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God of War What to Do After Beating Game?

    Exploration after Beating God of War

    After finishing the main storyline in God of War, players may wonder what activities are available for further exploration. Non-story related content such as side quests, hunting challenges, and realm travel can be continued. Try revisiting previous areas to discover missed secrets or fight harder enemies with newly acquired abilities. There is also the option to begin a New Game Plus and experience the story again with all previously earned upgrades and resources intact.

    Looking for more loot and side quests in God of War? You’re in luck – Kratos has a to-do list longer than his beard.

    Collectibles and Side Quests

    Paragraph 1: For those who want to continue their exploration of the game world, there are various tasks and activities to engage in after completion of the main storyline. Discovering hidden items and completing side challenges can offer a fresh perspective on the game and provide additional opportunities for gameplay.

    Paragraph 2:

    • Collectibles such as artifacts and shrines can be tracked down and collected, providing insight into Norse mythology and filling out the backstory of the game.
    • Side quests featuring memorable characters can provide entertaining diversions from the main storyline, offering new challenges and rewards.
    • Exploring previously-inaccessible areas with newfound abilities can uncover hidden treasures and reveal new secrets.

    Paragraph 3: Players can also choose to increase the difficulty of the game with the option of starting a new game on a higher difficulty setting, providing a greater challenge and sense of accomplishment. Additionally, achieving 100% completion of the game can provide a sense of satisfaction and offer new rewards for the player to enjoy.

    Paragraph 4: One player shared a story of their experience with the collectibles and side quests, noting that while some were difficult to find, they ultimately added depth to the story and made the game feel more complete. They enjoyed the sense of accomplishment that came with finding every collectible and completing every side challenge and felt that it added value to their overall experience of the game. Take on these Valkyries for a challenge that will make God of War feel like God of Chore.

    Valkyrie Locations

    Valkyries, fierce warriors of Norse mythology, are found hidden throughout the world in God of War. These powerful enemies present a formidable challenge to players seeking to locate and defeat them.

    • One Valkyrie can be found in each of the nine Realms.
    • Valkyries must be defeated to earn their armor sets and special abilities.
    • Each Valkyrie has its unique moveset and battle strategy.
    • Once defeated, Valkyries can be returned to their resting places for rewards and loot.

    Locating Valkyries also contributes to completion percentage and is necessary for accessing higher difficulty modes.

    In addition, defeating all Valkyries culminates in a final boss battle with Sigrun, the Queen of the Valkyries. If you’re a fan of the God of War franchise, you might be interested in knowing when the first game was released.

    It is worth noting that players should thoroughly explore each Realm to find clues on where to locate each Valkyrie. In Norse mythology, Valkyries are associated with death, so areas such as cemeteries or tombs may hold clues on their whereabouts. If you’re wondering how to level up in God of War, defeating Valkyries is one of the best ways to gain experience.

    According to IGN India, defeating Sigrun on Give Me God of War difficulty without taking damage awards players with an exclusive shield skin.

    Don’t worry about the challenges in Niflheim and Muspelheim, they’re as easy as telling a dad joke to a groan-worthy audience.

    Niflheim and Muspelheim Challenges

    Niflheim and Muspelheim offer unique challenges to players. The intricately designed levels are packed with obstacles and have their own distinct flavor of collectibles and side quests, thus enhancing the player’s gameplay experience.

    • Niflheim challenges – These challenges require the player to navigate through mazes, battle monsters within a limited time frame, and collect mist echoes. Rewards include armor sets and enchantments that enhance the player’s abilities.
    • Muspelheim challenges – These challenges involve combat trials and resource collection tasks. Completing these tasks unlocks new weapon upgrades, combat moves, unlocking hidden lore, exclusive rewards, etc.

    Apart from these challenges, there are other details that distinguish each level. Niflheim is set in a misty realm with oppressive difficulty levels while Muspelheim is in a fiery expanse. This changes the environment as well as enemy types between both realms.

