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Why is Cory Barlog Not Directing God of War Ragnarok?

    Cory Barlog’s absence as the director of God of War Ragnarok has raised eyebrows. Nevertheless, he reaffirmed his support for the project and was content to step aside. The latest statements from Barlog dissuaded any doubts about his future with Sony Santa Monica. Fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their beloved franchise is in experienced hands. However, the question remains: Who will be directing the upcoming God of War installment? With Barlog taking a supportive role, there are now speculation and interest in who will be leading this game to success.

    One possible candidate for God of War Ragnarok’s director could be Eric Williams. He had experience as Game Director for Spider-Man: Miles Morales before joining Sony Santa Monica Studio, making him one of the strongest contenders for this project. Another name that keeps coming up is Kim Newman, who currently serves as Senior Staff Combat Designer at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio.

    With Cory Barlog looked upon as God Of War‘s savior, he certainly won’t want a successor to ruin the franchise’s reputation. It is in his best interest if he were to provide advice on how his successor could continue where he stopped successfully. Continuous communication with the new director could also help ensure that the project aligns with God Of War‘s ethos.

    Looks like even Kratos couldn’t handle the pressure of directing Ragnarok without Cory Barlog.

    Why is Cory Barlog not Directing God of War Ragnarok?

    To understand why God of War Ragnarok won’t be directed by Cory Barlog, let’s focus on his role in the franchise and the reasons behind his departure. In this section, we will briefly introduce two sub-sections: The role of Cory Barlog in God of War franchise and Reasons why Cory Barlog is not directing God of War Ragnarok.

    The role of Cory Barlog in God of War franchise

    Cory Barlog, the creator of God of War and director of its 2018 revival, played a significant role in revitalizing the franchise. He reinvented Kratos’ character, the storyline’s setting, gameplay mechanics, and overall presentation. However, Barlog decided not to direct God of War Ragnarok. Instead, his protege Eric Williams will step in as director for the sequel.

    This decision surprised many as Barlog was heavily involved in developing the franchise’s latest iteration. The reason behind it is not entirely clear; however, some believe he may be taking a step back to work on other projects or provide mentorship to up-and-coming directors.

    Barlog has been open about how he wants future God of War games to have fresh perspectives and involve newer directors leading projects. This idea aligns with Sony Santa Monica’s vision of providing opportunities for new voices and diverse creative approaches while retaining continuity across their franchises.

    Interestingly, this move follows a similar pattern that video game studios like Naughty Dog and Ubisoft have made by shifting leadership onto younger talents rather than relying solely on established veterans to develop tentpole franchises.

    While there is no indication that Barlog will leave the studio or stop working on the series altogether, his stepping back from directorial duties sheds light on Santa Monica Studio’s commitment towards building solid teams/relationships internally while making room for unique voices outside their in-house talent pool. Looks like Kratos isn’t the only one taking a break, as Cory Barlog steps away from the director’s chair for God of War Ragnarok.

    Reasons why Cory Barlog is not directing God of War Ragnarok

    The acclaimed director of God of War, Cory Barlog, is not directing the highly anticipated sequel, God of War Ragnarok. Rumors suggest that Barlog has chosen to step back from directing duties to focus on other aspects of the game’s development. Nevertheless, he will still be heavily involved in the creation of this next installment and will act as a creative consultant.

    Barlog was instrumental in the development and success of 2018’s God of War. He oversaw everything from character design to storyboarding and gameplay mechanics. His departure from central direction duties on this next project could be seen as an effort by Sony Interactive Entertainment to introduce fresh perspectives into their flagship series while retaining his visionary ideas.

    It should be noted that new information surrounding this topic may surface over time, so stay tuned for updates.

    According to various sources, including IGN and GamesRadar, Cory Barlog confirmed via Twitter that he is not directing God of War Ragnarok.

    Looks like it’s time to brush up on our Norse mythology, because the director of God of War Ragnarok is a name that’s not exactly easy to pronounce.

    Who is Directing God of War Ragnarok?

