Yomawari: The Long Night Collection Review (Switch)

Twice the Tips, Twice the Treats



Nippon Ichi Software program positive goes out of their approach to rejoice Halloween this yr, don’t you assume? Between Disgaea 1 Full having dropped earlier this month and us being mere moments away from the discharge of Disgaea 5 Full PC, good previous NIS is doing their greatest to amp up the Halloween vibes as a lot as attainable. However they appear to have forgotten one thing with this month’s releases… the scare issue!

…Simply kidding! The Disgaea double-header could also be on the forefront of this month’s NIS hype practice, however they didn’t overlook that October’s all about stepping into the spirit of scaring your self foolish – which is strictly why they picked this month to launch Yomawari: The Long Night Collection (or so I’m assuming). And boy, are the scares ripe for the choosing with this one!


Missed Connections


Yomawari: The Long Night Collection 1

This scene turns into monumentally sadder after you beat this recreation.


Yomawari: The Long Night Collection, because the identify implies, isn’t a single recreation (or technically even a brand new recreation by regular requirements), however a bundle that includes each Yomawari titles. Yomawari: Night Alone, the primary within the collection duology, follows a younger, anonymous protagonist who, after by chance getting each her canine, Poro, hit and killed by a automotive and her sister kidnapped by malevolent spirits in the identical night time, units off on a harrowing journey to rescue her massive sis earlier than it’s too late.

Questioning if Yomawari: Midnight Shadows, the sequel, is any happier? Properly, contemplating how the sport’s tutorial performs out (I gained’t wreck it for you), I’d say that no, it isn’t. However hey, there’s extra to the story than what’s within the tutorial. Midnight Shadows’ actual narrative begins with buddies Haru and Yui strolling up a mountain to take pleasure in some fireworks. After watching the luxurious show and sharing a bittersweet dialog about how they want that they could possibly be buddies and stick with one another eternally, they head again down the hill – solely to comprehend that they’re being adopted. Haru, making an attempt to be the braver of the 2, tells Yui to cover in a bush and look forward to her to return again – which Yui does. …However Haru by no means comes again. Fearing for her pal’s life, Yui places on her bravest face and begins her seek for her good friend – utterly unaware of what horrors await the each of them.


Yomawari: The Long Night Collection 2

Simply since you’re a spirit doesn’t imply that you simply aren’t in want of a serving to hand.


Now, it’d look like each of those video games have an identical narrative construction – however that’s solely as a result of they do. Love, loss, life, dying, braveness, worry, and extra – each Yomawari tales have many issues in widespread, and it’s particularly straightforward to note them when enjoying them back-to-back in TLNC. Nevertheless, whereas I wouldn’t have minded rather less same-ness between the 2 video games, I don’t assume that the plentiful narrative similarities are essentially a nasty factor. With out getting too morbid right here the Yomawari illustrates that life isn’t all the time straightforward, nor truthful and that there are paths which all of us should stroll – even when they appear a bit of totally different from individual to individual. To cite the sport itself, “life is scary.” However it additionally exhibits that, regardless of who you’re, or how weak chances are you’ll appear, the human spirit has a approach of putting up with; that survival, love, and happiness are all attainable. That, whereas nothing is assured, you’ll by no means know what you’re able to doing – or acquiring – for those who don’t at the very least attempt. And it’s inside these sweet-yet-sorrowful truths, my buddies, that the great thing about Yomawari’s tales lie.


Wandering Spirits


Yomawari: The Long Night Collection 3

Hey! I could also be scared, however I ain’t no hen!


Comprising of 1 half survival horror, one half top-down, isometric journey recreation, and including in an enormous sprint of NIS creepy-cute paintings, the Yomawari titles are a pair that land firmly in the midst of a Frankenstein’s monster of a style that I’ve by no means fairly seen earlier than. Though the video games are fairly linear, they’re introduced in a pseudo “open-world” means, during which the participant should discover their city (and acquire an abundance of compulsory horror recreation trinkets) till – both as a result of they have been led by the sport, or their aimless wandering took them there – they find yourself at the place it’s that they must be with a purpose to progress the story.

Now, right here’s the place the 2 video games start to diverge. In Night Alone (aka “Yomawari 1”), the whole thing of the sport takes place in a single massive space (which might be the city that you simply reside in). Whereas thematically totally different from one another when it comes to each geography and “inhabitants”, the entire of Night Alone is related and might be simply noticed – and traversed – by way of using a single map. Because of the recreation’s considerably repetitive nature, this might have been an issue if the sport have been prolonged. However it’s not – and due to that, Night Alone’s free-roaming nature works simply advantageous.


