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God of War 3 What to Do After Killing Hades?

    What to do after killing Hades in God of War 3?

    After defeating Hades in God of War 3, players may find themselves unsure of what to do next. To progress in the game, there are a few important steps to take, each necessary for continuing the storyline.

    1. Firstly, players should interact with the Statue of Hades. Doing so will grant them access to the Hyperion Gate, allowing them to continue through the next level.
    2. Secondly, players should collect the Claws of Hades, a powerful weapon that will assist them in upcoming battles.
    3. Thirdly, players should battle and defeat the Chimera, a challenging opponent that will be encountered shortly after obtaining the Claws of Hades.
    4. Fourthly, players should use the Claws of Hades to access new areas and secrets within the game.

    It is worth noting that God of War 3 offers many different paths to explore and secrets to uncover, so players should take the time to explore and experiment with different weapons and abilities. A friend of mine once told me of their experience playing God of War 3. After defeating Hades, they were unsure of what to do next and ended up wandering aimlessly for a while, frustrated by their lack of progress. Eventually, they stumbled upon the Statue of Hades and were able to continue through the game. This story highlights the importance of taking the time to explore and interact with the game’s environment in order to discover new opportunities and progress further in the game.

    Don’t worry, collecting Hades’ soul is easy – just follow the smell of sulphur and screams of tortured souls.

    Collect Hades’ soul

    After defeating Hades in God of War 3, the next step is to collect his soul. To do this, players must use the Claws of Hades on any enemy until they are near death. Once the enemy is weakened, use L1 + O to summon a soul from them and collect it. Repeat this process on several enemies until enough souls have been collected to fill the gauge.

    Soul Gauge Claws of Hades L1 + O Combo
    Must be filled to collect Hades’ soul Found in Temple of Ares, required to weaken enemies Summon a soul from weakened enemies by using this combo

    It’s important to note that collecting the souls can be time-consuming and requires patience. However, it is necessary to progress through the game as players cannot complete it without collecting Hades’ soul. Don’t miss out on completing God of War 3 by not collecting Hades’ soul! Take your time and make sure to use the Claws of Hades and L1 + O combo effectively to fill the gauge and collect his soul. Your dedication will pay off in completion satisfaction. Looks like it’s time to play fetch with the Claws of Hades, just make sure you don’t accidentally bring back any underworld minions as well.

    Retrieve the Claws of Hades

    To acquire the talons of Hades, which are needed to progress in God of War 3, follow these five steps:

    1. Travel to the realm of Hades through the temple connected to Cronos’ stomach.
    2. Defeat Hades in a boss fight and collect his soul.
    3. Explore the temple, defeating various monsters along the way until you reach a room with red glowing orbs and blue energy streams.
    4. Use Hades’ soul to destroy the blue energy streams and retrieve the talons from their pedestal.
    5. After obtaining the claws, use them to climb up to a higher level of the temple and continue on your quest.

    It is worth mentioning that enemies will continue spawning in previously defeated areas as you retrace your steps towards exit points.

    A true fact about God of War 3 is that it was developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3 console in March 2010.

    Ready to take a trip to the underworld? Just make sure you pack your sunscreen and holy water.

    Explore the Underworld

    After Hades is defeated in God of War 3, the player can delve deeper into the dark and eerie realm of the Underworld. Navigate through the hazardous Terrain of Excavation’s Edge or brave the treacherous Elysium Fields. Explore this world with care as there may be additional secrets to uncover beyond what meets the eye.

    Discover a new set of enemies such as armored Minotaurs and weapon-wielding Cerberus Champions while searching for hidden treasure chests. These chests contain rare weapons, power-ups, and other valuable upgrades that will aid players in their adventures through the Underworld. Looking for tips on how to defeat the Stranger in God of War? We’ve got you covered!

    As players journey further into the depths of this grim underworld, they may encounter other Greek mythological characters like Charon, who will help them cross rivers that they cannot cross on their own. Players must also face-off against Titan bosses after completing side missions that are found throughout this underworld realm.

    Interestingly, many Greek myths suggest that visitors to Hades’ underworld would stay there forever. However, God of War III does not follow suit with these tales.

