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Why MacBooks Have Low Storage and Ways You Can Fix It

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Gaming on Mac is a better experience than it used to be, but compared to PC gaming, it’s still at a disadvantage. This is because Macs have lower storage capacities, and most gamers demand larger storage for their gaming needs. Macs can support as much as 2 TB of storage, but that’s on the higher end. If you have a MacBook, you must be careful about the storage you choose.

One of the most debated topics in the Mac gaming community is how MacBooks have low storage. The Apple community has been arguing about this for years, and no one has been able to come up with a perfect solution—until now. While some people have tried to fix it by stuffing large-capacity SD cards into the SD card slots on their MacBooks, you may be surprised to learn that this is the worst idea ever conceived.

Although the MacBook is a laptop, it is very portable, lightweight and can work all day on one battery charge. That’s why MacBooks, and especially the MacBook Air, don’t excel at computing power; they focus on portability.

Unlike other laptops that use hard drives, MacBooks use solid-state drives for storage.

Why does my MacBook use an SSD instead of a hard drive?

Hard disks or disk drives are less expensive, but more likely to fail. Solid state drives are preferred for the following reasons:

  1. Use less power – SSDs use less power, so you’ll spend less time and energy charging your device. Plus, the MacBook doesn’t get as hot as other devices, so you don’t have to stop and take a break.
  2. Continually improving – SSDs are getting better, which means less for consumers and potentially more for storage in the future.
  3. Faster operation – SSDs use flash memory, which means your system will run much faster.

If you are considering buying the 128GB version, you should realize that this is not enough. Even if all you want to do with your laptop is write and surf the web, you’ll soon find that your MacBook doesn’t have enough space.

And here’s why: you don’t have the 128 gigabytes of storage. The preinstalled operating system consumes a significant amount of memory. The same thing happens with every update. Then there are the applications – the pre-installed ones and the ones you download that take up storage space. Remember that applications and browsers also take up memory in the form of cache and temporary files, which are necessary for proper operation.

These files cannot be stored in iCloud. If you can free up space on your local drive by choosing to store your files in the cloud, it will cost you a paid subscription, as iCloud doesn’t allow you to store more than 5 gigabytes of data for free.

So if you can afford it, at least buy the 256GB version. If this is not possible, read how to manage the 128GB version.

Council 1: Always leave 20 GB free

If you leave 20GB empty on your drive, you’re safe. You can perform a scheduled cleanup and get rid of all unnecessary files, screenshots and applications. Go through the downloads and decide what remains and what goes in the trash.

You should also clear your Mac’s cache to prevent these unwanted files from filling up your storage space. Applications and browsers create these files to help you switch between applications faster and load pages correctly, but they are completely useless.

If you don’t want to make it an extra task, you can automate the process with cleaning software.

Some other quick wins:

  • Setting the automatic emptying of the container
  • Optimize storage
  • Turn off your Mac regularly instead of putting it to sleep.

Tip #2: Receiving an external hard disk

In the future, an external hard drive will help you move necessary files to your hard drive instead of storing them on your local system. You can use Time Machine on a Mac to back up all your files and also to delete files from your Mac.

Time Machine, a feature built into the Mac, makes regular and automatic backups whenever you leave your external hard drive connected.

An external SSD will also make a big difference if you can afford it. You can use it to back up your data and store large files.

Tip #3: Memory allocation to hard disks

Some applications run on external storage, which can prevent the local hard drive from clogging up. Keep in mind that using external drives is slower when trying to access data, but it’s a trade-off that may be worthwhile if you can’t buy a MacBook with more internal storage.

Tip #4: Process automation

You can compress large files with Mac’s built-in features while putting little strain on memory.

However, this is a manual process that takes time. It is best to use a file management program that can automate this process for you. Some of these applications can also empty your trash can for you.

Final thoughts

If you can, invest in a MacBook with more internal storage. If you can’t, you’ll have to rely on external hard drives and a tight cleanup schedule or pay for iCloud storage, which is a recurring cost. The average person needs 250 GB of storage. Before you decide to buy a MacBook, you should be aware of how much space you need.

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