Yomawari: The Long Night Collection 4

Avoiding spotlights, and hiding in packing containers… why does this all sound so acquainted?


Midnight Shadows (aka “Yomawari 2”) does issues just a little in a different way. Whereas nonetheless making use of a city map (two of them, truly), Midnight Shadows provides in explorable buildings. Consisting of areas just like the city library, an previous mansion, and a sewer (that one’s not technically a constructing, however no matter), these map-less mini-areas break up the potential tedium that would happen inside Midnight Shadows’ exploratory gameplay (because it in any other case performs virtually precisely the identical as Night Alone) by appearing as dungeons. Even higher, these areas additionally allowed Midnight Shadows to combine up the gameplay somewhat bit. Be it the mansion’s warping of the participant from room to room, or the library’s literal stealth part, buildings find yourself being an incredible new addition to the Yomawari gameplay that’s enjoyable (and scary!) with out compromising what’s already there.


Operating Scared


Yomawari: The Long Night Collection 5

This, um… this seems to be dangerous…


I’ve already talked at size about all the exploring that you simply’ll be doing in Yomawari, however that’s actually just one half of what gameplay’s about in these video games. The different half? Operating away like a scared little woman, in fact! That could be because of the truth that your characters are scared little women, however I digress – you’ll be doing loads of operating (and slightly little bit of hiding, too), so that you’d higher get used to it.

I’m positive you’re already conscious of this, however I’ll spell it out for you anyway; virtually each single space in each Yomawari video games is teeming with spirits. And about 99% these spirits that you simply encounter on this recreation hate you, need you lifeless, and can do their best possible to make their want right into a actuality. Luckily, regardless of their ethereal nature, they’re not truly that nice at discovering you – however the identical can’t be stated of you with them! Everytime you start to get near a spirit, your character’s coronary heart will begin to beat loudly. The quicker the heartbeat, the nearer you’re. It’s a easy mechanic, however one that you simply’ll be utilizing always. Objectively, Yomawari does an ideal job with this general. Not solely is it well-implemented (which is sweet, contemplating its significance), however having to depend on a mechanic which accurately consists of your character getting scared makes the sport that a lot scarier itself.


Yomawari: The Long Night Collection 6

These spirits positive are cutthroat, eh?


Your coronary heart alone isn’t sufficient to maintain you out of hazard, although. Regardless of how good you’re, you’re going to get noticed a lot (typically even on function). Really dwelling as much as its nature as a survival horror, most of your encounters with spirits will find yourself with you operating in your life in the other way. The excellent news? You’re truly quicker than most of them. The dangerous information? Frightened youngsters make horrible marathon runners. Stamina, which is required with a view to run, decreases in a short time in each Yomawari video games (though it looks like you might have slightly bit extra in Midnight Shadows), which means that you need to not solely be able to run at a second’s discover, however that you simply additionally need to run rigorously. Relying on the state of affairs you can even use gadgets to distract spirits or disguise behind a conveniently positioned bush or signal, however understand that the one possible way to make sure your security is to get the hell out of dodge.

Lastly, let’s take a second to speak concerning the spirits themselves. For as brief as they’re, the Yomawari video games have an extremely numerous forged of issues that go bump within the night time (and that goes double for Midnight Shadows‘ bosses!). This does, of course, enhance gameplay by ensuring that players never get too comfortable with the creatures that they encounter, lest they end up a bloody mess, but it also does something else. It makes the game way scarier! No, seriously, it really does. Just like the constant influx of new spirits means that you’re persistently having to study new enemy behaviors, it additionally signifies that you’re by no means going to be solely emotionally safe. What was that new noise? How do I maintain this spirit from turning into hostile? What’s chasing me and why can’t I see it? The Yomawari collection does a superb job of instilling the worry of the unknown from the very starting of each video games in gamers – each mechanically and emotionally – and protecting it alive till the very finish.


A Actual Scream



Demons could also be king (or Orverlord) on the subject of Nippon Ichi Software program generally, however these trying to drum up some scares this Halloween ought to most undoubtedly flip their consideration to Yomawari: The Long Night Collection. The night time could also be scary, however there’s by no means been a greater time to face your fears than now (and have enjoyable whereas doing it)!

Last Verdict: four/5

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Out there on: Nintendo Change (Reviewed) ; Writer: NIS America; Developer: Nippon Ichi Software program, Inc.; Gamers: 1 ; Launched: October 30, 2018; ESRB: M for Mature; MSRP: $39.99

Full disclosure: This evaluate is predicated on a replica of Yomawari: The Long Night Collection given to Hey Poor Participant by the writer.

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