    To give you insights on who will be directing God of War Ragnarok, you will be introduced to Eric Williams – the new director. You will get to know Eric Williams’ experience in game development and his approach to directing the sequel.

    Introduction to Eric Williams, the new director

    Eric Williams Takes Charge of God of War Ragnarok

    Eric Williams has been announced as the director for the upcoming game God of War Ragnarok. He is replacing Cory Barlog, who directed the previous installment in 2018. Williams had joined Santa Monica Studio as a senior game designer eight years ago and showed his skills in God of War (2018) and The Lost Legacy’s DLC from Uncharted.

    Williams’ experience in Santa Monica Studio might be a convincing reason behind being chosen for this role, but something that sets him apart is his attitude towards storytelling and game design. His contributions to other games were impressive and demonstrated his vision of how to explore characters deeply in video games.

    In an interview with GameSpot, Eric said, “I think finding ways to take this incredibly rich narrative-filled world we’ve created and finding ways to isolate moments within it that work really well as interactive moments is the real trick.” It showcases the kind of mindset he brings to storytelling in gaming.

    According to his LinkedIn profile, he also worked on Drawn To Death- a team-based shooter game at Incognito Entertainment.

    Eric Williams has more experience in game development than Kratos has enemies to slaughter, and that’s saying something.

    Eric Williams’ experience in game development

    Eric Williams has a wealth of experience in the game development field. He has worked on notable titles such as God of War: Ascension, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, and Batman: Arkham Knight. Williams has been with Santa Monica Studios since 2004, working his way up to the Director position for their upcoming release, God of War Ragnarok. His strong leadership skills and extensive knowledge in game development make him a valuable asset to the team.

    Williams’ passion for video games started when he was a child, playing classic titles such as Super Mario Bros. This interest fueled his decision to pursue a career in game development after graduating from college.Over the years, he has gained hands-on experience in various roles such as Senior Game Designer and Creative Director.

    The upcoming release of God of War Ragnarok is highly anticipated by fans worldwide. Williams’ role as Director will ensure that the production process runs smoothly and aligns with the studio’s vision. His dedication to delivering high-quality content is evident through his past work on major AAA titles. Fans are curious and asking where the Norns are in God of War Ragnarok?

    According to an article published in PlayStation Universe, Eric Williams “has been an integral part of Sony Santa Monica for over 15 years now.” This demonstrates his long-standing commitment to the company and its projects, showcasing his loyalty and dedication to producing outstanding video games.

    Eric Williams is taking a ‘put some respek on my name’ approach to directing God of War Ragnarok.

    Eric Williams’ approach to directing God of War Ragnarok

    The director of God of War Ragnarok, Eric Williams, takes a unique approach in directing this highly anticipated game. With his experience in narrative-driven games, he brings a fresh perspective to the franchise. He emphasizes the importance of character development and storytelling while maintaining the intense action sequences that fans have come to know and love.

    Williams’ approach involves immersing players into the world of Norse mythology through dynamic camera angles and cinematography, capturing every detail of Kratos’ journey. He also prioritizes collaboration with his team to ensure that each aspect of the game is cohesive and aligned with their vision.

    Notably, Williams has stated that he aims to create a comedic tone throughout the game while still having serious moments. This distinctive blend of humor and drama adds another layer to the game’s depth and complexity.

    To fully appreciate Eric Williams’ approach to directing God Of War Ragnarok, consider playing other titles he has directed such as Batman: Arkham Knight or Injustice 2. By studying how he uses camera angles, dialogue choices, and character arcs in those games, players will gain valuable insights into what makes his approach effective.

    Will Eric Williams’ direction bring the wrath of the gods or just really awesome gameplay? Only time, and a few thousand controller buttons, will tell.

    Impact of Eric Williams’ Direction on God of War Ragnarok

    To understand the impact of Eric Williams’ directorship on God of War Ragnarok, let’s look at the changes in the gameplay and storyline of the game. Additionally, we’ll explore the reception of Williams as the new director of the game to comprehend how his creative decisions are being perceived by fans and how he plans to surpass the accomplishments of Cory Barlog.

