Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Forbidden/Limited Cards (2021) – Full card banlist and how it works

It’s like a card game, hoo-hoo! Duel Links has a ban/restriction list. The list of forbidden/restricted duel connections has changed considerably since the beginning of the game in 2017, thanks to new overloaded cards and metas that have appeared and disappeared over time.

If you’re wondering what cards are on the list, we’ve got something for you. However, before we look at the details of the Forbidden and Restricted List, let’s see how it actually works.

Operation of the reference list for banned/restricted fuels

It is important to note that the list of bans/restrictions in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links works differently from TCG. In the traditional Yu-Gi-Oh! card game, cards that reach the Half-Limit or Limit list are limited to these items. Si z. B. The Adhesion Trap Hole in the TCG goes on the Restricted list, only this card suffers from this addition. This step does not affect the number of copies of a card such as Skill Drain currently on the list of restricted cards that can be used in the game.

Cooee! With duel bindings, it’s a little different. In Duel Links you can only use a combination of maps from a limited list. Here are the different levels of the list of prohibited/restricted double links:

  • Prohibited – Copies of this card may not be used.
  • Restricted 1 – Only one card of this level can be added to the deck.
  • Restricted 2 – Only two cards of this level can be added to the deck.
  • Limited to 3 – Only three cards of this level can be added to the deck.

Let’s take an example from the current list of prohibitions and restrictions for illustrative purposes. The Golden Sarcophagus and Enemy Controller Spell Cards are listed as Prohibited/ Restricted on Level 2. Since these two cards are on the Limited 2 list, players may use either two copies of Enemy Dominator, two copies of Golden Sarcophagus or one copy of Enemy Dominant and Golden Sarcophagus. This list applies to all Ladder PvP and KC Cup competitions.

Now that we’ve had a look at how the list works, let’s have a look at all the maps that are currently on the Duel Links Forbidden/Limited list.

U-Gi-O! Fuel connections List of prohibited/restricted cards


Name of the card Come on in.
Cyberstein Sample
Cocita matters Sample
This grass looks greener Spell it.

Limit value 1

Name of the card Come on in.
Attack of the Amazon Pitfall
Vigilance of the master Pitfall
De-synchronization Spell it.
Dyna, hiring fur Sample
Knight of jewels Lady Lapis Lazuli Sample
More or less Pitfall
The golden bamboo sword Spell it.
Dealers of Karakur mdl 177 Inashici Sample
Koaki Meiru Maximus Sample
Massivemorf Pitfall
Litter of needles Pitfall
The restructuring revolution Spell it.
The gift of rebirth Pitfall
Starburst Spell it.
The anointed lord of darkness Pitfall
Magic Zero Type Crusher Pitfall
wooden dwarf Sample

Limited 2

Name of the card Come on in.
Woman with Amazon swords Sample
Assault Blackwing – Raikiri Rain Shower. Sample
Close Merel Pitfall
Black Wing – Squall Oroshi Sample
Light Brigade Charge Spell it.
Concentrate the flow Spell it.
Christon-Seetree Sample
Christon’s shovel Pitfall
Bait cup Spell it.
Cybermen’s Angel Dakini Sample
Cybernetic overflow Pitfall
The Touch of the Dark Lord Spell it.
The dark ruler of Ixchel Sample
Senatus Dragunity Sample
The opposite controller Spell it.
Genex check Sample
The golden sarcophagus Spell it.
Hey, Trunade! Spell it.
caused by magellanica Sample
Iron core Kaaki Meiru Spell it.
Karakuri Komachi mdl 224 Ninishi Sample
Guardian of the magic of the dragon… Sample
Kiteroid Sample
The legendary Six Samurai Enishi. Sample
Moon Crimson Fox. Sample
The Ritual of the Angel Machine Spell it.
The Wizard of the Dark Illusion Sample
Neo-Fusion Spell it.
Pulse waves Pitfall
Former trainer of ritual animals Sample
Rose lover. Sample
Scrap recycling Sample
The secret passage to the treasure Spell it.
Shiina Dojo Sample
Solitary Shiranui Sample
Squire Shiranui Sample
Shiranui Sunsaga Sample
Silent swordplay Spell it.
The book of destiny spells Spell it.
Vanggat Pitfall
Vision HERO Vyon Sample
A witch party Spell it.
Collision with World Heritage Spell it.

Limited 3

Name of the card Card type
Alistair Innocer Sample
Tank attacks Spell it.
The veil of the Boxer armoured cruiser Sample
Space Cyclone Spell it.
Merger reserve Pitfall
Invitation Spell it.
Navigate through the wizard Pitfall
The magic wand Sample
The Palace of the Elemental Lords Spell it.
Spectral word Shiranui Sample

Pay attention: This list is from 5. January 2021.

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