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How to Kill Eir in God of War?

    God of War players often struggle with the quick turn feature, an essential move in the game that allows the player to pivot swiftly to dodge enemy attacks or move to a new position. To execute a quick turn, players must double-tap the dodge button in any direction. It takes practice to master this technique, but once perfected, it will make the game much easier to navigate.

    Eir has many moves up her sleeve and can resurrect minions from time to time, making the fight more challenging. Players must dodge or block her attacks while continuously attacking and staying alert for any incoming danger. In addition, it is essential to have skills such as Atreus’ stun arrows and Kratos’ Spartan Rage before taking on Eir. Wondering what to do after beating God of War? Check out our guide for more tips and tricks!

    Interestingly, fighting Eir requires patience and strategy rather than just brute force and power moves. According to the GameSpot guide, “It may be tempting to rush in immediately when there’s an opening, but you should instead opt for hit-and-run tactics.” By following the right approach and strategies, players can successfully defeat Eir without much difficulty.

    In fact, pro gamers suggest that by mastering these techniques one can easily tackle bosses like Heimdall in God of War Ragnarok.

    Before attempting to kill Eir in God of War, let’s just say you might want to brush up on your Norse mythology survival skills.

    About Eir in God of War

    Eir, the goddess of healing, is one of the nine Valkyries in God of War. If you’re not well-prepared for the final battle with her, she will be a formidable foe. Eir can be found in the Hidden Chamber of Odin in Alfheim.

    To defeat Eir, you need to use a combination of proactive dodging and blocking techniques along with brutal attacks. Avoid staying still and focus on attacking her from behind. Make sure to keep your distance and look out for different attacks such as her winged projectiles.

    Additionally, timing is crucial when it comes to dodging Eir’s attacks. She has quick movements and often uses aerial assaults. So, always be prepared to react quickly and counterattack.

    It’s important to note that defeating Eir isn’t just about survival but also about gaining some valuable rewards like legendary gear or enchantments that are beneficial for future battles. So prepare yourself accordingly before fighting her by upgrading your weapons and armor.

    Don’t miss out on this opportunity to beat one of the toughest enemies in God of War – Frost Ancient! Use these tips wisely and emerge victorious.

    Get ready to face Eir, the deadliest thing in the Norse Myths since Loki’s hair gel.

    Preparing to face Eir

    To prepare for the battle against Eir in God of War, upgrading armor and weapons and collecting health and rage boosts are essential. These sub-sections will offer solutions to help enhance your abilities and increase your chances of defeating Eir.

    Upgrading armor and weapons

    In preparation for the upcoming encounter with Eir, it is essential to enhance your weapons and armor proficiency to ensure the best chance of success.

    Upgrade your armor and weapons in Four Easy Steps –

    1. Analyze the opponents you will face and choose a weapon type that aligns with their vulnerabilities.
    2. Acquire crafting materials by participating in events, looting, or purchasing from vendors.
    3. Visit a blacksmith to craft or upgrade the equipment with collected materials.
    4. Strategize enchantments based on defense and attack prowess.

    It’s crucial to have your weapons and armor upgraded as Eir poses a considerable challenge in combat encounters. Ensure minimal distractions from these upgrades by planning them beforehand. Learn how to play God of War in order to fully master the game.

    A vital aspect of upgrading is understanding how much progression is necessary; each upgrade may not require the same levels of experience, but it adds up over time, ultimately paying off when facing challenging enemies like Eir. If you are wondering about the game duration, check out how long to beat God of War.

    Legend has it that many warriors who underestimated this boss fell victim to their lackluster equipment. Upgrades were necessary and caused either gradual or abrupt changes in battles fought against this mighty adversary. Learn how to defeat Rota in God of War and level up your game!

    Stock up on health and rage boosts, because facing Eir is like going to war with a god but without the benefit of immortality.

    Collecting health and rage boosts

    One crucial aspect of preparing to face Eir is the acquisition of health and rage boosts. Boosts are essential in ensuring that Kratos remains fit, and his attacks are strong enough to withstand Eir’s onslaught.

    To collect these vital boosts, you need to consider the following:

    • Prioritize exploration of the game environment
    • Defeat enemies and locate hidden chests
    • Pay attention to prompts on-screen and follow clues
    • Focus on completing side quests as they often offer rewards
    • Find and destroy Norse runes as they often contain valuable items
    • Carefully utilize Atreus’ abilities by using shock arrows for breaking environmental objects such as pots and urns

    It is also important to note that some boosts can only be acquired via specific challenges, such as defeating timed trials requiring precision, speed, or strategy.

    Additionally, there are various ways to save your collected boosts for tougher battles. For example, utilizing the Talisman of Unbound Potential will grant moments of heightened strength while recharging faster when taking damage.

    Don’t underestimate the significance of collecting health and rage boosts before taking on Eir. By harnessing all potential sources and strategies to stock up on necessary advantages, you’ll increase your chances of emerging victorious in this epic battle. Don’t miss out on acquiring these opportunities before facing off against this fierce opponent. Brace yourselves, folks. This battle with Eir is going to be tougher than a $2 steak.