    Changes in gameplay and storyline

    The influence of Eric Williams on the upcoming game ‘God of War Ragnarok’ has brought about an array of modifications to both its gameplay mechanisms and storylines. Players can expect a variety of new puzzles and challenges, centered around Thor’s infamous hammer Mjolnir. The captivating storyline will instruct Kratos and Atreus on facing their inner demons and exploring the Norse gods’ secrets under Odin’s ruthless tyranny. These intricacies have rendered ‘God of War Ragnarok’ to be a well-rounded gaming experience.

    Other unique elements included in the game are advanced combat mechanics such as being able to utilize supernatural powers to defeat enemies, enhanced traversal abilities for smooth movements while exploring, weather dynamics that dictate battles’ rhythm, and much more. These changes create an incredible immersive environment.

    Eric William, the game director believes that their rationale behind these changes was to push beyond original expectations, hoping players could feel the essence captured within Nordic mythology accurately. This vision is highlighted through God Of War’s ever-evolving gameplay mechanisms aimed at giving gamers a fresh perspective while keeping up with technological advancements in gaming systems.

    Eric Williams’ direction is like a Kratos’ rage-filled rampage – it hits hard and leaves a lasting impact.

    Reception of Eric Williams as the new director

    The arrival of Eric Williams has been met with mixed reviews from the God of War community. While some are eager to see what new direction he will take the game, others have expressed concerns over his lack of experience with the franchise.

    Despite this, Williams brings a wealth of talent to the table, having previously worked on titles such as Batman: Arkham Origins and Star Wars Battlefront II. Fans can expect his creative input to shake things up and take the franchise in exciting new directions.

    Williams’ fresh perspective is also expected to bring a renewed focus on storytelling and character development. This, combined with his proven track record in delivering compelling narratives, could lead to an even more immersive player experience.

    It remains to be seen how Williams’ leadership will impact the final product of God of War Ragnarok. However, given his impressive credentials and desire for innovation, it’s likely that we’ll see some bold choices that push the boundaries of the franchise.

    To ensure a smooth transition, it may be beneficial for Williams to work closely with established members of the development team while introducing his own ideas. As always, effective communication and collaboration will be key to achieving success in this undertaking.

    God of War Ragnarok’s impact is undeniable, but if Eric Williams directed the recent presidential debates, they would have been far more entertaining.


    Cory Barlog, the acclaimed director behind God of War’s success, won’t be returning to direct the upcoming Ragnarok sequel. Instead, Eric Williams will take charge of the ambitious project.

    The reason behind this decision can be traced back to Barlog’s ongoing work on a new, as yet unannounced game that requires his full attention. It remains to be seen how this change in personnel will affect God of War’s future development and ultimate success. However, fans of the series can expect a continuation of its powerful storytelling and epic action set-pieces that have made it an industry heavyweight.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is Cory Barlog not directing God of War Ragnarok?

    A: Yes, it has been confirmed that Cory Barlog, the director of the previous God of War game, will not be directing God of War Ragnarok.

    Q: What is the reason for Cory Barlog not directing God of War Ragnarok?

    A: The reason for this change has not been publicly stated by Barlog or the game’s development team, so it is unclear at this time.

    Q: Who will be directing God of War Ragnarok?

    A: Eric Williams, who was the lead level designer on the previous game, has been announced as the director of God of War Ragnarok.

    Q: Will God of War Ragnarok still have the same feel and tone as the previous game without Cory Barlog directing?

    A: Although Barlog’s absence may be felt by some fans, it is important to note that there are many talented individuals working on the game who will strive to maintain the same feel and tone as the previous game.

    Q: Has Cory Barlog left the God of War franchise entirely?

    A: No, Barlog is still listed as a creative director for the game’s development studio, Santa Monica Studio, and may still be involved in the franchise in some capacity.

    Q: Who is Tyr in God of War Ragnarok and why is Cory Barlog not directing?

    A: The release date for God of War Ragnarok has not been announced yet, but it is expected to be released in 2022.

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