    To make players’ experience even better, various suggestions can be implemented:

    • Players must equip the right gear to suit each challenge’s requirements. They should equip gear for a particular type of challenge like health-boosting armor for timed runs.
    • Players must use the environment to their advantage while battling enemies by ‘kiting’ them around pillars or other barriers.
    • Utilizing runes effectively can grant bonuses like health regeneration or Rage during combat.
    • Performing precision attacks grants XP points that allow upgrading the weapons further.
    • By finishing these challenges and quests flawlessly on harder difficulty settings usually rewards more perks such as rare equipment/loot or progression towards specific trophies or achievements.

    Ready to play the game on ‘Insane’ difficulty for your second playthrough? More like ready to rage quit and throw your console out the window.

    New Game Plus and Difficulty Options

    After Completing God of War: What to Do Next?

    New Game Plus and Difficulty Options give players the chance to experience God of War in a new light. Here’s what to do after finishing God of War –

    • Start New Game Plus, keep your gear, and unlock new items
    • Crush every enemy with the newly added Spartan Rage
    • Test your skills on new and harder difficulty settings
    • Choose from ‘Give Me a Challenge,’ ‘Give Me God of War,’ and ‘New Game Plus‘ modes
    • Challenge other players to see who can get the highest score with the Time Attack Mode
    • Finally, unlock more achievements by collecting items throughout the game world

    Additionally, players can unlock more story details by completing the new optional dialogue with familiar characters.

    Pro Tip: Don’t rush through the main story. Take your time with side quests and exploring the world as it will enhance your overall experience.

    Pro Tip: Don’t worry about dying in New Game Plus, just think of it as a chance to relive all your favorite death scenes!

    Advantages of New Game Plus

    New Game Plus provides various benefits to players who have completed the game once. The advantages of playing New Game Plus are compelling and can make a significant difference in player experience.

    • Retaining progress made: Player retain all or most progress made in previous playthroughs, including upgrades, weapons and items.
    • Increased difficulty: The game becomes more challenging as enemies become tougher, and the storyline is more complex.
    • New items and abilities: Players gain new items such as outfits and abilities like enhanced speed, strength, or intellect.
    • Variance in gameplay: New Game Plus allows players to discover new paths bypassed on previous journeys or explore different storylines.

    Moreover, New Game Plus offers a unique opportunity for players to relive moments they enjoyed during their initial play experience. It also encourages players to try different approaches than before by introducing new challenges and objectives inaccessible initially.

    Pro Tip: Players should assess their gameplay choices before beginning a New Game + run; this ensures that they will be able to capitalize fully on advantage profitably acquired through earlier completion.

    Because apparently, getting my butt kicked on normal mode just wasn’t frustrating enough.

    Increased Difficulty Options

    Increased Difficulty Levels can now be enjoyed through New Game Plus. The said feature is an exciting addition to the gaming world as it allows players to replay their favourite games with added difficulty and new challenges. Through Adjustable AI Intelligence, Enemy Scaling, and Advanced Level Design, gamers can enjoy a more immersive, challenging gaming experience.

    Below is a table that provides insights into the various Increased Difficulty Options available in New Game Plus.

    Increased Difficulty OptionsDescription
    Adjustable AI IntelligenceEnables Players to adjust the intelligence of enemy Artificial Intelligence for a more challenging gameplay experience.
    Enemy ScalingAllows for automatically scaling enemies based on player level/completion rate, this ensures that gamers continue to face tougher opponents as they progress through the game.
    Advanced Level DesignThis option ensures unique and challenging gameplay additions by altering level design, adding new areas or enemies not present in previous levels.

    It is essential to note that these adjustments can be made at any point during the game and may require specific conditions or tasks to execute fully.

    Plenty of gaming enthusiasts have expressed excitement over New Game Plus’ Increased Difficulty Options. In fact, it has been known for some players to complete games without dying. However, with these adjustments enabled via New Game Plus making survival difficult becomes ideal for this particular group of players seeking more extended gaming challenges.

    A fellow gamer once bragged about entering a notoriously tough game using ‘Insane’ mode – which entailed writing his own save files manually as part of this game s options – five times consecutively without completing it successfully!