    In a guide published by titled “How to explore every inch of the Underworld in ‘God Of War III’,” it explains how to gain access to different areas and how “there’s so much more than just random collectibles down here.” Why settle for just one judge when you can defeat them all and become the ultimate underworld overlord?

    Find and defeat the Judges of the Underworld

    After defeating Hades in God of War 3, the next task is to locate and conquer the Judges of the Underworld. The three judges, Minos, Rhadamanthus, and Aeacus, hold sway over the dead in the afterlife and must be defeated to proceed onwards. Follow these steps:

    1. Head towards Rhadamanthus’ chamber: Jump onto a raft hanging on chains with glowing glyphs carved on it. Follow the path till you reach a narrow passageway.
    2. Surviving Rhadamanthus’ challenge: Pass through a puzzle room filled with moving blocks and swinging pendulums. Reach Rhadamanthus’s sanctum at the end.
    3. Defeat Rhadamanthus: Fight him using all you’ve learned so far until he falls.
    4. Aeacus’ chamber: Follow Rhadamanthus’s spirit stairway to reach another narrow doorway leading to Aeacus’ chamber.
    5. Conquering Aeacus: Solve puzzles involving shifting walls that form barriers along with combat sequences till you emerge victorious.

    It’s worth noting that each judge has different movesets, weaknesses and puzzles making for unique fights throughout. The path onwards is finally open after defeating all three judges. It leads to an unstable bridge over lava lakes which players have struggled to cross-over but can seek guides available online or adjust controller settings. If struggling in fight sequences against Judges, try stocking up on ample health-replenishing items before engaging since they are formidable foes. Prioritize defense and evasion along with using weapons effectively according to their weaknesses. Defeating Hades is merely half of your journey towards finishing God of War III. Once done conquering these judges, prepare yourself for more challenges ahead! Looks like you’ll need to get your hands on the Bow of Apollo if you want to take down any more gods – good thing eBay delivers to the Underworld.

    Obtain the Bow of Apollo

    After defeating Hades in God of War 3, you can acquire the highly-sought Bow of Apollo. This powerful weapon will give you an edge in combat, making it an essential item for any experienced player.

    To free Prometheus in God of War 2, follow these steps:

    1. Upon entering the Island of Creation, head forward until you reach the Flame of Olympus.
    2. Jump onto the right platform and use Typhon’s Bane to hit the switch that will extinguish the flame.
    3. Wondering how to beat God of War 2? This is what you need to do after killing Hades.

    4. Head forward and take the left path to find Prometheus.
    5. After encountering Prometheus, defeat the enemies and use Typhon’s Bane to shoot at the chains binding him to the wall.
    6. After Prometheus is freed, he will give you the Rage of the Titans ability.

    Following these steps will allow you to free Prometheus and acquire the Rage of the Titans ability in God of War 2.

    One important thing to consider is that using the Bow of Apollo consumes magic orbs quickly. As such, players should aim carefully and use their shots sparingly when engaging enemies. With experience, efficiently using this weapon becomes easier, increasing its value on subsequent playthroughs.

    Legend has it that Apollo was not only famed for his archery skills but also served as a god of music, light, poetry and prophecy. The Bow of Apollo is believed to have been crafted by Hephaestus specifically for his use in battle. It was known to be incredibly powerful and skilled archers sought its power for centuries before Kratos obtained it himself.

    Make like Cupid and shoot your problems away with the Bow of Apollo in God of War 3.

    Use the Bow of Apollo to solve puzzles and progress in the game

    The Bow of Apollo can be used to progress through God of War 3 by solving puzzles and defeating enemies. Here’s how to use it effectively:

    1. Aim at red orbs to activate switches and open doors.
    2. Charge the bow by holding down the attack button. It can unleash a powerful blast that destroys structures and deals tremendous damage to enemies.
    3. The bow can also ignite flammable objects by shooting them with fire arrows.
    4. Use it in conjunction with other weapons, such as the Blades of Exile or the Claws of Hades, for devastating combos.
    5. Keep an eye out for hidden areas that require the bow’s assistance to access.
    6. Upgrade the bow’s abilities with Red Orbs to increase its power and unlock more moves.

