Why MMOs using cookie cutter quests isn’t a bad thing (Also issue with FFXIV)

A lot of MMO video games follow the “cookie cutter quests” model that is based on the idea that quests in video games will always be the same so that they can be easily inserted into new areas and the player will be able to follow the same path. But if you look at games like FFXIV, and DAOC, and WoW, you see that they do not follow the cookie cutter quests model. Instead, they take many, many different sources for quests, and combine them together to make a unique and detailed questing system.

“Cookie cutter quests” is a term used by MMO fans to describe a problem within the MMO genre. Most MMOs use the same basic quest design. An NPC, who is the major character in the story of the game, has a quest for the player to fulfill. The player is led to the NPC by a large quest map and a series of preset locations that the player must visit. The NPC can be found in one of these locations and will usually give the player a quest that will advance the story. The player then completes the quest, and the NPC will give the player a reward.

If you play an MMO, chances are you’ve at some point experienced grinding. Each day brings a new batch of quests that must be completed to unlock a new piece of equipment, or allow a character to advance to the next tier of advancement. You do the same mission over and over until you’ve completed all the required tasks, and then you’re done. This is the basis of all MMOs – smaller, bite sized quests that come in the form of tiny bite-sized chunks of content.. Read more about problems with ffxiv and let us know what you think.

Because some of you are on the fence about FFXIV, I’d want to point out a major fault in the quest design; nevertheless, this is a problem in retail WoW as well. This article has a lot of Classic WoW praise, so be advised. Because I believe FFXIV and retail WoW are comparable in certain aspects, I will solely discuss the leveling experience rather than instanced content.

  • The questing experience is linear, with a strong focus on cutscenes that phase you out of the overworld; when a player is phased, they are no longer engaging in the open world, which is critical for MMO social interaction. You don’t feel like you’re playing in a world anymore; instead, you feel like you’re being controlled by the game.
  • When you do get to interact with the environment, whether it’s via going to a location or killing a mob, the job typically takes around a minute and isn’t very difficult. Because of the second reason stated earlier, the second reason is also popular in retail; nevertheless, open world PVP is accessible to anyone who want to participate.
  • Due to the MSQ’s strict structure, it’s tough to keep everyone on the same page without a lot of coordination. The ability to leap onto a quest regardless of how far they’d advanced up to that point was made possible by the flexibility of having various zones in classic (outside of quest chains).
  • If there were any significant global events or a new quest structure, too much teleporting would further decrease the likelihood of player involvement.
  • The potential engagement is further stifled by the abundance of monsters for quest goals and the inability to loot the same quest item. Due to the problems stated before, this is a minor concern, but making the missions somewhat more difficult might destroy the feeling of urgency or competitiveness to finish a quest. I recall groups agreeing to queue for a quest goal, typically a special monster or escort assignment.

Why is Classic World of Warcraft (nostalgia for Conquer Online) one of the greatest social experiences I’ve experienced in an MMORPG?

  • Despite the fact that most missions were uninteresting, they all took place inside the globe. They were not just tools to help you advance your character, but they could also be used to set up scenarios in which you would interact with another player or world. You wouldn’t even have to speak to someone to have the interaction; for example, there are three questing in a zone. Will you be the jerk and tag their mobs just before they pull it, or will you grab the item they need while murdering the mob guarding it? Will you ask them to join you on the quest? Will you prefer to kill creatures from a greater distance in order to prevent any possible interaction? Oh, that man from my side is in jeopardy; maybe I’ll throw in a heal or CC to avoid the lengthy trip from the cemetery. Don’t forget to factor in the possibility that players from the other side may wish to murder you in order to complete quest goals. Should we go for it right now or wait for them to make a move?
  • For rich prizes, some missions required grouping. Quests that are tough to do alone, whether for EXP or a powerful weapon. This pushed players to join quest groups, amplifying the social experience even more when PVP from the other side is a possibility. Players typically depart after the goal is completed, thus this isn’t always the case. Certain missions, on the other hand, require longer to finish owing to a lack of mobs/items or spawn timers. Longer quest durations result in greater opportunities for social contact.

As long as they require the player to be in the world, we should maintain collecting kills/quests with defined goals for the leveling experience. Players are pulled out of the environment by cutscenes or instanced material, which limits dynamic interaction between them.

The combination of limited mobs/resources and global PVP creates a sense of urgency. Personally, I’m not as interested in an MMO’s narrative as I am in an universe where I can make up my own stories. However, I’m just referring to old WoW; the tales I’ve heard in retail WoW generally revolve around ninja looting or guild conflict. Even while this isn’t always a negative thing since people are capable of betraying one another, it has nothing to do with the subject of this discussion.

Except for a rogue I met while leveling, most players leave the game at a certain point in classic. We were both on the same missions but were prone to being ganked, so I asked him to join me on my quests, followed by dungeons all the way to BRD to farm Hand Of Justice, and then raiding together.

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I’ve noticed that a number of MMOs have begun to implement cookie cutter quests. Cookie cutter quests are quests that are used in everyday life. They are quests that can be completed in a matter of a few minutes with minimal effort. This has become a popular trend in MMOs because it helps players to not feel overwhelmed when they first enter a new MMO. It also helps to shorten the amount of time it takes for the player to learn the basics.. Read more about ffxiv too hard and let us know what you think.

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