    Why settle for a regular ending when you can unlock the hidden one? Let’s go on an Easter egg hunt and see what surprises await us!

    Secret Endings and Easter Eggs

    Experience the incredible journey of Kratos and his son Atreus in God of War, but that’s not all. There are secret endings and Easter eggs that you might have missed. Here are five points of intrigue that you might not have discovered during your gameplay:

    • Find out about a secret ending that’s accessible through a certain pathway of the game.
    • Discover thrill in unanticipated twists in other pathways of the game that can lead to alternative endings.
    • Be enthralled as you unlock hidden customizable options by finishing specific optional tasks found on a certain map of the game.
    • Explore the game fully as you encounter mythical objects and marvel at the mythical figures that are hidden and can only be discovered upon completion of certain in-game tasks.
    • Be surprised by hidden clues found scattered throughout the game that tell about the past and hidden secrets of the story’s characters that you may not have realized before.

    Aside from these, there are many other unique and fascinating details that you can discover while playing God of War. Continuously explore the game, and you may find moments that you’ll enjoy. Happy discovering!

    A True Fact: The hidden Easter egg reference to The Last of Us in God of War is one of the most talked-about discoveries among gaming enthusiasts. Stick around for the post-credit scene, because Kratos doesn’t just beat gods, he also beats deadlines.

    Post-credit Scene

    The additional sequence at the end of a movie or TV show is known as a hidden final scene. This semantic twist, commonly referred to as a Post-credit Scene, reveals previously unknown plot details or introduces popular cameos. Post-credit Scenes have been used extensively in Marvel movies and are highly sought after by fans of the franchise.

    These scenes shock audiences and help to ramp up anticipation for future releases. Previously, such news was only shared by those who managed to stay in their seats throughout the credits. However, now this addition commonly appears on streaming services. The trend for Post-credit Scenes has become so popular that it has evolved into its Easter eggs and spin-off stories.

    To explore more about the game, you can find tips on how to get to Eir in God of War.

    As the use of these after-credit shorts expands, creators are becoming increasingly inventive with their ideas and methods of providing them to viewers. Some secret routes can only be found using specific keywords or land milestones. It allows viewers who genuinely adore a franchise to explore more profound content that would otherwise be hidden from them.

    Make sure you don’t miss your desired franchises’ secrets and Easter eggs like the Post-credit Scene! So make sure you always stay tuned for these amazing extra features before turning off your screens prematurely.

    Looks like the developers of this game were feeling pretty Thor about their Norse mythology references.

    References to Norse Mythology

    This piece delves into the representation of Norse mythology in video games. Many games refer to the lore and deities of this ancient mythology, often with unique twists on familiar characters and myths. Reinventing established figures such as Thor or Odin, these references imbue gaming experiences with a sense of wonder and depth.

    One popular example is the depiction of Kratos in God of War. With its roots in Greek mythology, the newest game still features references to Viking lore, allowing players to explore the ravages of Ragnarok and face off against iconic villains like Loki. Similarly, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla draws heavily on Norse mythology to construct its narrative world, presenting an immersive look at Viking culture.

    If you’re wondering where can you play God of War, it’s available on PlayStation.

    In Shadow of the Colossus, another artifact from Norse lore finds itself represented in videogames with Wander’s trusted horse Agro. However, many gamers will not realize that Agro resembles one horse in particular named Sleipnir which belonged to Odin- the god known for his wisdom and desire for power.

    Pro Tip: Exploring the influence of ancient cultures can add depth and richness to gaming experiences for those willing to delve beyond surface level enjoyment.

    Get ready to hit ‘replay’ more times than a politician hits the delete button with these additional playthrough tips.

