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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: How to get UR and SR jewels quickly

While the Gems at U-Gi-O! It is extremely important to have fuel references in your war chest, as well as ultra-rare (UR) and super-rare (SR) gems. The UR and SR jewellery can be used as currency at a card dealer located in the sales area of any Duel Links world. There, users can exchange UR and SR precious stones for special UR and SR cards that are in the card merchant’s inventory.

If you’re new to Duel Links, you might be wondering how to get your hands on these gems. We’ve got your back, so let’s see how we can get you that special stuff.

Character alignment

By upgrading your Duel Links character, you can get some pretty solid rewards ranging from gems to cards. However, you can also buy an UR jewel from the rewards of the higher level. Traditionally, the reward for each character on level 36 is an UR jewel. So, if you can at least bring each character to this number, you can take a lot of gems and at least one UR gem.

Rewards for forfeiture after combat

While the user is essentially assured of an UR bead by simply aligning the characters, this next method is more random. After the duels, players receive XP and rewards depending on the result and the achievement of certain goals. These objectives include challenging the stand, playing a fall card or using a glossy or prismatic card. The more goals, the more rewards.

Usually most of these rewards after a fight are either coins or door keys, but sometimes you get lucky and catch an UR or SR jewel.

Character Unlocking Missions

UR and/or SR jewellery can not only be obtained through character alignment, but these items can also be obtained through character retrieval missions. If you still need to unlock characters from Duel Monsters, GX or 5Ds, do so by unlocking missions. In some cases, the execution of certain missions can provide you with UR or SR jewellery. To check the prices for each mission, click on the scene icon in the upper left corner of the screen in the area.


In some cases, special Duel Links events give RU or SR gems. The jewels of the events can be obtained randomly (by drawing lots) or by points. Duel Links players earn points by participating in duels. So, if you are looking for jewelry and other items, take your time and check out any special events that take place.

Trading UR and SR cards

Suppose you see a new item in a card shop that you want to pick up, but you don’t have the jewelry to buy it. You may be inclined to wait, but the problem is that the Card Trader is reset every eight hours. For this reason, your waiting time may be longer than you expected, because this item may not appear for some time after the seller has reset the card.

If you are in a similar situation and need UR or SR bricks quickly, unfortunately the safest solution is to exchange the UR and SR cards you have in your collection. Go to the building on the far right of every world in Duel Links and then go to the map catalogue. When you exchange an UR card, it is converted into an UR-Gem. In the same way, the exchange of an SR jewel results in an SR jewel. This method can be a quick way to get jewelry and get the item from the cardholder, but keep in mind that there is always a price to pay.

If you exchange a card for an extra jewel, that card disappears forever. We advise you, if you find yourself in a situation where you have few gems and are considering exchanging cards, to only convert UR and SR cards of which you have more than three. In addition, we strongly recommend that you only exchange tickets obtained at events and/or door prices, not UR and SR items obtained in the boxes.

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