To Get Into The Cave

You won’t be able to pick between fruit bats and mushrooms until you uncover the cave, which you won’t be able to do until later. It’s rather straightforward to do so; you’ll need 25,000g to have the choice to access the cave. You will still be able to visit the cave before making your selection, it will simply be empty.

Obtaining 25,000 Gold

If you’re new to the game and having problems generating money, fishing is a good option, particularly in your first year. You’ll be able to go fishing every day, rapidly improve your talents, and utilize the free bamboo fishing rod Willy gives you after you start fishing to immediately start selling.

Demetrius will approach you at your farm the morning after you’ve earned at least 25,000g. After that, you’ll be asked if you want mushrooms or bats for his study. It’s important to remember that once you’ve made your choice, there’s no coming back! There is currently no way to swap mushrooms for fruit bats or vice versa after you’ve made your decision.

Are Fruit Bats Really That Dangerous?


To briefly summarize, fruit bats aren’t all evil, and they do have their functions. We’ll go through them in great detail. However, as a short refresher, no matter what you choose, there isn’t really a right or wrong answer. In most circumstances, though, you’ll be better off using mushrooms instead of fruit bats since mushrooms have many uses.

You’ll see a varied array of fruits every day after you’ve decided to go with fruit bats instead of mushrooms. The length of time each fruit takes to spawn is purely determined by the fruits already existing in the cave. As a result, once you wake up, you need always gather all of your fruits to make place for more to sprout.

According to statistics, the probability of a certain piece of fruit spawning are as follows:

SituationRate of spawning
There are no fruits in the cave.48%
Inside The Cave, There Is One Fruit25%
Inside The Cave, There Are Two Fruits13%
Inside The Cave, There Are More Than Three Fruits7%

Note: The Rate of spawning is irrespective of what kind of fruit is present in the cave.

By looking at the table above, we can clearly see that there’s a lot of benefit of tending to your fruit cave daily. Most players tend to leave the fruit cave for weeks on end assuming that it doesn’t affect their overall growth. But, it ultimately does as it leads to an exponential reduction in Rate of spawning.

Now that we’ve looked at how these fruits spawn, it’s also necessary to consider the kind of fruits that spawn. Because the majority of users utilize fruits for giving and selling, your daily harvest contains a fair bit of chance.

Name of the Fruit(Updated January 2022 – Normal) Selling PriceGold StandardQuality IridiumChance to spawn
Wild Plum80g120g160g20%
Berry with a hint of spice80g120g160g20%

Before you take this table as the Gospel, do note that Rate of spawnings for fruit are completely random and perhaps, that seems to be their biggest drawback. You can’t ever really be sure of what kind of fruit you are going to be getting tomorrow. Plus, the Rate of spawnings above are only for normal quality fruit. The quality of the fruit that spawns in the cave can range from normal to gold, significantly boosting their price.

Furthermore, even the quantity of fruit you consume on a daily basis is fraught with ambiguity. Sure, there will be days when you’ll be met with a bounty of high-value fruits such as apples and peaches that are ready to be picked. However, you’ll be fortunate if you collect even 50g from a day’s worth of cave excavations on certain days.

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A fruit cave has the particular benefit of allowing you to get out-of-season fruits. So, if you wanted to give fruit to a certain villager in order to enhance your friendship with them, you won’t have to look for another way and can just wait for that fruit to appear within the cave.

Here are some reasons why you should select them over mushrooms:

  • Mushrooms May Be Obtained in Other Ways: Mushrooms can be obtained in a variety of ways. You may locate them in caverns, hidden woodlands, and even on your farm, where trees might mutate into mushrooms.
  • Fruit Trees Are Expensive: Fruit trees are incredibly costly and almost hard to get in the early stages of the game. To construct the community center, you’ll need a lot of fruit. Bats may speed up the whole process by a significant percentage if you want it to happen rapidly.
  • The Botanist Trait: After obtaining the botanist profession, all of your fruits will be of Irdium quality. The fruit’s price rises significantly as a result of this.

Mushrooms: A Better Alternative?


If you’ve chosen to grow mushrooms in your cave, you’ll be greeted with six bins. These bins will spawn different kinds of mushrooms. The kind of mushrooms you end up getting is completely dependent on their Rate of spawning.

1643397469_154_Which-is-Better-in-Stardew-Valley-%E2%80%93A Mushroom Cave That Isn’t Full

There’s one mechanic you should be aware of before you start gathering mushrooms. The pace at which your mushrooms grow is determined by the time you sleep. To explain, going to bed later will cause your mushrooms to grow more quickly. If you go to bed at 3-4 a.m., you’ll wake up to fully mature mushrooms by 1-2 p.m. the following day.