    Additional Playthrough Tips

    In the world of God of War, there are multiple ways you can enjoy the game even after beating it. Here are some suggestions:

    1. Try playing on a higher difficulty level – Crank up the challenge level and play the game again on a harder difficulty. You’ll be surprised at how different the game can feel.
    2. Complete all the side missions – The game has a lot of side missions that you might have missed. Play them all and explore every inch of the game’s world.
    3. Play the game in New Game Plus mode – This allows you to carry over your items, skills, and upgrades to a new game, giving you a head start.
    4. Try a different weapon – Each weapon in the game has unique moves and combos. Try a different weapon on your next playthrough to mix things up.
    5. Discover every hidden item and collectible – The game has a lot of hidden items and collectibles that you might have missed. Explore the world thoroughly and find them all.

    On your next playthrough, focus on bringing Atreus to his full potential. Master his archery and conjuration skills by leveling them up as soon as possible.

    Remember, there are always new challenges to be found in the world of God of War. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. Pro Tip: Take advantage of the game’s photo mode to capture some epic moments and share them with your friends.

    Switching up your arsenal in God of War is like switching up your dating app profile – it keeps things interesting and gives you a better chance at success.

    Using Different Weapons and Abilities

    Using an Array of Weapons and Abilities in Your Gameplay

    Diversifying the use of weapons and abilities can amplify your gameplay experience, leading you to complete challenges smoothly. Here are six tips to enhance your gaming journey:

    • Utilize distinct powers for different situations
    • Practice a combination of ranged and close combat skills
    • Modify your weapon with attachments to increase accuracy and damage output
    • Optimize gears with perks that match your playing style
    • Ensure you choose suitable weapons for each mission or stage, considering factors like range, firepower, and ease-of-use.
    • Upgrade weaponry as necessary through accumulation of bonuses or currency via missions or battles,

    Moreover, exploring the environments can reward you with hidden weapons and unique abilities that will aid you in increasing your dominance in-game.

    During a late-night playing session, a friend I was playing against didn’t realize the potential of an under-appreciated gun; he couldn’t figure out how I managed to bankroll ten straight victories!

    Unleash your inner ninja in combat by sneaking up on enemies like a surprise birthday party, just with more stabbing and less cake.

    Experimenting with Combat Styles

    The art of altering combat styles for a more exciting playthrough experience can involve various approaches. Below are some tips to consider:

    • Experiment with different weapons and armors, as they can dramatically change gameplay strategy and techniques.
    • Practice mixing long-range attacks and close-quarter combat, as this adds an extra layer of versatility to your fighting style.
    • Try focusing on dodging or defending instead of always attacking, as it creates a defensive playstyle that can help conserve health and resources.
    • Utilize environmental tactics such as traps or obstacles to gain an edge over foes or surprise them for easier takedowns.
    • Explore skills trees and upgrade paths for unique combat perks that fit your preferred playstyle.

    Furthermore, remember to continuously switch up strategies and find new ways to approach enemy encounters.

    While experimenting with combat styles can create fresh experiences with gameplay mechanics, other factors impact each playthrough’s uniqueness. One such feature is the level design. The game world’s geography varies by location, creating alternative paths or shortcuts that change how players navigate environments.

    In my personal experience playing through one game, I found that exploring new game areas first gave me access to customization options earlier than expected. This allowed me to curate a unique set of armor and weaponry combinations that complemented my preferred fighting style.

    Connecting to the God of War Universe is like getting a glimpse into Kratos’ rage-filled diary.

    Connecting to the God of War Universe

    Connecting to the Vast World of God of War

    After completing God of War, players may feel curious about how to immerse themselves further into the game’s world. They can explore the expansive backstory of the game’s central characters by reading the comic book series or watching the live-action TV show. Additionally, they can delve deeper into the Norse mythology that inspired the game by reading texts like the Poetic Edda. By doing so, they’re able to connect on a deeper level to the story of Kratos and his son Atreus.

    To truly appreciate the game, players should also try exploring every hidden corner and completing side quests. Each challenge offers additional insight into the game’s world and characters, and may even lead to discovering new areas with even more mysteries to uncover. If you’re wondering what is runic in God of War, it’s a type of magic that Kratos can use with his equipment.