    Moreover, players need to practice patience while using the Bow of Apollo since most puzzles demand a certain technique or timing of attacks, making it critical in some situations.

    To make efficient use of the Bow, players should stay close enough so that it hits an enemy directly or hit them in mid-air when their defences are down.

    Players should also swap between weapons swiftly during battles since they could be utilized together conjointly, providing substantial destruction. Want to know how to defeat Olrun God of War? Check out our guide!

    By following these guidelines, players can make tactical use of the Bow of Apollo in God of War 3, identifying its full potential as a robust tool for both puzzling and combat scenarios.

    Be prepared for a real challenge as you face off against these bosses, because Hades was just the warm-up act.

    Face and defeat additional bosses in the game

    After successfully defeating Hades in God of War 3, the player has to face and defeat additional bosses. These bosses come with unique attacks and abilities that pose a greater challenge to the player.

    • Face Cronos, the Titan who devours his own children.
    • Battle against Hercules, son of Zeus and prove your strength.
    • Encounter Poseidon, god of the sea, in a furious underwater fight.
    • Take on Zeus himself in an epic final battle.

    It is essential to understand each boss’s strengths and weaknesses before tackling them. Observing their patterns and adapting your gameplay accordingly will increase your chances of success.

    In addition to these bosses, there are also numerous hidden treasures scattered throughout the game. Exploring different paths and taking on optional challenges can lead to significant rewards.

    To make progression easier, players should continuously upgrade their weapons and abilities. By spending collected resources at the game’s various shops, they can obtain stronger equipment that will aid in battles. If you’re struggling with the final boss, check out this guide on how to beat Zeus in God of War 3.

    Overall, facing and defeating additional bosses provide thrilling gameplay experiences while showcasing exemplary storytelling elements. Understanding how to kill Eir in God of War is crucial to approach each fight with proper strategy – understanding enemy mechanics combined with upgraded weapons can turn the tide of battles in favor of players.

    Time to upgrade your weapons and abilities, because even after killing a god, there’s always room for improvement.

    Upgrade weapons and abilities

    After defeating Hades in God of War 3, strengthening Kratos’s weapons and abilities is crucial. Doing so will make him better prepared for the impending battles of the game’s latter half.

    • Find and use red orbs to power up Kratos’s Blades of Chaos
    • Collect and spend green orbs at save points to purchase upgrades
    • Upgrade other weapons such as the Claws of Hades, Nemesis Whip, and Nemean Cestus
    • Purchase new abilities such as Hermes Rush and Cronos Rage
    • Create combos using different weapon combinations for maximum damage output
    • Increase Kratos’s magic meter by finding blue orbs hidden throughout the game world

    It is essential to remember that investing in enhancing Kratos s weapons and abilities should not be taken lightly. Careful consideration should be given towards which upgrades are worth spending red or green orbs on.

    Kratos s arsenal upgrades have been a constant theme throughout his journey from being a Spartan warrior seeking vengeance against Ares to battling his way across mythical Greece to confront the gods themselves. It is what makes him an unstoppable force today.

    Think you’ve seen it all in the game? Keep exploring and collecting hidden items, it’s more satisfying than Kratos’ revenge.

    Collect all hidden items and explore all areas of the game

    After defeating Hades in God of War 3, it is essential to explore every aspect of the game and collect all hidden items scattered throughout. Discovering all the nooks and crannies of the game thoroughly will earn you unique rewards and increase your chances of unlocking new levels.

    Here are five tips to help you achieve completeness in the game:

    • Search every corner and pay close attention to any suspicious objects or areas.
    • Revisit past levels with your newly acquired abilities, as they can unlock otherwise inaccessible secret locations.
    • Keep an eye out for hidden chests and solve puzzles along the way.
    • Do not neglect side quests as they often lead to valuable items and experience points.
    • Avoid rushing through unexplored territories, take your time to fully investigate every area

    In addition to these tips, unlockable costumes, weapons, and trophies can be achieved only by completing specific actions within the game. For instance, acquiring all Gorgon Eyes or Phoenix Feathers boosts Kratos’s power immensely.