Only five distinct species of mushrooms have a chance to reproduce in the bin at this time. However, unlike fruits, all mushrooms generated in the cave will be of average quality, with no exceptions. Here’s a short rundown of everything the mushroom cave has to offer:

Name of the Fruit(Updated January 2022 – Normal) Selling PriceChance to spawn
Mushroom (Common)40g20%
Mushroom, Red20g20%
Mushroom, Purple50g3.6%

Mushrooms provide a number of different benefits. Because of these intricacies, we and the community have come to the conclusion that mushrooms are superior for both the late and early game. However, as usual, the final choice is yours to make.

  • Cost and Time Efficient: Most mushrooms are only available in a single season. So, if you need them in a hurry, you won’t be able to get them. Moreover, the cave can spawn rarer mushrooms like the Mushroom, Purple which can only be acquired through rigorous mining. This ultimately leads you to save a lot of time by going for mushroom caves.
  • Unlike fruit caves, which, as previously said, are a game of luck, mushrooms are far more predictable in their tidings. You may be certain that at least 6 mushrooms will be available for picking every day. However, chance plays a role since you can’t always predict what sort of mushrooms you’ll obtain.
  • Mushrooms are more difficult to cultivate and find: Fruit trees, although costly, are simple to establish and are an important component of your harvesting cycle. Mushrooms, on the other hand, can only be cultivated in two ways. During the Fall season, you have the option of visiting a mushroom cave or waiting for a tree to change into a mushroom. As you can expect, this is entirely dependent on chance and is thus unreliable.
  • All Your Mushrooms In One Place: If you were to get a mutated Big Mushroom Tree, there still are some caveats. You’ll only be able to get the Purple, Red and Mushroom (Common)s from it. This means that there is no way for you to naturally grow Morels and Chanterelles other than the Mushroom cave.
  • A Stockpile of Life Elixirs: We are firm believers in the efficacy of Life Elixirs. They’re fantastic and can come in handy in a hurry. If you haven’t heard of them yet, they have the ability to restore all of your HP. As a result, they’re a fantastic late-game and early-game item. All of the components for making Life Elixirs may be discovered in a mushroom cave, which is fortunate. While there is still some chance involved, you will be able to make Life Elixirs eventually, even if it takes a few days.

With that said, our playthrough with the mushroom cave ended up feeling much less strenuous. This was primarily because we didn’t have to go mining for Mushroom, Purples until we had the luxury of harvesting from a Big Mushroom Tree. Plus, the ability to heal to full health at any point with the help of free life elixirs crafted from our cave was a big bonus!

Bonus Tip: If you choose mushrooms and are unable to get fruit trees, we propose sashimi (the recipe is provided to you by Linus) or coffee (a coffee bean may be snatched off the moving cart). They are excellent presents for villages and might help you strengthen your bonds with them.

Fruits vs. Mushrooms: Which Is Better?

Now that you’ve gone through the painstaking process of weighing the advantages and disadvantages of both options, the ultimate issue is: which should you choose? Well, we’ve previously addressed that; mushrooms seem to be the best option for the majority of playthroughs.

But wait a minute! Both choices offer pros and downsides depending on your playstyle. We’ve separated them out for you to make things simpler. You’ll be able to understand your demands with a short scan and perhaps make an informed conclusion!

The Benefits of Using Bats

  • Seeds for particular fruits may be costly to obtain and may need a lot of luck. Having fruit bats on hand may make you feel better.
  • Fruits such as blackberries and salmbonberries have a distinct growing season. As a result, they might be difficult to come by in a crisis, particularly if you need them for villages.
  • Fruits aid in the completion of bundles such as the Artisan Bundle, for which mushrooms are useless.
  • Fruits are required to form connections with the people. The majority of them like the many types of fruit that bats deliver, and the variety helps you build friendships with certain people.
  • Randomization might occasionally work in your favor; you can wake up the following day with an abundance of delicious fruit.

The Argument in Favor of Mushrooms:

  • Mushrooms are difficult to locate and scavenge, and in certain cases, they may even kill you. As a result, not having to go through the ordeal of mining is a huge bonus.
  • When compared to fruit, a cave with mushrooms is sure to be more constant and will almost always result in greater earnings every day.
  • Mushrooms give more consistent components for creating goods like the Life Elixir, which is incredibly useful.

We hope you’ve finally figured out whether you should select mushroom or fruit caverns in Stardew Valley! With being stated, there will always be some caveats on both sides, regardless of whatever conclusion you choose.

The “stardew valley crop profit chart” is a useful tool to use when deciding which crops are worth planting. It will show you the profits for each type of crop and help you decide what to plant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better in Stardew Valley forester or gatherer?

Which is better fighter or scout Stardew Valley?

Should I be a Coopmaster or shepherd?

A: If you want to be a Coopmaster, it is recommended that you should play on Expert difficulty with the default settings.

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