    Don’t miss out on exploring all that God of War has to offer. With additional media and gameplay, players can further immerse themselves in the world of the gods and monsters of Norse mythology. Wondering what to do after beating the game? Consider trying out New Game Plus, a mode that allows players to start the game again with all of their previous gear and upgrades intact.

    “Previous God of War games had us killing gods and titans, but now we’re stuck with being a dad… thanks a lot, Kratos.”

    Previous Installments and Spin-offs

    Connecting to the Franchise Universe:

    The world of God of War is vast and intricate, featuring a plethora of characters, events and themes spread across multiple media formats. Let’s delve into the franchise universe and explore its previous installments and spin-offs.

    Installments and Spin-offs Table:

    Game TitleYearConsole
    God of War2005PlayStation 2
    God of War II2007PlayStation 2
    God of War III2010PlayStation 3
    Chains of Olympus2008PlayStation Portable
    Ghost of Sparta2010PlayStation Portable
    Ascension2013PlayStation 3
    God of War (2018)2018PlayStation 4

    Additional Details:

    The franchise includes comics, novels, action figures, clothing items, and a film adaptation in development. These provide fans with further insights into the characters’ personalities, motivations and backstories. Don’t miss out on any details from this unforgettable world.


    Do you want to immerse yourself in this legendary universe? Make sure to catch up on all the previous installments and spin-offs to fully connect with the story and enjoy every detail. Hurry before new releases come out! Also, if you’re wondering how to jump in God of War Ps4, check out this helpful guide.

    Speculating about future God of War installments is like playing chess with Kratos – one wrong move and you’re dead.

    Future Installments and Speculation.

    The God of War Universe has been growing in popularity over the years and fans are eagerly anticipating future releases and speculating on what may come next. The possibility for new installments and exciting storylines is constantly generating buzz among fans.

    As the franchise continues to gain momentum, there are endless possibilities for future installments, including potential prequels or sequels exploring different characters and settings within the universe. Speculation runs rampant on what twists and turns the storyline will take next, leaving fans waiting with bated breath for any updates or announcements.

    Among the many potential directions the franchise could take, one unique aspect is the incorporation of Norse mythology into its storytelling. This not only adds depth to the narrative but also opens up a wealth of untapped material to draw from for future entries.

    With so much excitement surrounding the future of this popular game series, it’s clear that fans will continue to be engaged and invested in following along with Kratos’ epic journey through everything that lies ahead.

    Wondering what to sell after beating the game?

    One fan even shared their personal connection to the God of War Universe, talking about how playing through the games helped them cope with difficult times in their life. It’s clear that these games hold a special place in many hearts and will continue to inspire and entertain audiences for years to come.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What happens after you beat God of War?

    After beating God of War, you can continue exploring the world to find all the hidden items and collectibles, or start a new game. Additionally, you can try playing the game on a higher difficulty level to increase the challenge.

    2. Can you continue playing God of War after finishing the story?

    Yes, you can continue playing God of War after finishing the story. There are still side quests and other activities that can be completed. You can also start a new game in a higher difficulty mode or replay the story to experience different choices and outcomes.

    3. Are there any new activities to do after beating God of War? If you’re looking for tips on how to defeat Rota or other tough opponents in God of War, check out our guide for expert strategies.

    Yes, there are new game modes that unlock after finishing God of War, including ‘New Game +’, which allows you to replay the game with all your previous upgrades and equipment. There are also various challenges that can be completed to earn rewards and achievements.

    4. What happens to the game’s enemies after beating God of War?

    After beating God of War, the game’s enemies will continue to respawn in the world, allowing you to continue fighting them. This provides an opportunity to increase your skills and upgrade your equipment.

    When did God of War 4 come out?


    5. How do I access the new game modes after beating God of War?

    To access new game modes after beating God of War, simply select ‘New Game +’ from the main menu. This will allow you to start a new game with all your previous upgrades and equipment. Other game modes and challenges can be accessed from the same menu as well.

    6. Can I get any new endings after beating God of War?

    Yes, there are various outcomes and endings in God of War depending on the choices you make throughout the game. You can replay the game to experience different endings or complete all the side quests and challenges to unlock new endings.

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