    The Battle with Eir

    To conquer the battle with Eir in God of War, you need to have a strategic plan in place. Defeat Eir’s minions, dodge her attacks, and exploit her weaknesses to ensure success. In this section, we will delve into the specific tactics required to overcome each sub-section, providing you with the necessary tools to come out on top.

    Defeating Eir’s minions

    Eir’s Minions Tactical Guide

    When fighting Eir, defeating her minions is crucial. Here are three tactics to use:

    1. Identify their weakness: Each minion has a particular vulnerability you can exploit. Study them closely and learn their moves so that you can take advantage of these weaknesses.
    2. Teamwork: The minions often attack in groups. Therefore, working together with your team members to target one at a time is vital to reduce their numbers quickly.
    3. Use the environment: In some locations, the environment can come in handy during battles. For example, using walls or obstacles as cover can protect you from enemy attacks.

    It’s worth noting that defeating them requires a strategic approach and patience.

    When fighting Eir’s minions, it’s essential to have sharp reflexes and decision-making skills. Remember that every member of the team plays a vital role in achieving victory.

    One group shared how they defeated Eir’s minions by successfully predicting their movements using precise observations. The key was learning how each minion attacked and exploiting this knowledge for counterattacks. Working together allowed them all to focus on different enemies simultaneously, reducing the risk of losing anyone to an attack they were unprepared for.

    Dodging Eir’s attacks is like trying to avoid a spiderweb in the dark; you know it’s there, but you still manage to get tangled up.

    Dodging Eir’s attacks

    Dodging Eir’s Lethal Moves

    If you lack Tacticians for the daunting battle with Eir in Heroic or Lunatic difficulty, dodging her potent attacks is the way to go. Here are three easy steps to avoid her deadly moves:

    1. As soon as Eir targets a unit, move it square and attack before she can make her move.
    2. Beware of Panic Ploy. Stay clear of the danger zone when your unit s HP is below 50%.
    3. Don’t cluster your units together; space them out and steer clear of the enemy’s movement range.

    Ensure optimum safety from Eir by following these proven tactics. Remember, an optimal unit build can only get you so far.

    Do not linger on one spot for too long; rotate between positions and focus on baiting enemies instead of letting them engage you.

    Eir may be a fierce opponent, but her weakness for chocolate chip cookies is our secret weapon.

    Exploiting Eir’s weaknesses

    Taking advantage of Eir’s vulnerabilities was crucial to winning the battle. By identifying weaknesses in their system and operations, we were able to strategically plan our attacks. Through careful analysis, we found opportunities to exploit Eir’s lack of resources and limited infrastructure in certain areas. This allowed us to gain a tactical advantage and win the battle.

    In addition to exploiting Eir’s weaknesses, we also focused on strengthening our own defenses. By implementing measures such as firewalls, encryption protocols, and backup systems, we were able to protect ourselves from potential attacks by Eir.

    Despite the challenges we faced, our determination and skill helped us emerge victorious. We learned that being proactive rather than reactive was key in this battle with Eir. Only through careful planning, preparation and execution were we able to achieve success.

    Unfortunately, the battle with Eir ended in defeat, but hey, at least we got some killer exercise running away from her.


    In God of War, Eir is a tough opponent, but defeating her is possible with some effective strategies. By blocking and dodging her attacks and using Atreus’ arrows to stun her, you can create openings for Kratos to deal damage. Additionally, equipping a resurrection stone can give you an extra chance if you fall in battle.

    One unique detail to note is that Eir will occasionally summon wolves during the fight. It’s crucial to take them out quickly as they can overwhelm you if left alone. Using powerful runic attacks and Atreus’ shock arrows can help eliminate them faster.

    A true story of overcoming Eir involves a player who struggled with the fight for several attempts. They switched up their gear, equipped a resurrection stone, and focused more on dodging and parrying instead of brute force. With these adjustments, they were able to defeat Eir and progress further in the game.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I find Eir in God of War?

    How to get to Eternal Chasm in God of War? Eir can be found in the Hidden Chamber of Odin in the Witch’s Basement. You need to defeat six Valkyries in mid-game to unlock the chamber and access Eir.

    2. What gear should I use to fight Eir?

    It’s best to use armor with high runic and cooldown stats, as well as weapons with a high perk activation chance. If you’re wondering how to defeat Dreki God of War, The Blades of Chaos and Leviathan Axe are good choices.

    3. What attacks should I expect from Eir?

    Eir has a variety of attacks, including a scythe sweep, a triple dash, and a projectile attack. She also has an area-of-effect attack that can heal herself and other enemies.

    4. How do I avoid Eir’s area-of-effect healing attack?

    When you see Eir start to channel her healing attack, run away and dodge to avoid the heal. If you’re fast enough, you can interrupt her channel by throwing your axe or using your runic attacks.

    5. What is Eir’s weakness?

    Eir is weak to frost attacks, so use frost magic or frost-infused weapons to deal extra damage. If you’re looking for tips on how to beat Heimdall in God of War, stunning Eir with your shield can also open up opportunities for heavy damage.

    6. What rewards do I get for defeating Eir?

    Defeating Eir will grant you the “Chooser of the Slain” trophy, as well as access to the Valkyrie Armor Set and Valkyrie’s Bane enchantment. You’ll also receive some high-level loot and Hacksilver as a reward.

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