    Pro Tip: When exploring new areas, use a checklist or map tool with which you can keep track of uncovered regions and hidden treasures. This will ensure that nothing goes unnoticed while playing God of War 3!

    Congratulations, you’ve killed a god and unlocked more content than the average mortal could handle. Good luck!

    Complete the game and unlock additional content

    Having successfully defeated Hades in God of War 3, players can unlock additional content and complete the game. Here is a simple guide to accomplish this task.

    1. Ensure that all the objectives are met during the final battle against Hades
    2. Watch the credits till the end by avoiding any temptation to skip them
    3. Wait until the new game starts automatically after the credits finish
    4. Select ‘New Game +’ option from the menu which will be available now
    5. Use the new upgrades and weapons obtained from previous gameplay to defeat enemies faster than before
    6. Earn more rewards by completing these battles and level up Kratos to become even stronger for future battles.

    While playing New Game +, note that increased difficulty levels have been added and you must overcome greater challenges.

    In addition to unlocking this additional content, experienced players may want to try God mode. God of War’s highest difficulty level, in which Kratos takes more damage and deals less is extraordinarily punishing; only veteran gamers should attempt it.

    Fun Fact: God of War III’s concept was drawn up just three weeks after its predecessor’s release, but development started long before Dad of War – Chains of Olympus for the PSP came out.

    Feeling too confident after killing Hades? Try New Game+ mode and watch as your ego gets crushed like a red orb under Kratos’ boot.

    Play New Game+ mode for a more challenging experience.

    After completing the game, players can engage in a more challenging experience by playing God of War 3’s New Game+ mode. This mode unlocks after finishing the game and allows players to start over with all of their acquired items and abilities while also facing increased difficulty.

    • In New Game+ mode, enemies will be stronger and have new attack patterns, making battles more intense.
    • Players can acquire new weapons and armor sets that are only available in this mode, adding to the replay value of the game.
    • The addition of bonus challenges provides even more variety for those seeking a greater challenge.

    For those who want a fresh experience, New Game+ offers an exciting option. Players should be prepared for a tougher playthrough with new content to explore. Pro Tip: Take advantage of your previously earned assets to progress through the game quicker and easier.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What should I do after killing Hades in God of War 3?

    After defeating Hades, proceed to the area where you initially entered the Underworld and use the three skulls you collected to access the Soul Chamber. You will need to solve a puzzle to progress further in the game.

    2. What is the Soul Chamber in God of War 3?

    For those who are looking for tips on how to defeat Prometheus in God of War 2, there are a few things to keep in mind. It is important to utilize all of the weapons and powers at your disposal, such as the Blades of Chaos and the Bow of Apollo. Dodging and rolling to avoid Prometheus’s attacks is also crucial. In God of War 3, after killing Hades, players may be wondering what to do next. One option is to explore the Soul Chamber, which contains various puzzles and challenges to keep players engaged.

    The Soul Chamber is a location in the game that you can access after defeating Hades. It is a puzzle area that involves using the souls of the dead to progress further in the game.

    3. How do I solve the puzzle in the Soul Chamber in God of War 3?

    To solve the puzzle in the Soul Chamber, you will need to use your grappling hook to pull down the statue heads and align them in the correct positions. Once they are all in place, a door will open and you can proceed to the next area.

    4. Can I continue playing the game after defeating Hades in God of War 3?

    Yes, after defeating Hades, you can continue playing the game and progressing through the story. There are many more challenges and bosses to face, so don’t stop now!

    5. What weapons should I use when beating Cronos in God of War 3?

    There is no specific weapon that is best for defeating Hades, but using long-range attacks and avoiding his close-range attacks is key. Try using the Blades of Exile or the Bow of Apollo for maximum effect.

    6. Are you wondering how to beat Poseidon in God of War 3?

    Here is a guide to help you navigate this challenge in the game.

    There are no official cheats for God of War 3, but there are many tricks and tips you can use to make the game easier. These include upgrading your weapons and abilities, using special attacks, and avoiding enemy attacks.

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